Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exam 5 done!

Whooooo Hooooo! YAY! It felt great today, feeling like I really new the material. I really had been hoping for a 95% (yeah, i know i never get those #'s, but still, I've been killing myself with studying!!!), but didn't get it. What I did get was a 86%! YAY me! Still, it only brought me up a mere 2% in class, so i now have a big ole' 77%. Okay, it's better than 75%, but still, not feeling particularly "safe". The final is next wk, a big 200 pts, so i must get back to the books for review. I just organized all my notes, and thought I'd show you what I need to review. About 4 inches of mostly power points double sided. Egad.

The other pic is of how diligent i was in studying, even as i made potato salad! I'm darned proud of me, goof that i am.

A week from thursday i will be done with 3rd semester, and then on to my LAST semester in the Fall! OMGosh, i think i'm gonna puke.

Here's a pic of our last day of clinicals at St. Jude. I'm in the middle at the back.

okay, here i am in the front row of our bus we have to take to the hospital since their parking lots are totally full.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's only a flesh wound...

I haven't blogged in quite a while due to my new and improved intense study sessions. Last wks ATI pharm exam was extremely difficult and i didn't do so well. Luckily it was only worth 5%. Well that still means my % in the class is just too darn low, so I'm keeping up my studying intensity with exam #5 being next Thur. It will be on Neuro, and 4th semester says it is a VERY tough exam. So far, everything seems easier than Cardio, but that is because i prob didn't get the basics down, back in Anat/Physio. So I need to rewind a bit for that. I have gotten some tutoring which i think will help a bit.

So, not much more to report here. Just about 3 wks left. Oh yeah, I passed clinicals with really high scores. I just about cried. Too bad they don't combine the 2 parts.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand how are you???

Thursday, May 08, 2008

" 'bout some cheese with that

...whine?" Well, i finally took that derned respiratory test today. And sad to say I only got a 80% Now generally that wouldn't be so terrible, but after my last 50%, i really was hoping for upper 80's, even lower 90's. As most of you know, you have to have a 75% to pass this class (most nursing programs are the same), and because of that one horrendous flop, I am only at a 76% in the class. Yeah, not very comfortable for me right now, dang it. So I have canceled yet another scrapbooking night, as i will need to make love to my pharmacology book. ah well, crap. I swear i was putting in the hours to study, but well, what do you do. For me, i really, REALLY wanted to go to Yogurtland, but could not find anyone nearly as obsessed about the place as i am. But I swear, by all that is holy, I will make my pilgrimage by the end of the week... damnit. So as you might sense, i am feeling a bit down in the mouth, wanna curl up in a ball kinda day. But "tamarraw IS another day!" . How'd I do? Scarlet enough?
Quite frankly, I don't give a damn. okay, I'm lying, i do give a damn, a whole big lot of damn in my instance. It occurs to me, that i'm quite funny for someone feeling so dang pissy. Well, we all handle our disappointments differently don't we? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand to rub salt in my wound, I received a nursing school graduation invitation. Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy for my friend, but daaaamn, it made me feel like quite the loser since she was in my original first semester.

alright, you're getting tired of the wallow, and so am i. I must go, get some studying done before i knock out. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

so what's new?

Nothing much, i have been studying almost every day for at least 3 hrs like my goal i listed earlier. I turned in another concept map, and have one more to make this wknd..........grrrrrrrrrrrr. I really don't have time for that silliness! I worked 2 12 hr clinicals last wk instead of the normal one. I proudly went up to taking 3 patients, wahooooooo for me! So, i've been studying so much that i'm not scrapping, so that i can spend some time with my lovely family, cuz i'm not around much. The next exam will be a wk from today (Thur), and then the following wk, another ATI exam on Pharm. So i have tons to do. Once my last concept map is turned in, i can breath a little at least clinically.

so that's it, my whole life in a bubble!