Sunday, December 30, 2007

last two banners... DONE, whew!

Dang, these took longer than i planned! I kept finding new stuff to pile on. Remember, the doohickeys are not junk, but kitschy!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it was a lovely Christmas here at the Gier ranch. (okay we don't live on a ranch, but it sounds so dern cozy) We decided to stay home this year, with just our small family. Very relaxing. We all got some lovely gifts.
Eric got himself a plasma TV after many fights w/me, before i said, "leave me alone, and get the damn thing, but you can pay for it yourself". Derned eye sore it is, but at least I won't have to hear about it anymore.
Bryce got his unicycle. hmmm, not that i wanna say i told you so.... BUT, he is not so thrilled with it now. i mean, really, it's going to take MONTHS to learn. Ah well.
K just got this and that, she didn't have one big thing she wanted.
Back to nursing? Well i have begun to study fluids and electrolytes, since that is a weakness of mine. After that i will make flashcards w/ adult normal labs. Yeah, i had just memorized the Ped ones! Ah well. After that I will review blood pressure (cuz i always use the machine and i feel rusty), and I.V. machines and fluids. But mostly, I'll be relaxing, crafting, scrapping, cooking, exercising (notice what is listed last??). How was your Christmas? Do tell....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

here's what I made

i'm so proud of me, isn't it cute??? Humility is not my forte' i guess. Don't you love it?? Make sure you click on it to see the detail 'cuz i worked ever so hard on it! I stamped the fabric first, twisted wires etc. made the mini victorian chrsms cards etc. what do you think??
I did forget to mention, that i copied most of this idea from a Miss Candice! (see, pride comes beferrr the fall!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two semesters down, two to go!

Yep, I passed everything. The last Peds clinical was Tuesday, and I met with CI, who passed me with flying colors! Yay! Thursday was the exam, and I did okay. Only 80%, but at least that made me safe. I put in a lot of study time over the last 3 wks, and I have to say I felt a little burnt out. I'd put in the time, but I had to wonder if I was really absorbing. I would like to have done better, but it's okay. I think I still received a B in the class, but I won't relax totally until i see my grade. I know I have 82% in the class, but I'm not sure that translates into a B in nursing. I asked a teacher, and she said she believes I have a B, but she certainly didn't sound certain.

But moving on....Vacation is here and I'm having so much fun. I read a book, am in the process of cleaning house (it'll take wks, since i've been ignoring all those dust bunnies! They have become mighty and strong, with sharp incisors! They have just nearly taken over!). I have begun to cook again which is nice, because I think we are all tired of hamburger helper and 'sketti. (though I am totally thankful for all the cooking my wonderful hubby has been doing!) Today I made a pot roast, it is cooking as I speak! Martha's got nothin' on me. Last night I stayed up making a christmas craft, I am having so much fun. I put all my nursing school stuff away, wheeeeee!

Next semester I will do my Psych rotation and intensive care med/surg. I am totally looking forward to it. I think it will be a VERY difficult semester, but it sounds so amazingly interesting, that I can't wait. Sick aren't I? JK.

How are you all doing, what are you doing with your free time??? Leave a comment!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


yep i survived, no that studier is not me, but that is exactly how i looked all wk, and the wk before. The muscle guys? Well, their expressions really fit how I felt.
All in all my week went incredibly well. I turned in my last care plan of the year, and I might add, my best. (humble ain't i?) and she passed it the first time. (believe me, that's a first) The following day, I had the ATI exam, which are sooooooo dang obtuse, you are never quite sure how you did. Well, I got an 85%! Whooo-hooooootable indeed. The following day, had the Ped. neuro, endocrine, GI and Ped. diseases exam, and got an 84%! Yeah me! I don't get those 80's very often, so it is time to celebrate........... well almost. I have the comprehensive Final to study for which is all of L/D and Peds. Ick. I swear, I've forgotten everything about crotches and babies. so that's what I'm doing this wknd. hey have a good wknd, and let me know how you all are doing.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

hell wk is heeeeeeeeeeeeere cracking.... have turned in and passed last concept map....2 exams to go...........must breathe.......going down for count,..............need fudge..................send STAT...........last words..........myelomeningocele...........h-e-l-p.......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hell week coming...

