Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turning an old book into a Nook holder

1. Get yourself an old book that will fit your Nook.

2. Use an exacto knife to remove all pages.  I have to say, I felt like crying, defacing an old book like that!

3. Cut out craft foam to fit the front and back inside covers.
4. Supplies:  I needed some of that Gorilla Glue but Joanne's didn't have it so I bought some glue 6000 that causes cancer, which toxic odor never went away, so I threw that part away and used what I had here, plus a glue gun not pictured.  So, I used tacky glue, Lineco ph neutral glue, black elastic and a glue gun.  Oh, and I used some scrapbook paper to make it a little pertier inside.
5. Remember how ugly the crack was after removing the book?  So I used the lineco to glue down some pretty paper.  This stuff dries SUPER fast, it was great.  About 2 minutes.

  I put a heavy curved book in the center because the middle was curved, to help it dry in the right place.  This photo is actually when I put books on for other gluing.  But you get the idea.

6. On the right craft foam, glue on a piece of wood that will keep the nook in place.  

7. Tacky glue some cardboard to the back of that same piece, place heavy book to make flat, I went out to dinner, and when I got back it was dry.  I then hot glued the black elastic pieces on the top to hold Nook in place.  I then tacky glued and hot glued that piece into the book.

8. I then glued the left piece of craft foam onto book with tacky glue, and then covered the foam (on the left piece only) with the perty paper using the Lineco.  Again, placed heavy books on it to help everything dry flat beautifully.  

9. Finished.  This is what the inside looks like complete!

with the Nook in place.

How it looks on the outside.  

So that's it.  I made it in one day.  The only thing I may add later is a few side sticks (next to the Nook), and some antique buttons with an elastic to keep it closed.  Isn't it so cute??!!  I think so too!  Please leave your comments with any ideas.  Thanks.