Tuesday, January 16, 2007

nursing school update

well, everyone from my class last semester has started, and i miss them already, though i am fine about not missing the new stress. I have been looking for a pharm class somewhere, but haven't had much luck. Usually it's a 2 unit class (not big enough) or it's on a Wed. night, which i don't think could work out once i begin 193. What does everyone think (those of you who had 193 last sem)? I really don't think i wanna just audit the pharm i already took, seems like a bit of a waste. I will start 193 in March, so i'd have a couple months of the wed. night pharm. under my belt before i start it. I don't know yet.

Kierstin has been feeling better except when her menstruals hit (before and during) so we will have to follow up on that as we go. She had her ultrasound on her liver today, so we should hear from the doc in a few days concerning the hemangioma. Thanks those of you who have kept her in your prayers. I'm still waiting for the authorzn. to get my noggin checked. I'm assuming it's nothing serious, or they would've shoved the paperwork through faster.


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!

I did not know your daugther and yourself were SICK???

I'll be praying for both of you...

your friend

Anonymous said...

I took Laura to the specialist yesterday and it's back: she's got a sinus infection again. She had no fever, no yucky buggers, she's hyper as ever. But there were other signs that made me take her in (and I was right!): headaches, dark circles, snoring, irritability and bad breath.
Has your Dr. ruled out a sinus infection?

Candice Carpenter said...

I like the new color for your bloggy blog. I hope thing are getting better...you scrappin Friday night? Hope so. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather. Have not checked in for a while. Love your song! How did Kirstens tests go? And you too? Take care.