Sunday, October 14, 2007

the updated "new"

First off, who's m? Dang I go crazy trying to figure out those anonymous commenters! Well, since the last blog, I took a test got a D+ (yep, a 74% in nursing is a D! eeeek, i'm usually okay on tests!), turned in a baby concept map, had 2 teaching projects, 2 one page papers, 2 community nursing days, nursery, and mom/baby clinicals. Had another exam this week with a 82%! Yay! This weekend I'm working on the mom concept map. So it has been rather busy! This week is our last week in OB, and i'm going to weep since we'll be leaving the best clinical instructor in the whole wide world! We'll have a new teacher for peds that no one knows. Yeah, that makes me a bit nervous, since I've had 2 hellish instructors previous (though not at my new school). I am really excited about the Peds rotation starting though, since I am thinking of heading that way eventially. Maybe PICU, or Peds Oncology, or just plain 'ole peds. We'll see. L&D was really fun too.

It is Erics birthday this coming wk, so we are gonna hit the Huntington library next wk, so that should be relaxing, I am looking forward to that.

Kierstin had her first boyfriend, and has been so sad lately trying to break it off with him, but she's so tender-hearted that she just can't stand to see him so heart broken. It is so sad to see her going through it. She is such a neat girl. Not perfect, but pretty darned sweet.... some of the time. hee hee.

bry seems to be getting the hang of jr hi a bit better now. I am praying that he will get a great buddy, someone he can have a lot of fun with, but a good kid.

so i think that's it for me for now. leave a comment if ya can. And heck, sign your name if i know you!!

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