Wednesday, March 25, 2009

st patty's pics..

I just wanted to show you proof of the lil' leprechauns hitting the day after St Patty's.
They left my daughters room "greened"
since she was coming home late after school. She had to discover her "gold" there. Bryce had to discover his "gold" where all the furniture was.
Yes the furniture was piled, toilets and milk were green. We all had a lovely time. And Yes, I gave the little jacket back!

And there's the corned beef & veggies. Well...the veggies were good. (the boys of our family LOVED the corned beef. Go figure.)
And THAT is how an Irish American does St. Patty's day. (No green beer, can't stand the smell or taste of it!)

And here, just some lovely memories...yes I said MEMORIES from my concept map hell. LAST one...did I mention that??? Okay, I thought I did.
And I forgot to post this pic in January, and it was on the same roll. These lovely ladies are my scrapping buddies. We scrap nearly every Friday night, so I keep my sanity. Of course, I am the one in maroon, or is it fuchsia? The cupcakes that Lupe brought were great fun. If you had a red one, it would dye your lips and teeth for days! And of course she had one 'cuz she didn't know. (she's on my right, making SURE not to show her red teeth, dang it.)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Je suis fini!

at least with the bloody map. Ugh. And all the while....knowing that my teacher will still see it as a piece of crap. Oh well. I will do linking lines and circle some stuff on a form tomorrow. But the biggest mess is done! Yahoo. Time to partay...where is everyone? Hmph, 12:16 and everyone's in bed?? Ah well, I guess I'll follow. 6 wks left. Or even better, 5 wks 4 days!

And some of my non-nursing friends have NOOO idea what the heck a concept map is, so here's a pic. They are horrible, and take FOREVER to make. For you nursing'll notice I haven't done my connecting lines. I will do those today.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LAST concept map

i am sooo danged sick of these. So far, I've been working on this bloody piece of art for oh @ 12 hours! (mind you, I do interrupt myself quite a bit here and there!) So I've gotten all of it done but the worst part of it the nsg dx/goal nsg interventions/rationales. Ick. Hope you are having a more funererer wknd than I am. Bah. Even my Twilight didn't show up! Urgh. It's just as well, it might've pulled me from this blasted computer.

urgh. My brain hurts.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moving St. Patty's to today. So what.

So... Monday was the killer cardiac exam that I have been sooo stressed about, then we started on renal. Oh so much more comfortable than that dang preloadafterloadsanodemitralvalvetearthirddegreeblockwithpvcheart... ugh. I am still waiting for results. It was a frightening exam. I also turned in that first bloody map with all the fixes, and will begin the second, LAST map today. before, I need to head BACK to the hospital for missing info. I tried to get it yesterday at clinicals, but never had the time. Ah well.

I was told by my CI that my next map better be "stellar", so stellar it will be. crap.

In other news, we totally ignored/skipped st patty's day yesterday since I had clinicals, so the leprechauns will come today. I left a letter explaining to my kids (14 & 17 yo) that since I was up so early for clinicals that I had run into them (the leprechauns silly), and they were so mad that I saw them, that they were leaving in a huff without "the goods", but luckily as they were leaving I grabbed one of them, and got his little green jacket. I told him if he wanted it back, they'd have to come back today for it. They agreed, but said they would be double trouble! So... they are indeed coming today. I'll put up some pics tomorrow.

That's it for me now. Sorry I haven't been visiting. You know how crazy it is. But read some fast blips about Tiffany running. Egad, you stud! How did you start at such a high mileage? I keep thinking I want to get a running coach bc when I have attempted it, I am in such horrible pain during and after that I quit. I start at small amounts, but I just hate it. But I do believe it's the fastest way to get in shape. Do tell your secret, you stud you. I'll hit the gym today, just to feel better though. hmph.

Have a good day all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

makin' it fast

'cuz I'm trying to fix my bloody concept map that got returned to me, aaaaaaaaaaand I dang well need to be studying for that %@#&! cardiac test on Monday! I forgot to mention, that I got a B on my first exam, finished both "mystery" assignments, geriatric simulation & papers, and 5 quizzes! Whew! So, this is how they shove a 16 wk course into 12! I'm stressing out, so thanks y'all for your support and prayers. And thanks KLS for the nomination, that is very nice of you, especially what you said! garsh, and blush.
I hope you are all having a lovely week. And can we all say, "Can't WAIT for Easter week!" I thought we could.

Friday, March 06, 2009

8 wks to go!

The last 2 wks have been sooo insane with exams, concept maps, and quizzes. Part of me just wants to goof off, but after next week, it will be another insane 2 wks, so I know I SHOULD plan ahead and start my next map. I actually gathered map "stuff" on my last shift. But I'm also feeling a bit stressed because we are doing the cardiac unit. And if you've followed my blog, or FB, you'll know that this is my BIGGEST weakness. So...I am trying to be good and keep studying, starting my map early. It's due in 2 wks, but the wknd I usually do the map, I will ALSO be studying for the dang cardiac exam. So, if you are a pray-er, please do! I have got to stay disciplined, which is really not my strength. But give it a try, I will! (oooh i'm yoda)

Ooooooooooooooooooh, and here's a MAJOR shout out to Hope2bRN, who sent me her NCLEX and cardiac study books! She is a total Saint. Here's a picture of her.

I will be using them TODAY.

On a COMPLETELY different note, it was my baby's birthday yesterday. My boy turned 14! If you visit FB, I have a whole album of him in his honor, but I'll put a few here, and a few notes, so you can get to know him a little.

The boy, LOVES St. Patty's Day. It is his second favorite holiday. We do it up big here at our house. Except the corned beef, we can't stand it.
He LOVES art, and wants to be an artist, go to art school. Here he is with one of his absolute faves, Feininger. Really cool art.
The boy LOVES sugar. Not just candy, but sugar. Powdered sugar, syrup, and anything in it's purest form. Frightening ain't it?
And he loves to travel with us, see new places. (Much more so than our other kids who complains whenever we mention going anywhere! hmph! : O )
That's it for now. I have procrastinated long enough, and really should be getting to my books. Have a lovely wknd.