So it occurs to me, that next week is rather hellish. I didn't put it all together until today, just... how... hellish. So here's how it's going down: Concept map due Tues. during clinicals. (BTW, only 2 clinicals to go! whoo hoo!) It's true, some folks can spit those babies out in an hour or two, but me? Oh it takes closer to 6 hrs for me. sigh. Then on Wed, we have an ATI exam which BTW, are not, I repeat, NOT, like the one we study and practice for the week before!! But I digress. And lastly, Thursday I have another bloody module exam. The last one was extremely difficult, and I only got 74%. So I MUST improve on this one to be in a safe margin. So I'm a leeeeeeetle stressed, but as Gloria Gaylor said, "I will survive!"
Moving on, I got some great news today, that my registration date got moved up from December 20th to TODAY! Yeah! I would've gotten stuck with my clinicals being Sat. and Sun for the whole semester! Or even worse, I could've been stuck with a mean, make you cry new teacher. But yeah, with the help of some others, I'm all signed up with a nice teacher.
And last, but not least, I did my presentation today. It came out great, even with a few mess ups. We got a perfect score, whoo hoo! Our teacher, kept saying what a great job we did, and how much she enjoyed the slides. So all in all today was a lovely day. Okay, I really must go and hit the books. I think I'll make my concept map first.
How is your week going? Is your semester nearly ending?

Saturday, November 24, 2007 was your Thanksgiving??

This is a shot for our group presentation on Scoliosis. I thought it would be fun to make it a 1950's style Science class filmstrip. It was a little tongue in cheek, but with accurate info. It came out very cute. That is me as the mom comforting my "daughter" concerning her discovering her scoliosis from the school nurse. It was so fun, making it, and everyone in the nursing lab were watching, with much applause. That apron is from my collection of antique aprons, I love them.
Speaking of Thanksgiving..... (were we?) Mine was lovely, very relaxed. We were home, with Eric's brother here. We walked around Knotts (just the outside part) and then picked up our dinner that we ordered. We came home, pigged out, relaxed some more. It was great. Yesterday we had a mini-birthday party for the brother in law, he was very touched, since he usually is home without family during his birfffffffffday.

On the school front I took an exam the day before T., and felt like I totally bombed it. I nearly did. I got a 74%, and you need a 75% to pass, so you can see I didn't do very well. However, I'm okay because of my other exams, and all other points. Still, it was depressing. The exam covered Pediatric heart defects, along w/ blood disorders, diseases, renal diseases, and all lung ailments and diseases. Dang hard exam. I really focused on cardio, and the exam was heavily renal. dang it. So I will have to beef up on my next exam, and start flash carding it early. We have one exam and one final left. Only 3 clinicals, and one concept map, whooo hooo! Oh yeah, one ATI exam too. So, what I'm saying is, there's plenty of work coming, but the end is in sight, with only THREE weeks left, yeah!!!! Then I will officially be HALF WAY!!! Heather is happy bout that! How 'bout you? How are you????

Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome Fall! Yep, this is my favorite season of the year. Even though you don't see drastic changes in scenery here in S. CA, I still enjoy the subtle changes in weather. The warm winds at night, the blowey days (yes, I can use the word blowey if i want to, this is my blog, dang it), the cooler nights. boy I'm waxing poetic. Anyhoo, I like all the fall holidays as well. Halloween was fun, and I saw a lot of cute little goblins coming to my door. This year, was the first year I didn't make the older kids work for their candy. You know, they come to the door without a costume, or they're wearing a baseball cap, saying, "I'm a baseball player", or a girl wearing make up, saying, "I'm goth". Generally fairly lame. So when they ask for candy, I say, You'll have to do a trick, meaning entertain me! They have to dance or clap, or jump up and down to get some candy. I have a lot of fun making those teens, act like kids. They leave smiling and so do i. BUT, this year, I had to study in between doorbell rings since i had a difficult exam the next day, so I just gave them the candy with a smile. By the by, I have done better with each exam, and I am safely in the B zone, at least for now.

I am fully ensconced into Peds now, and I'm enjoying it. I was in PICU last wk, and my nurse was also the charge nurse. She was great, very teaching, so i had a great 10 hrs of learning. Bad news: Got nasty flu the following day which i am still trying to recover from. (sorry Eng teachers; never end sentences with from) I am hoping i will not miss tomorrow's clinical with this dang flu. I am planning on resting today, and drinking lots of hot lemon water, and feeling all better. There! how's that for positive thinking!

My epiphany? This wk in lab, with the help from a classmate Robin, I finally get how to set an IV pump! Whoo hooo, all those numbers make sense to me now! I am so excited, and I can't wait to do a real one at the hospital! I am looking forward to an IVPB order, yeah.

Have a good week all, and please leave a comment if you've come by.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Starting Peds, finished OB

So, this was our first wk in Peds. It was very fun, and it's so nice seeing kids who can respond (as opposed to babies who are rather blobular). Let's see, my big accomplishment this wk was starting a piggy back. My nurse totally walked me through it, but now I feel like "I get it". The RN i worked with was one of those great nurses who want to teach all day, it was great. Next wk i will be in PICU, so that should be darned interesting. The little girl I had this wk was possible MRSA, which made it such a pain to go in, you know, suiting up gloving up, etc. So my interactions were not what I would have preferred.

