Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Etsy

isn't this so whimsical?! I love this girls artwork. I am not stealing it, you can buy her stuff on etsy right here: Gosh, maybe I'll get a commission. no, probably not.
I took my french college students to get some free furniture yesterday at our church. That went pretty well, and then a couple hours later I took them to Walmart. They are amazed at that place. It was so fun watching there little eyes light up at all of the great deals. They were so cute and fun, I had a blast with them. There are four of them, three out of four are staying for 2 semesters, and one of them for one semester. I am hoping to keep up with them throughout the school year. They are all going to CSUF.
We got back from San Diego on Thursday. We had 2 days at a KOA, and 2 days on the beach dry camping. We had a great time going to the zoo, seeing the MIDWAY (that was soooo coool), shopping in Coronado and playing on the beach. It was our last hurrah before I start school next Monday.
I know some of you are starting school tomorrow, have a great week! I need to study up for a math competency that I will take the day i start back. I've done most of it before, but with children medicine it is a little different. My first day will be a 10 hr day! Egad, way to throw us into to the school year, aaaaagggggghhhhhhh! I guess I should be happy it's not a 12 hr. That will start the next wk with clinicals. But I am sooo looking forward to that, I love clinicals.
Wish me luck!


Nursapalooza said...

oh poor me, no comments......

Anonymous said...

I'm always too stressed to enjoy cliniclas! :) Prisca