Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pal o' mine from the big house!

Started back this wk fine, but found out Thur. 5 am that i could not go into hosp. until my new background check clears. All this because I wasn't enrolled for ONE quarter. Egad, like I went out and became criminal during that few weeks. Yup, me and Ronnie. What about all the other students? We all got it done last July or August. They could all be committing crimes too, even while IN the nursing program! So... My wonderful instructor gives me an alternate assignment bless her, so I don't get yet another write up for my lil' ole file. I swear I must have 6 of those from last semester! It still hasn't cleared, so who knows what'll happen this wk. It takes 3-7 days. Trying to keep up on Pharm as well. First exam in program is next Tues or maybe it's monday. I guess i oughtta look that up, huh? Been doing hw today, i think i'll go read a little for fun.

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