Saturday, August 26, 2006

First week done!

The week got better and better as we had more labs. We were all kinda quiet and nervous until our first one. We had to do bed baths and change beds while a patient (our partner) was in it. That was so humbling, that after that, we all relaxed and started talking, I started letting the real me show, and started laughing. Everything is fine so far, except the emmense amt of time it takes to get everything done. I was feeling pretty good until i got my Pharm class (that's online, grrr) sent to me today and I felt completely out of my league! I was practically crying until Eric helped me. If I don't get what i'm doing by Monday, i will plead to go into the over stuffed regular class. On Thursday, we learned how to do a blood pres reading, that was fun, and i think i've got it. Please pray for me as far as Pharm goes, it is a VERY difficult class anyway without the added stress of it being self-learning.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Today... being the first day...

(it seemed only fair to take a geeky picture of my first day since I force my kids to, EVERY year!)
meant... I was really very, VERY stressed. But I was quick to find out that so was everyone else, young and old (like me) and older. The best part was finding someone I knew from a class 3 yrs ago, and seeing Nicole again. (she was also a study buddy from 3 yrs ago) The first class was fundementals which was so dang overwhelming. Of course we already have homework assigned, but that wasn't the stressful part. The most stressful part was trying to figure out how to read the calendar assignment. I know that appears simple enough, but it is not. For each item you read, you have to check several sections of the module to know what you really need to study in the book. I finally got a used book of the one I needed, so that lowers my stress a little.

I also made my request for clinical rotations which start in 2 wks. I'm hoping to get St. Jude, but we'll see, I might get Plac. Linda which is pretty dang far, but that is better than Irvine.

The teachers are very nice, so everything should be okay. I just need to remember to take it one little chunk at a time!

I did have to sign up for the Pharm class that is online. That is really scary for me since I so rely on teacher/student interaction. But I did not have any choice since the other one was full.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last day of freedom

yep it's the last day before i dive in so what should i do.... church, then walmart, then relax w/my book,okay i really, REALLY need to organize my scrap/study room into more of a study/scrap room. Yesterday got some marshm.-wear, need one more full set, ick. I am mostly excited about tomorrow. I must get out my handy backpack which has become one with the dustbunnies in the corner of my room behind the door, next to some other forgotten crap. Get my point? It has not been part of my life in a while! (studying, schooling etc) Thought I oughtta.... gee a nap sounds nice. Will find out tomorrow what my sched for the week will be. I believe it will be from 8-3 ish M-F. Though if i stay at school to study, i'll prob get home @ 6 each night. I'm just not sure, I'll figure it out as i go. That's it today, tomorrow should prove to be informative if not totally frightening!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Buddy Tea? check! So the buddy tea was the last thing we have before starting the program. The greatest surprise for me was that one of my old study buddies was there, she said she missed the orientation because she was delivering her baby that day! So it will be so cool to actually know someone who is going in the same time. The Tea didn't give us any new info, just helped us nervous folk gather to commiserate. It was nice to be able to bring my fam to my school, though they said that I had pretty much told them everything they had heard that day.

I found out that almost everyone had already purchased all their marshmallow-wear. I had been putting it off, ick. Well i guess my denial must end, and i MUST go get the dreaded garments, yuck. Got pic taken for badges, and bought patches for clothes. I need to buy a bunch of beige undies that won't show thru the white. No more hot pink and black thongs for me! darn it. I've already got the shoes from when i was volunteering so that's done. I got most of my books, they didn't have some of them. Got one of the modules put on a spiral, so much easier to deal with than another bloody notebook. Almost threw out my back and have had pain in shoulders for days after carrying all the bloody books. ( I really should've taken two trips, but i didn't want to look like such an old wimp! Newsflash, I am an old wimp!) That got me to the gym yesterday!
The next thing i need to do is change over my "scrap" room into my "study" room. I'm not sure how much I'll really be able to study at home. It's too easy for me to stop and get up for tons of stupid things. In the past I have pretty much had to go elsewhere, Starbucks, library, book store etc. Two days and counting to the first day. A lot of scrapping friends pretty much gave me a farewell and goodluck last night. That was so nice.
SmileyCentral.comI'm just not sure how often i'll be able to go. I'm thinking once a month but we'll see, I definitely just need to take it one day at a time! yes, i am sweatin bullets! I guess i just need to grab one of those babies, and bite down eh? Thanks everyone for your good thoughts, esp. your prayers!
So in the mean time, bend over, here it comes!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day from hell....

