Saturday, November 03, 2007

Starting Peds, finished OB

So, this was our first wk in Peds. It was very fun, and it's so nice seeing kids who can respond (as opposed to babies who are rather blobular). Let's see, my big accomplishment this wk was starting a piggy back. My nurse totally walked me through it, but now I feel like "I get it". The RN i worked with was one of those great nurses who want to teach all day, it was great. Next wk i will be in PICU, so that should be darned interesting. The little girl I had this wk was possible MRSA, which made it such a pain to go in, you know, suiting up gloving up, etc. So my interactions were not what I would have preferred.

The only down side this rotation is our new CI. I'm not crazy about her, esp since she expects all of us students to stand for 10 hrs a day! Yeah, we are supposed to never take a seat that a Real Nurse (RN) might want. I found this out after I had been sitting, charting etc. I didn't take it too seriously since another student told me, instead of the CI. I figured I would play dumb until she told me herself which she never did. She is not very warm or instructive for that matter. I am attempting to be positive around her, and not give into the fears!!!

Well I must get back to my studies, I've got another bloody concept map to do.

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