Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cool and crispy fall leaves..

I absolutely LOVE Fall, it is my fave season of all. So yesterday was the official first day of fall. I love the cool nights, but dang there is some mean pollen attacking at night bc I am still waking up or going to bed with a terrible headache. Ya know...the older I get, the more allergies I get.

Nothing too new with me. I've been on the hunt of course, the wonderful world of the job hunt. Tomorrow I have an interview for a hospice nurse position. I am so darned excited, I could spit. It's for a full time position, and I'd have my own territory and 'team'. It sounds perfect. I've worked with hospice in the hospital and with my sister of course. It is an amazing honor and privilege to be there and help families and patients at the end. Please pray for me. I am also applying for some ICU positions as well, and will probably have a few interviews coming up for those.

Aaaaand along with that I've put on some pounds that I need to lose, which have been piling up as I try to comfort myself bc of the unemployment issue. I know a big sin for me weight-wise is the eating at night time. I have been over doing the carbs at night. So, I came up with a little plan for myself. If I am going to eat, I have to weigh myself first. It will keep me honest. So last night, I didn't do it. I need to keep doing this.... probably forever. ;0

I've also changed up my workouts at the gym. I am now doing interval training on the treadmill which is really helping me to keeping my heart rate up, and I'm adding the elliptical machine. Although....just between you and me, I suck at that thing, and I can only last about 5 min.! My friends tell me to keep with it, and I will be able to stay on it longer and longer if I just keep it up.

I don't know if I've told you before, but I am a total addict of Korean Soaps. Not soup. Not suds, but Soaps, as in day-time dramas. The one I am watching now is adorable, it is called 'The Jewel Family'. I watch it on channel 18-3 on the digital stations. It is so cute.

My family is doing fine, plugging away at various school work and activities. Have a lovely week, and again...Happy Fall!!