The only down side this rotation is our new CI. I'm not crazy about her, esp since she expects all of us students to stand for 10 hrs a day! Yeah, we are supposed to never take a seat that a Real Nurse (RN) might want. I found this out after I had been sitting, charting etc. I didn't take it too seriously since another student told me, instead of the CI. I figured I would play dumb until she told me herself which she never did. She is not very warm or instructive for that matter. I am attempting to be positive around her, and not give into the fears!!!

Well I must get back to my studies, I've got another bloody concept map to do.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

the updated "new"

First off, who's m? Dang I go crazy trying to figure out those anonymous commenters! Well, since the last blog, I took a test got a D+ (yep, a 74% in nursing is a D! eeeek, i'm usually okay on tests!), turned in a baby concept map, had 2 teaching projects, 2 one page papers, 2 community nursing days, nursery, and mom/baby clinicals. Had another exam this week with a 82%! Yay! This weekend I'm working on the mom concept map. So it has been rather busy! This week is our last week in OB, and i'm going to weep since we'll be leaving the best clinical instructor in the whole wide world! We'll have a new teacher for peds that no one knows. Yeah, that makes me a bit nervous, since I've had 2 hellish instructors previous (though not at my new school). I am really excited about the Peds rotation starting though, since I am thinking of heading that way eventially. Maybe PICU, or Peds Oncology, or just plain 'ole peds. We'll see. L&D was really fun too.

It is Erics birthday this coming wk, so we are gonna hit the Huntington library next wk, so that should be relaxing, I am looking forward to that.

Kierstin had her first boyfriend, and has been so sad lately trying to break it off with him, but she's so tender-hearted that she just can't stand to see him so heart broken. It is so sad to see her going through it. She is such a neat girl. Not perfect, but pretty darned sweet.... some of the time. hee hee.

bry seems to be getting the hang of jr hi a bit better now. I am praying that he will get a great buddy, someone he can have a lot of fun with, but a good kid.

so i think that's it for me for now. leave a comment if ya can. And heck, sign your name if i know you!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what's new...

Well, I've been so busy. Last week I had to study all wk for our first exam. BTW, I didn't do well at all, I got a D! It was such a strange test. Very subjective questions. No excuses, but I really did feel ready. So, I'm buckling down to pull it up. I usually get B's on exams, but oh well. I went to the nursery for clinicals this wk. It was a bit slow, but the nurses kept telling us that, that is very unusual for them. The baby's were cute, but the day went very slooooooooooooow, with only 2 babies all day.

I did my patient teaching project also on Pregnancy Loss. I think I did well, I guess I'll find out next wk. Due next wk, is my concept map. Scary, so very different from what I'm used to. So that is what I am working on now.

I have to say, that I love, Love, LOVE the students over at my new school. What a great group of folks. (And.... nurseSF, I don't mention schools because I switched schools, and I don't want to hurt any one's feelings since I have friends at both schools. It's just a personal thing)

My dd has her first boyfriend. It's pretty cute, and the guy is a very nice guy who adores her. (maybe a bit much, but it's okay for now) My boy struggles a bit in Jr. Hi, it's such a big transition, and so very different. But I hope he's getting his footing now.

My hubby is doing pretty well considering he's got some pretty tough classes. (he's a teacher)

and me... as you know... I'm just a hangin'. :0

Thursday, September 13, 2007

spread 'em bucko

yup, i gave my first foley. fascinating. and darned slimy. hard to keep those suckers open! I can't say I had much success, or finesse, but my instructor helped me, and it was just magic when that pee came down that tube. Beauty in a tube, I'm telling you. I tried to help out my nurse this week, but she is so danged skilled and fast, that i generally try to stay out of her way. There is so much to know in L & D, that it's very overwhelming.

This coming Tuesday, I will attempt the Foley once again. Hopefully without shaking so much. I did watch another delivery, and... egad.... an episiotomy! I will never be able to scissor chicken breasts again without thinking of her episiotomy since that is what the dr used. Eughhhh, i kinda shiver every time i think on it. Scary. Also witnessed an eclampsia pt. 14 yo. frightening! Poor girl. I hope she's doing better. So again, never a dull day in nursing. So darned fascinating, and I feel so privileged to be able to be part of peoples lives during such trials. I thank God that I am part of it. (Even if all I do is get ice chips!) And I never tire of hearing one more patient tell me, that I'm going to be a great nurse. I hope so.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Life is good....

Yeah, I continue to have a great experience at my new college and L & D clinicals. Me and my fellow transferees are constantly in awe at what we hear from instructors, and what is required of us. An absolutely positive experience. I am very overwhelmed however with our IV book. I swear i'm reading russian. I get how to run the IV machines, but the IV book so far is a lot of chemistry which i never took. We will have our first exam in a wk and a half, and from what I hear, most of the questions will come straight from the texts. I'm good with the mother/baby text, but I worry about the IV one. I will go to lab tomorrow, to see if i can get some help.

