Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Being benched

Hey, I know I don't write here as much as i used to, but that's because I'm kinda on hold until next month (on the 19th) before I start back full time. My online pharm class is going well so far. I passed the math final, which was soooo cool because that means i don't have to take it again. I received a high B, which means I "just" passed. Yeah, pretty tough standards. I'm not positive i will start next month because there has to be spaces available before i sign up. Usually, it's not a problem, but I also know there were 12 of us who didn't pass last quarter. I know not everyone is wanting to come back, so I hope it's not an issue. I still need to memorize the 110 drugs for the pharm class. I've gotten all the Uncl ones mem'd which means, oh about 8 of them! Whoo hoo for me! We have to know the classification along w/physio action. It's tough. Some of them I've seen in the hosp making it a bit easier to remember, but many??? dunno, I'll just have to suck it up and mem them!
I am still having doubts about continuing with nursing school. I love the actual time with patients, but I hate the political a%* kissing many of the teachers expect. I am just too old to play that. And I was constantly told, not to be me; ie: don't touch so much, not as much eye contact, no endearments, not as much closeness..... I felt like I have to be just like them (

Sunday, February 11, 2007

slow start up

I started taking Pharm at long beach city college, hoping to get it out of the way, so i won't have to take it any more at cypress, but i hear i will still have to take one quarter of it on the 4th semester. A pisser, that. Anyhoo, it's all online, which has been good so far. I have my first exam tomorrow which is the math exam. It's mostly reveiw but you have to pass it with an 80%, and i'm not sure i can do that. I've been reveiwing and i've gotten 82% to 97%. But on the pretest, i just got a 80%. Too close for comfort, so i will figure out what i'm doing wrong today and study some more. I should know tomorrow if i pass. If not you get one more chance. I will be starting 193 next month, so mentally i am gearing up for that. I can't say i'm looking forward to it. I guess i've been out of the loop for too long eh? I am looking forward to being back with patients though, I do miss that.

I have hit 45 since the last blog. Geeps, why does that seem so much older than 44? I guess I was in denial. hee hee. Still, I am hot for being so dang old!

I just finished re-reading The Gift by Julie Garwood. One of my alltime ever favorites. I swear, I could read it again tomorrow, it's that good. Well I just got back from church, they had part of a drum corps, it was amazing. Must hit the books. Thanks for stopping by.