Wednesday, May 09, 2007

two down...three to go

as in competencies. I passed the medication comp. today which is such a relief. I had done my prep work on the drugs for a pt who was NPO when i got there! Egad, it was beginning to feel just like last week. The big difference was, that my other pt, had fairly simple drugs, supplements and hormones, and one steroid. Phew! All done, and my CI actually said, "Good job"! And believe me, compliments from her are EXTREMELY rare. Tomorrow is our last clinical of the semester, can you believe it??? This quarter seems to go so much faster than the first. Tomorrow, I will need to pass assessment and professional commun. I think i'll be okay, but i'll need to practice on my kin again tonight (whether they like it or not).

so right now, i need to fix up my final care plan competency.

dang ladies, we are almost...done (with the first semester, dang). then 3 more, egad.

not counting the two exams, and 90 synthesis cards i need to make... but hey, i don't want to think about those today. As Scarlet said, "Oh fiddlee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow!"

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