Last wk was amazing as I actually got to watch a real live baby get born! It was pure magic. Just completely amazing seeing one born from that angle. I tell you i could not stop smiling. I also got to observe up close an epidural being administered. What made that so interesting is that the anesth. was completely teaching/explaining to me personally each and every step. I've never seen a Dr. want to help out a student, me, before. It was great. I did get to be up close through the whole delivery, and after. By far the best day I've EVER had at clinicals.

Tuesday I will give my first Foley. I'm up for it!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

a little help here???

does anyone have a microsoft Word I could download? I promise I will give it back when i'm done... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

I keep getting downloads froms others which are not compatible w/wordperfect or Works, dangit. Thanks!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A breath of fresh air.....

Yup, that's what this week has been. Now, I understand that not every semester will be like this, but let's just do something together shall we?

Breathe in through your nose slowly, raising you hands to the sky, and release through your mouth slowly.... Feel that? That is something that I have been feeling this week.

Thank you to those who have sent up prayers for me, I so appreciated it. And God was in this move from one school to another. Now it occurs to me that the OB, Peds rotation might just have the most nurturing type teachers of the program, but I am just going to enjoy it. The workload appears to be MUCH MORE MANAGEABLE than I am used to. Not easy, but definitely manageable. I took a math test, which i did great in, and a quiz on Thursday that i did great in too. All in all a great way to start off the semester.

My first rotation (for the next 3 wks) in OB will be L/D. Kinda intimidating since I have SO much to learn. There is so much more going on down south than I ever knew as a mom, or even as a woman. But again, my fascination with Anatomy and Physio keeps me delightedly wanting to learn it all. I went to the lab yesterday to prep, which i watched a DVD on positioning during labor for pain etc. I feel so ill equipped to tell another gal to move it when in so much pain. Maybe if I suggested the new positions during the no pain cycles? Some of these positions would require a lumberjack to assist. Sadly I hung up my axe long ago.

On another note, the program really went out of their way to make us transfer students feel welcome and at ease. I have met so many very nice folk so far. And there are a goodly amt of us newbies, that we are never lacking for someone who understands what we're going through. I think one of the most challenging things homework wise will be the concept maps. I am a very linear learner, and the maps are NOT linear! It's a thing in the middle with lines connecting to other boxes, where it looks something like a spider web with a bunch of different colored boxes scattered in it. I know I will get used to it, but eek, it causes me anxiety at this point. Also, I don't have the Word program (not WordPerfect or Microsoft Works Word which is what I have!) that would make it possible to do ALL of it on line, as opposed to cut and paste (literally) that I have to do now. Soooooo if anyone has the software for that, that you would like to lend me, I would gladly give a foot or shoulder massage! I'm desperate. I'm not sure of the exact name of the program but I know I've heard it called Word, and it's not mine.

On the home front: We painted my little strip kitchen (AKA galley) a beautiful kinda pacific or Williamsburg blue (a tinge of grey in it). Once Eric put all my junk back up on the walls, it looked beautiful. I have always collected Delph plates/tiles, and it looks much more amazing on a blue wall than white. I am loving my little kitchen. We also got some much needed carpet replaced in the living room, and we splurged and got DEEEEEELUX padding! Yup, it's so squooshie, it practically bounces. I love it. The color is a little more brown than before, but it has some lovely little specks of color, that i will later take advantage of, with some new curtains. I will make them, so it will be a while before that happens. And Eric is presently tiling our shower, yup, real tile. He removed our fake tile piece, and I was glad to see it go since it had cracked and was molding, probably with some of that KILLER mold that is insidious, and makes everyone sick with it's flying spores.... but I digress. For now, we are all sharing the kids tub. Quite the hub, that. And thus we conclude the "This Old House" portion of our show.
Bryce started Jr. High this week, and so far loves it. Kierstin is liking 10th grade so far, with her new goal of being nicer, and smiling to those enemies of hers from last year. Both my kids are cute as can be. Okay, I am their mom!
So please tell me how you are doing? How was your wk back to school, or how was your week with WHATEVER you are doing! Thanks for reading my blatherings.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

two days until D day...

That's my boy on the right taking fencing this summer. It was soo fun, and he loved it.

Now, on to me.... I am feeling a bit nervous about starting school on Monday. It's a new school, totally different program. I just don't want to make mistakes concerning how they do things there. So i'm having major butterflies! Today I will review all the drug conversions, and practice blood pressure and the pt exam. I need to practice some math probs that they gave us for peds. I think i understand the whole weight and dividing 4 times or whatever so i think i'll be okay. I just need to practice until i'm real comfortable with it. I will have a 10 hr. day on monday, but I guess my clinicals are not starting the next day, so at least I can relax a little bit about that.

I finished one of my fave books last night, and I kinda said goodbye to fun reading for a while, sigh.

