Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it was a lovely Christmas here at the Gier ranch. (okay we don't live on a ranch, but it sounds so dern cozy) We decided to stay home this year, with just our small family. Very relaxing. We all got some lovely gifts.
Eric got himself a plasma TV after many fights w/me, before i said, "leave me alone, and get the damn thing, but you can pay for it yourself". Derned eye sore it is, but at least I won't have to hear about it anymore.
Bryce got his unicycle. hmmm, not that i wanna say i told you so.... BUT, he is not so thrilled with it now. i mean, really, it's going to take MONTHS to learn. Ah well.
K just got this and that, she didn't have one big thing she wanted.
Back to nursing? Well i have begun to study fluids and electrolytes, since that is a weakness of mine. After that i will make flashcards w/ adult normal labs. Yeah, i had just memorized the Ped ones! Ah well. After that I will review blood pressure (cuz i always use the machine and i feel rusty), and I.V. machines and fluids. But mostly, I'll be relaxing, crafting, scrapping, cooking, exercising (notice what is listed last??). How was your Christmas? Do tell....

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Crystal said...

Sounds lovely! Nothing quite like a relaxing Christmas!