Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last clinical!...Whew!

Yep today, I finished my last clinical of the first semester!! Ya hoo!! I am so glad, and believe me, i was a little nervous at competencies today when I failed the assessment the first time. Eeeeeeeeeek, I just about started crying, and fallin' apart, thinking i may just not make it, when some of my group came to my rescue and built me up. Believe me I was praying, and so were a couple others. It's the only way I got over my anxiety to do it the second time. I pictured David and Goliath when facing my second time chance. Knowing that I didn't have the courage, but God did. I did much better that time. And yep, I passed it along with professional communication comp. I only have one left, my care plan comp. I've turned it in for the 3rd and last time. I think i'm okay with that one. We'll see. Two weeks to go. Now...back to my homework, ick.

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Anonymous said...

feels great, doesn't it? good job 8-)