Please pray for me, that I will feel more confident than I am right now! Thanks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Etsy

isn't this so whimsical?! I love this girls artwork. I am not stealing it, you can buy her stuff on etsy right here: Gosh, maybe I'll get a commission. no, probably not.
I took my french college students to get some free furniture yesterday at our church. That went pretty well, and then a couple hours later I took them to Walmart. They are amazed at that place. It was so fun watching there little eyes light up at all of the great deals. They were so cute and fun, I had a blast with them. There are four of them, three out of four are staying for 2 semesters, and one of them for one semester. I am hoping to keep up with them throughout the school year. They are all going to CSUF.
We got back from San Diego on Thursday. We had 2 days at a KOA, and 2 days on the beach dry camping. We had a great time going to the zoo, seeing the MIDWAY (that was soooo coool), shopping in Coronado and playing on the beach. It was our last hurrah before I start school next Monday.
I know some of you are starting school tomorrow, have a great week! I need to study up for a math competency that I will take the day i start back. I've done most of it before, but with children medicine it is a little different. My first day will be a 10 hr day! Egad, way to throw us into to the school year, aaaaagggggghhhhhhh! I guess I should be happy it's not a 12 hr. That will start the next wk with clinicals. But I am sooo looking forward to that, I love clinicals.
Wish me luck!

Friday, August 10, 2007

check, garcon.

(just a lil' pic of us at the redwoods up north)

physical? check
immunizations? check!
CPR? check!
background check? check!
malpractice insur.? check!
Pay for classes? check!
Pay for testing fee? check!
nursing clothes? nope, had to send back
nursing badge? check!
books? Not available yet.

So this is what I've been getting ready the last few weeks. Hard to feel like summer when I've had to keep up on all this business.

I also had a french student this week for a few days to help. Boy, they don't make it easy to get an apartment for them! We are still working on that. You can pray for her concerning that and furniture etc.

We are leaving for our last hurrah on Sunday. We are going down to San Diego for 4 days. 2 days on the beach and 2 at a KOA. And Eric is hoping to also squeeze in Lego Land before school starts.

We also celebrated my moms 72nd birthday by taking her out for Chinese food. It is still shocking to me to see how much her memory has deteriorated in the last 2 years. My sister tells me she is having a hard time w/her bladder too. I get sooo sad and overwhelmed every time i see her. But at least she is happy, and doesn't really seem to know what she has lost.

That's about it for now. School starts on the 27th, so i still have a few weeks to smell the flowers. Leave me a message, K? Hey and if you don't have an account, make sure you leave you name on your messages okay? I go crazy trying to figure out who the heck left the message!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

august countdown...

I love these old books, they crack me up!
Geeps, i only have a few weeks left before school starts. It occurs to me that this summer has been somewhat surreal. Yeah it's summer, but I also feel like I'm in a waiting room. You know, like when you're in the waiting room of the dentist? You are not being tormented yet, but you sit there nervously trying to have some interest in "Daily Dental Stories" that you are reading. Well that is somewhat what i have been feeling. I am not IN school but feel like I am nervously waiting for the thing.

We went to Monterrey, and I had clam chowder 3 times, yum. We went to the aquarium there, just amazing. My favorite thing to see? All the little and varied colored jelly's.

We camped in the Redwoods up north. That was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun swimming, kayaking, and just plain old lounging. Beautiful scenery on the coast w/all those giant rocks on the coast.

I have been doing all the paperwork etc. for transferring schools, and everything has gone smoothly so far. Tomorrow I will get my school check up, Wed., I will take CPR again which is required. I have to mail back my uniform, because it was too big. Did my background check etc. Lot's of little details I guess.

I will start school on the 27th. My dd on the 30th, i'm not sure about ds, and hubby. How 'bout you? What are you up to?

Monday, July 16, 2007

What I'll be doing this sem

Today, I picked up my papers for my new nursing school, and I am sooo danged (is that even a word?) excited! The first half of the semester I'll be in Labor & Delivery! Wow, how fun is that! I hope to get practice in foley's since I hear that we'll do a lot of those. I'll have my clinicals on Tues. for a 12 hr shift. I haven't done a 12 hr shift ever, but I used to have 10 hr shifts that just about killed me at first. I did finally get used to them though.

The second half of the sem will be Pediatrics! Oooooh that is so dang thrilling since that is where I think I might want to eventually end up.

I got all the other papers also, the only other exciting (so-so) news is that I will actually have a strip of color on my new scrubs for SAC! Whoo-hoo! I mean before, we were the marshmallow brigade!

Well that's the news for now. I'll need to update my CPR and physical, but that's no biggy. See ya 'round.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodness, I've got some GREAT news!

Well, I have gotten my official letter of acceptance from another nursing college, so I will be LEAVING the college i have been at this past year! YAHOO, WHOOO HOO! I am sooo thrilled, i can't tell you. There were 6-10 of us from my "other" college trying to get in too. Three of us got in for the fall semester. I can't tell you all how elated i am. I really didn't think i had a shot until spring, but I got in! Yeah! So anyway, thanks everyone for your prayers and/or well wishes. I will be starting second semester at Santa Ana College, and I couldn't be happier!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

happy summer!

