Saturday, December 08, 2007


yep i survived, no that studier is not me, but that is exactly how i looked all wk, and the wk before. The muscle guys? Well, their expressions really fit how I felt.
All in all my week went incredibly well. I turned in my last care plan of the year, and I might add, my best. (humble ain't i?) and she passed it the first time. (believe me, that's a first) The following day, I had the ATI exam, which are sooooooo dang obtuse, you are never quite sure how you did. Well, I got an 85%! Whooo-hooooootable indeed. The following day, had the Ped. neuro, endocrine, GI and Ped. diseases exam, and got an 84%! Yeah me! I don't get those 80's very often, so it is time to celebrate........... well almost. I have the comprehensive Final to study for which is all of L/D and Peds. Ick. I swear, I've forgotten everything about crotches and babies. so that's what I'm doing this wknd. hey have a good wknd, and let me know how you all are doing.


Prisca: said...

I'm studying too-good luck!

Crystal said...

Congrats to you!! You can do it!! Thanks for finding me! I'll be here cheering you on in your last year!!