Wednesday, June 09, 2010

End of the school year

First of all, congrats to all my nurse friends who just graduated from nursing school!! Whooo Hoooo! Time to take some over needed naps, and actually watch TV on occasion!

(I have NO idea what this says, but I just loved those little toes!)

We've been busy around here with end of school year activities. I finally finished making daughters sr pics and announcements and mailed them out. I was very happy with them, and saved around $400.00. Can you believe it? Yeah, it's ridiculous what these company's charge, but especially that the schools endorse them. We had her award assembly, where she received that WONDERFUL scholarship! And then the senior banquet at church. Even though the tickets were $20.00 each, I am so glad we went, it was an excellent night and really marked the changes in their lives to come. (why couldn't we just do a free potluck???) Anyhoo, it was really excellent. Then on Saturday was her prom.
They had a great time at the Peterson Automotive Museum in L.A. This wk I'm getting ready for a little grad party on Saturday. It will be a simple BBQ type of party, it will be fun. I bought bubbles, water guns, Frisbees and colored chalk so the teens don't get too bored.

I am still unemployed, and haven't been searching like I should. I guess I am kind of stuck with how to phrase why I left my last job. Yeah....what the heck to say. I think I've been down since I've been carb loading like there's no tomorrow. I have really got to get myself moving on. All prayers/good thoughts are appreciated. Where the heck to go/do next? Eeeesh.

The boy has brought up his 4 D's so he doesn't lose his sheep. I am so proud of him. It is great to see him working so hard. Good job honey. He also has a new gal on his arm. Haven't met her yet, but I hear she's nice.

The hubby has been cycling as usual. Yesterday he came home full of mud bc he had crashed twice. He's so cute. He just found out that he's going to be teaching History next year after teaching 20 yrs of English! He's nervous, but also kind of excited about it. He does have a double major in History, so I think he'll end up loving it. But he has TONS of stuff from all his yrs teaching English, and nothing for History, so he'll have to start gathering new stuff. I think this may actually be an answer to prayers over the last 2 yrs concerning some really stressful stuff at work. are you?? Have a great end of spring time, and summer starts!