No, I don't know who the heck these kids are, but I love the feeling of summer, they exude!
Well I began summer for one week then began a nursing class, urgh. Ah well, it's a good class, just more work then I suspected.
The good news? A group of friends and my daughter when to see WICKED. Amazing, honestly, you have GOT to go see it! As I was walking out, my first thought was, "I have got to see that again!". So there you have it, the best part of my summer vacay so far.
In another week or so, our family will hit the road up to the redwoods, santa cruz, and monterey. I am looking forward to the aquarium and lots of clam chowder! We will have a great time. Then we are back for dd's chicken contest at the fair.
I'm scrapping as much as I can, and again... trying to find one weekend to get away to scrap. Pickin's are pretty slim for all of us gals to get together. That's it with me, how bout you? Leave me a message, and let me know what you're up to!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Phew! All done, well, one semester anyway

sorry i've been incommunicado. Just too busy, too stressed, you know what that feels like eh? I finished and passed all clinicals, exams, and competencies, whoo hoo! So i am relaxing and playing housewife. It's much more fun, since i don't do it so often. I finished my online pharm class with an A! You don't know how darn rare those A's are for me. Few and far between believe me! I got B's in Nsg. and clinicals. I'm just darned glad i passed this time. I've got 3 more semesters to go which feels like eternity after doing the first semester twice. But plug away I will(oooh i'm talking like yoda).
I will be seeing Wicked on Tuesday, and I cannot wait. Bought the tickets months ago knowing i couldn't enjoy going with school hanging over my head so i put it off. I am so glad I did, i will have so much more fun being able to play all day.
This summer i'll be relaxing and going on some trips to Santa Cruz, Monterey (I NEVER get tired of going there), and some other places. It doesn't matter where, as long as we go. I wanna take some sort of fun class this summer but I haven't decided what yet. But I am a schoolie, and happiest when i'm learning somethin.
My kids will be finishing 9th grade and 6th grade. It is so hard to believe my 'baby' is going to Jr. Hi next year!
I plan to do lots of scrappin' this summer, hopefully including a girls wknd! I so need a girls wknd! Leave a comment okay!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last clinical!...Whew!

Yep today, I finished my last clinical of the first semester!! Ya hoo!! I am so glad, and believe me, i was a little nervous at competencies today when I failed the assessment the first time. Eeeeeeeeeek, I just about started crying, and fallin' apart, thinking i may just not make it, when some of my group came to my rescue and built me up. Believe me I was praying, and so were a couple others. It's the only way I got over my anxiety to do it the second time. I pictured David and Goliath when facing my second time chance. Knowing that I didn't have the courage, but God did. I did much better that time. And yep, I passed it along with professional communication comp. I only have one left, my care plan comp. I've turned it in for the 3rd and last time. I think i'm okay with that one. We'll see. Two weeks to go. Now...back to my homework, ick.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

two down...three to go

as in competencies. I passed the medication comp. today which is such a relief. I had done my prep work on the drugs for a pt who was NPO when i got there! Egad, it was beginning to feel just like last week. The big difference was, that my other pt, had fairly simple drugs, supplements and hormones, and one steroid. Phew! All done, and my CI actually said, "Good job"! And believe me, compliments from her are EXTREMELY rare. Tomorrow is our last clinical of the semester, can you believe it??? This quarter seems to go so much faster than the first. Tomorrow, I will need to pass assessment and professional commun. I think i'll be okay, but i'll need to practice on my kin again tonight (whether they like it or not).

so right now, i need to fix up my final care plan competency.

dang ladies, we are almost...done (with the first semester, dang). then 3 more, egad.

not counting the two exams, and 90 synthesis cards i need to make... but hey, i don't want to think about those today. As Scarlet said, "Oh fiddlee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow!"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Belated May Day

Hi and news on the Sterile front, you know the dang sterile field, wound change test. Yesterday was the big day. The first time, I failed because I forgot to check the "pt's" ID band. Later I took it and passed, finally. I would like to say I am overjoyed, but I felt guilty for passing because I remembered some things I had done wrong, but were overlooked. Anyway, at least I'm moving on. I still have 3 other competencies to finish next wk, but they are a bit easier so I should be okay on those. Many didn't pass yesterday, probably about 10-15 of us. Lots of tears, including mine yesterday. But dang, I'm glad it's over. This coming week is our last clinical days of the semester, then I can breathe a little. I know I will have to do some prep for the fall, but at least there will be no hospital prep, which is sooo time consuming and stressful. But hey, first, I just need to pass the first semester right? Schedule for the next 3 wks is crazy. Next wk, all my competencies in 2 days, eeeek. The following wk: My final evaluation with my clin. instructor, Mid term exam for Pharm on 50 drugs (know them forward/backward), along with oral report on community visit (sr center), and the final wk: final on pharm, and Comprehensive final for 193 (Gero). Then???............BREATHE..... summer is here! Whooo hooo!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

ESCAPED...from the asylum!

