Friday, April 30, 2010

long time no hear...

to say I've been in the weeds is an understatement my friends.

I sprained my foot climbing a bunch of rocks at the beach (loooooong story) and missed a whole wk of work. Following that, my mom passed away, so I took another wk off. For those of you who don't know, my mom has been in and out of hospitals for the last 2 yrs with respiratory issues from her COPD and very probable emphysema. Along with that, she had alzheimers which effected her memory/mind to forget how to walk, so she ended up in bed almost 24/7 except brief times in a cardiac chair. Her days were spent staring off. On a good day we could get some responses. It was so heartbreaking. Anyway, we decided to remove her from the ventilator, and she passed a few hours later with my brother, myself and our spouses at her side.

So, it has been an extremely challenging last month. When I finally got back to work I was given two more wks of preceptoring. I know this is done, only to help me, but it is extremely challenging working with so many different preceptors, FIVE of them! They each want me to nurse in "their" way, so I have to constantly try to figure out what is wanted. I have 4 more days. My final 3 should be with a preceptor I have previously worked well with. If that all goes well, I will be on my own. So I am feeling darned overwhelmed, stressed out, and damned emotional to say the least. See why I haven't been blogging???

So..that is where I'm at. I work again tomorrow. Thank God it is the weekend which is a bit less stressful. Wish me luck!