Saturday, February 28, 2009

In the thick of it...

(this is where I wish I was...)
Well this wk, I had my first clinicals, where I was back to patient care. It is sooo nice to be working with patients again. Aaaaaaaaand,I had the best nurse. She was so patient with all my fumbling with the dang pyxes. I am soo slow at that machine. But other than that the day went well. My CI observed me hanging a PB, and I got his okay to do the rest without him for the rest of the semester, with my own nurse.

Then, on Thur. we had our first exam. I think i did fine, but I won't rest until I see the grade. And this particular teacher can take up to a WEEK to post them, just to torture us! I'm doing better on the quizes than last far. On Friday, another student and myself parked ourselves in the lab, and practiced practiced practiced IVP's until we had the whole diluting, computing, and shooting down. Have you ever had one of those moments where the lightbulb finally flashes ON? Well, I had an "AHA!" moment, where it finally all came together, and made sense. I can honestly say, that I'm looking forward to getting an order for one now. I still need to get over my fear of giving IV's though. It's not the needle part, bc I LOVE giving shots. It's the finding the vein part! Egad.

This wknd I am making my concept map, blah. I hate these suckers, they are so dang time consuming, urgh. And, it needs to be a geriatric one, which takes MUCH longer! I also have to do some prep work for Monday's geriatric simulation. Another hoop to complete. So this wk has been rather stressful, but eventful. I tell ya, I just keep checking off those requirements. I know you are doing the same. Hey have a good weekend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

...just a drive by

to say hello! I have clinicals tomorrow, and it's the first time I'll have pt's in the last 3 months! So I am always soooo nervous before I get my "sea legs" as it were. I hope I remember how to give an IV, IVPB, foley etc!

Thur. we will have our first exam, so pray for me!! It is on IV administration, TPN, blood products and central lines. Egad. Have a good week!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

drum roll pleeeeeeeeease

I passed! Yay! Not only did I pass, but was told that I got 100%, whooo hoooo! I am much relieved, or as I told my CI, I did goooder, or more gooder, or is it gooderest?Yeah I think that's it. I did well on the quiz as well. Ten wks to go. Not that I'm counting or anything.


I retook the math competency last night, and now I am anxiously waiting to see if I passed. I checked, rechecked, and TRIPLE checked every answer, so I think I'm okay, but I won't relax until I know for sure.

This wk for clinicals I did my Mystery presentation so I did not do pt care. I'm glad I'm done with it for the semester, but I'm going to feel behind next wk when I jump back into pt care. But classes are going fine and I will have my first quiz today, so I think I'll go and study, eh. Hope you are all having a lovely day. I will post more this wknd. TTFN

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two days down....

oh i don't know, about a hundred to go. The days, they ain't so bad, it's the mountains of forms, papers and assignments! As one of my friends often writes, GAAAAAAAAAAAH! So the first day, she was okay...but day 2...STRESSFUL. Yesterday, we went from 7-1930! Full of meetings, and explanations of what's due this semester in clinicals. Ya know, I've gone through this before, but now I have a different CI. Well let me tell you (say it as your mother would), sooooo different. Last semester, I had a CI who disliked the mountains of forms/paperwork, so we had very little. THIS semester, my CI wants every bloody frickin form. Now the forms ain't so bad, but it's what we must do to fill out said form. I won't go into details, because it would effect you more than an overdose of Valium. I am feeling completely overwhelmed..had you noticed? Well praise God, I've got today to detox. And praiser God that we have a 3 day wknd as well. Yes the praiser was intentional, you know, praise, praiser, praisest.

So today i will get my handy dandy calendar out, and fill out my life for the next...oh 100 days or so. And then I will attempt to breeeeeeeeeeeeeathe through it. I will tell myself, a time or two or 200, that I WILL MAKE IT.But I'm telling you yesterday, I kept hitting wall after wall. EVERY time I got in my car I went the wrong direction. Honest. On the freeway, on the off ramps, on every bloody street. I did U-turns yesterday at least 20 times. I am honestly not exaggerating. Not once, the whole day did I drive in the correct direction.
Oh and you know what? I failed the math competency yesterday too. Bad start to my day, I'm telling you. I buzzed through it. Thought it was easy. BUT the instructor at the beginning of the test said to round ALL ml to the tenth. NOT just the ml/hr! So I did as she instructed, and missed 3 of them! And then 2 others because of a stupid 0 mistake I made. So I will have to retake it, which is STRESSFUL because if I fail it a second time, I'm out of nursing school completely! Yeah, I'm about crying right now. I can't believe I failed, I was so damned ready for it! GAH.
So...I should just shut up, I know I'm bringing this party down. If you could, I would appreciate any and ALL encouragements you could send...and prayers of course. I will tell myself once again, 'God is in His heavens, and all is well'. "Ummmm....God, a little help here please."

I hope your day is completely wonderful. And please do forgive my overindulgence of angst.

Monday, February 02, 2009


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So this is my last wk of boredom...I mean freedom. You know, as far as free time goes, some of us love and utilize each minute. And then... there are people like me who KNOWS I should be slaying dust bunnies, smiting evil smudgy windows, making flash cards for the semester, and yet... I continually waste time. When I am busy with school or work, I am much more efficient in the use of my time. I get much more accomplished. Ah well. I did get a few things accomplished so I will have to be satisfied with that. I will start back to school a wk from today, and I will be in absolute shock. "What? What's this? A power pt? Huh? p o w e r p o i n t?" Oh, it'll come back to me, but the first 2 days, I'll be walking into walls with a dazed look. A wk from now, I'll be asking y'all, "what's a care plan again?" Dang, I've only made like 30 or 40 of them! (OKAY, I might've exaggerated here a bit...I've made about 15-20, but it feels like 30 or 40. But I have been in nursing school for 4.5 semesters, so it adds up.)

But this wk, my goal is to hit the gym 3 times, to get my back ready for those 12 hr days, that we will have on day 2. And I've gained 3lbs back (seeeee, I don't do well with too much free time!), so I hope to get that back on track as well. I also want to go see my mommy, which is always sooo hard. And I'll try to finish a few more romance books. Right now I'm reading, Lynsay Sands, Devil of the Highlands. Yup, per fluff.

Well off I go, I must put on some spandexy type leggings for the gym. Have a lovely Monday.