Okay, so it feels that way. I apologize for not being on for oh quite a few weeks. I'm sure everyone has given up on stoppin by for a little chat and coffee. But hey, like I said over there =>
I am in nursing school from hell.
My semester is going a little smoother, now that I've got a few weeks under my belt, but dang I was rusty. Trying to remember everything from the fall was a tad difficult. Luckily, my patients have mostly been wonderful and encouraging. My CI is mucho difficult, and very very perfectionistic, but she is also extremely patient and so great at really getting you to think through the answers on your own, which makes it near impossible to forget once you do. She is the consummate teacher. Not warm and fuzzy, but an excellent instructor.
I haven't done any of my competencies yet (believe me, it's not for the lack of trying!), so I still have those hanging over my head. This wk is the dreaded sterile competency, yes the one I failed last semester! So please please, please lift me up in prayer k! The nice thing is that we don't have the hospital this wk. I love working at the hospital, but absolutely hate hate hate all the prep work and care plan that is all done in 2 days. More good news is that I only have to go through it one more time! Whoo hoo, only 2 hosp days left of the semester! YEAH!!! I have an exam tomorrow I'm studying for but it doesn't seem too bad. I got an A on the first exam. Can you believe it? I see VERY few of those babies, believe me. It could be because I took the same test last semester. Ya think??? So, 3 more weeks and I'll be done for the semester! Dang I can't wait. I just hope I pass! How are you all doing anyway? I know I've been incommunicado and I apologize. I have been living in stress town, and i can't wait to move. c ya soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pal o' mine from the big house!

Started back this wk fine, but found out Thur. 5 am that i could not go into hosp. until my new background check clears. All this because I wasn't enrolled for ONE quarter. Egad, like I went out and became criminal during that few weeks. Yup, me and Ronnie. What about all the other students? We all got it done last July or August. They could all be committing crimes too, even while IN the nursing program! So... My wonderful instructor gives me an alternate assignment bless her, so I don't get yet another write up for my lil' ole file. I swear I must have 6 of those from last semester! It still hasn't cleared, so who knows what'll happen this wk. It takes 3-7 days. Trying to keep up on Pharm as well. First exam in program is next Tues or maybe it's monday. I guess i oughtta look that up, huh? Been doing hw today, i think i'll go read a little for fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just checking in...

I'm back to nursing school hell, so I will post this wknd to give you the update. Just know, that I really appreciate your prayers, it's a bit of a miracle that I got one of the 3 spots available!

P.S. Happy belated St. Patty's Day!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hey, no problem, I'll just wait around until you wanna call....

Sound a little peeved? Yup, I am. Let's see, it's Wednesday, and Nsg 193 starts MONDAY, but have they ("the nursing school from hell") called to inform me one way or another if I will be starting??? Noooooooooooo. I have called twice and for 2 days have not even received a courtesy call. It totally pisses me off, it's the whole arrogant, 'we're doing you a favor to think of you at all' attitude, that really eats at me. Tomorrow, I am hitting the other college that I am considering transferring to. But even if i do want to transfer, I think i would probably need to finish out this first semester first. So I'm probably screwed either way, but I guess I'll find out one way or another.

My Pharm class is going fine. I've kept up on all my assignments, and I am dutifully memorizing 110 drugs, along with their classification, what they do physiologically, and practically. It's quite the job, i'm a tellin you! So, since I learned that I am a kinetic learner, I bring them to the gym with me, and work on them there, while i'm moving. It really does seem to sink in faster that way.

On the craft front: I bought a big red sweater from the thrift store for a couple dollars, and i'm cutting it into a short bolero style, with trim and some funky buttons. When i'm done, i'll put in on here. So far, i've cut it, and put bias binding tape around all the cut edges. I am hoping it will keep it from unraveling...we'll see.

I am also reading On a Wild Night by Stephanie Laurens, one of my very very favorite authors. I love all her Cynster books, but this one is not one of my favorites.

I also am beginning a blue knitted scarf. Not exciting, but hey, I'm bored. That's all that's up with me. My son Bryce made the lovely gal above with scissors and paste! Cute huh? In a scary kind of way, haha. The boy is creative though.

Monday, March 12, 2007

k-nitting and c-rocheting

Yes, this is what we ladies of leeezhure do all day. This is going to be a summer purse. It came out very cute this year. I attempted the same thing last year with knitting, and it came out terribly! I have gotten better, but I wanted to try crocheting this time. The ladies in the knitting/crocheting circle at The Red Bee helped me.