I'm not a whiner, really, but dang today was a little insane! I decided today would be the day to buy my books right??? Not so easy. First, I got a call from brother asking me to p/u sis at emg. hsp. Now my sister can be quite the hypochondriac so i didn't take it very seriously, but when i got there she was in a pile of pain poor thing. Her ankle was swolen and they couldn't find anything wrong, just another complication of her neural disease, which they can't seem to do much about. I got her home, but she couldn't walk so she bumped up the stairs on her bottom, but then couldn't stand up, so she crawls to her room poor thing. She is very heavy or i could've helped her up. I then went to cypress for books. They were sooo heavy that carrying them out to my car (i'm so silly, i really should've taken 2 trips!) practically knocks my back out! I had wanted to go see the counselor, but had to quit that idea since i was in too much pain to get there. I then stopped to get sis's pills, and stop at brothers 2x, then on to drop off drugs. Sis has to pea but can't walk (even w/walker, cane, etc???) she expects me to carry her... I can't, she's too heavy... so then she's hinting at me getting her a bed pan. NOPE, not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent. You'd understand if you knew her... she'd be calling me every day with more med. emg's. (did i mention she tends to be a hypocho???) So I said I guess you'll have to crawl to the potty? Don't I sound like a heartless bitch??? I felt like one, but you would have to know her, and how she uses and takes advantage of others. So then I stop for other school supplies and FINALLY get home about 6:30pm! Eeeek what a day. At least my hubby helped out by changing some appts and making dinner for me, what a honey. Thanks for letting me vent..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday, August 14, 2006

daughters bday party

Everyone has just left, and we have had quite the successful murder mystery bday party. The theme was a pre-pageant party for Miss Teen America. All the girls came dressed in tacky to beautiful pageant wear with full make up and tierras. Everyone was sooo cute. And Catherine was a good sport, she came to help us out and ended up winning the prize for best actress! We have just cleaned up, and i am exhausted but buzzed on caffeine, dang it. Tomorrow i will need to get my books, and think more seriously about getting my marshmallow-wear. Ick, won't i look cute.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

CPR? Check!

Had my CPR class today. Phew! What a relief to have one of my "necessities" completed before i start next wk. The teacher was great, and he went soooo fast, it was painless. Last time I took the class it seemed i was more confused when I left. But the numbers have changed, leaving it a lot easier to remember. 30-2-5. Thirty compressions (deep), two breaths, five cycles. Whether it's a child or adult it's the same. MUCH easier to remember! It was actually fun. I still haven't connected with anyone yet, I do hope that happens, I would enjoy the whole thing a lot more.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

quite a surprise!

What do ya know.... a couple people said i looked like i had lost weight so i checked. Darned if i'm not down by 6 lbs! Surprise surprise surprise! It seems I often lose some weight on vacation with being more active and not eating fast food so much. I really need to get off that stuff. If I could just get below *%@ I would really be encouraged. I have been praying not to beat myself up so much about it.

The photo above is Lassen Nat'l Park. Eric and I went for a little hike to try to catch the blush at gloaming. This was even prettier. Had a great time, very relaxing if not tooooo relaxing, you know the B word. After here we went to Lake Tahoe. Even better. Beauty AND restaurants!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Newsflash, Giant Moths Attack!

They were butterflies, but they've morphed. Stomach flipping moths!

Summer seems to be dwindling... SmileyCentral.comWell the days seem to be shooting by faster as i get closer to "the day". Sunday is the CPR class, I hope i do okay with that. Last time I took it, all the numbers got confusing; compressions for children vs. adults etc. and that was just a regular CPR class, not one for healthcare workers. I also need to get some more shots. The tea is next thurs., then class the following Monday! EEEEeeeeeeeeekkk, it's all creeping up on me too fast! I guess I need to get my books eh? What say you??

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August is finally here, eeeek!

Heather's Student Nursing Adventures

okay, it's officially August... I will be starting nursing school THIS month! My one comfort to all my butterflies, is that all the other beginners are nervous too. I just remembered i need to get a new watch w/ stretch band. Dang, I hate those, they always yank my arm hairs, not that i'm a gorilla but still. We need that kind because they can be disinfected, and they can be pushed out of way when washing your hands 200 times a day. As always, my convo is fascinating.