Friday, April 24, 2009

TWO weeks to go!!

(for classes to end, not graduation..)
The Pinning ceremony is getting closer.... (it's kind of a haunted-nurse look, don't cha think? Like maybe, she's a zombie or something.)

Finished my last regular exam on Thursday, wow what a relief. It was one hard mother, but I think I did okay. Haven't gotten results yet. Got an ATI next week, then the Final the following... and then I am ALLLLL done with classes!! YAY! Of course I'm not completely done until after the preceptoring. That's why you see the box with "days left until pinning" being different. I'm going to totally goof off today, and maybe go to a gigantic garage sale tomorrow, but then, it's back to the books. The Final is a killer. Believe me I know. Been there, D'd that.

In other news, my daughter is soooo excited. She got asked to her first prom. I thought this dress might be nice. What do you think? Of course it would only give the true feel if she put in a fake belly. Aaaaaaaand it might remind her date to keep his hands to himself. I think it would be effective, and yet stylish.

hmmm... she doesn't look very happy, does she?

Or maybe this one? Colorful, wouldn't you say? Hard to pick.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 wks to go!!!!

just checking in to say hello. I am ecstatic that I have 3 wks left before my preceptorship! But I also have one exam each wk, with the last being a killer comprehensive. So... if you barely see/hear from me, you'll know that I am in the weeds. I did find out where/what I'll be doing for preceptoring. I will be in mother/baby. Though it is not my absolute first choice, I still think it will be a good learning experience. Aaaaaaaaaand I get to hold/see/teach with little newborns! That can't be sooo bad! I'm just a little nervous that I'll lose my hard earned med/surg mojo!

I have my last normal exam this wk
An ATI exam next wk
Final on the last wk

Then DONE with school, WHOOO HOOOO! OMGosh, has this been a looooooong road! Thanks for your well wishes everyone, I have been studying my eyeballs out!.......see...i don't exaggerate.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The most important day of the year...

He is risen, He is risen, indeed! Easter day, the very reason I am who I am. He took my sins on the cross, and I am forgiven. So, it is with full joy in my heart, that I say, Happy Easter! I hope you all have a great Easter.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Four weeks...

and counting! I'm on Spring break, PTL! and am so far, very much enjoying it. I have FOUR bloody wks of classes, then 3-4 wks of preceptoring. I just want to get through the classes!! I got my LAST map (pure art) back with a big ole' fat
on it, whooo hooo. NEVER will I make another concept map!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! And got a B on my exam on Monday. So as you see, I have been in the weeds, so to speak. and now? Reeeeeeeeeeeeelaxing. I know I should study some too, but I'm waiting until the end of the wk to do that. For now, I'm doing some cleaning, scrapping, reading some fluff, crafting, sleeping, and some camping. (But not in that order.) We will go to Palm Springs for a few days. There's a great little campground nearby with natural hot springs. I am sooo ready for some relaxing. And dusk is my favorite time there, it totally looks like this. Aaand this is the season for WIND. I LOVE wind. I am one of the few girls I know, who absolutely loves to be blown around, getting my hair ALL a mess.

So that's all for now, sorry I've been so lame about writing, I've just been tooo stressed and busy studying. Oh yeah, on top of those school things my mom went back into the hospital with a lung infection, and the Dr. says her heart is a bit weak. So of course I'm a mess, every time I see her. So those of you who believe please pray for her. As my daughter reminded me, He can take better care of her than I can. Thanks.