If all goes well I will be back in nursing school hell next week. I need to call and make an appt w/nursing director to make sure there is a spot for me. I tell ya, having too much time on my hands, has really made me have second thoughts. But I have told my husband and myself, that I will not drop out without finishing this semester. I have to remind myself how much I love working with patients and other nurses/nursing students. What I hate is "playing the game", urgh, my pride gets pecked. So I'll fill you in later.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Being benched

Hey, I know I don't write here as much as i used to, but that's because I'm kinda on hold until next month (on the 19th) before I start back full time. My online pharm class is going well so far. I passed the math final, which was soooo cool because that means i don't have to take it again. I received a high B, which means I "just" passed. Yeah, pretty tough standards. I'm not positive i will start next month because there has to be spaces available before i sign up. Usually, it's not a problem, but I also know there were 12 of us who didn't pass last quarter. I know not everyone is wanting to come back, so I hope it's not an issue. I still need to memorize the 110 drugs for the pharm class. I've gotten all the Uncl ones mem'd which means, oh about 8 of them! Whoo hoo for me! We have to know the classification along w/physio action. It's tough. Some of them I've seen in the hosp making it a bit easier to remember, but many??? dunno, I'll just have to suck it up and mem them!
I am still having doubts about continuing with nursing school. I love the actual time with patients, but I hate the political a%* kissing many of the teachers expect. I am just too old to play that. And I was constantly told, not to be me; ie: don't touch so much, not as much eye contact, no endearments, not as much closeness..... I felt like I have to be just like them (

Sunday, February 11, 2007

slow start up

I started taking Pharm at long beach city college, hoping to get it out of the way, so i won't have to take it any more at cypress, but i hear i will still have to take one quarter of it on the 4th semester. A pisser, that. Anyhoo, it's all online, which has been good so far. I have my first exam tomorrow which is the math exam. It's mostly reveiw but you have to pass it with an 80%, and i'm not sure i can do that. I've been reveiwing and i've gotten 82% to 97%. But on the pretest, i just got a 80%. Too close for comfort, so i will figure out what i'm doing wrong today and study some more. I should know tomorrow if i pass. If not you get one more chance. I will be starting 193 next month, so mentally i am gearing up for that. I can't say i'm looking forward to it. I guess i've been out of the loop for too long eh? I am looking forward to being back with patients though, I do miss that.

I have hit 45 since the last blog. Geeps, why does that seem so much older than 44? I guess I was in denial. hee hee. Still, I am hot for being so dang old!

I just finished re-reading The Gift by Julie Garwood. One of my alltime ever favorites. I swear, I could read it again tomorrow, it's that good. Well I just got back from church, they had part of a drum corps, it was amazing. Must hit the books. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

nursing school update

well, everyone from my class last semester has started, and i miss them already, though i am fine about not missing the new stress. I have been looking for a pharm class somewhere, but haven't had much luck. Usually it's a 2 unit class (not big enough) or it's on a Wed. night, which i don't think could work out once i begin 193. What does everyone think (those of you who had 193 last sem)? I really don't think i wanna just audit the pharm i already took, seems like a bit of a waste. I will start 193 in March, so i'd have a couple months of the wed. night pharm. under my belt before i start it. I don't know yet.

Kierstin has been feeling better except when her menstruals hit (before and during) so we will have to follow up on that as we go. She had her ultrasound on her liver today, so we should hear from the doc in a few days concerning the hemangioma. Thanks those of you who have kept her in your prayers. I'm still waiting for the authorzn. to get my noggin checked. I'm assuming it's nothing serious, or they would've shoved the paperwork through faster.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

after new years

well i have been doing a lot of relaxing, and cleaning. You know, surprisingly, during nursing school i didn't do much more than pick up stuff and wash some dishes. So, now, i have done some heavy duty cleaning, though my tub still looks yellow and gooey. Yeah, i'll get to it eventually ( i shower so i don't sit in the yellow goo), so i'm sure you respect me a lot more for tellin' ya that, eh?

I have been looking into other nursing schools that i might try to transfer over to. Santa Ana is looking pretty good. I am doing some research, and i'm going to bring over my transcripts and talk to a counselor. There is a waiting list of 14 people trying for second semester. I haven't made a firm decision yet, but it looks much less stressful than where i am now.

My daughter continues to have stomach troubles. She got a CAT scan, and then another more indepth catscan type scan (different but similar), they think she may have a hemangioma on her liver, we'll learn more next wk. Meanwhile for the last 3 wks i've had really bad headaches in one area, and i've been exrayed for sinus infections and found nothing so next wk, i will get an MRI on my noggin. Please pray for my daughter and myself. Thanks.

Isn't it strange how one week, we are messed up little stress mongers, then poof! we are back to homemakers, employees etc? Sometimes i don't know what to do with all the hours that i stuffed w/school work before. Hope you are enjoying the new year. Don't forget, my birthday's coming, so gifts should really be in the mail by Monday.