Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Even though I have been shuffling through umpteen papers from this first wk of the new quarter, i hope you, you, the non nursing student is enjoying this wknd before halloween getting your kids ready for the great sugar rush to come on Tuesday.

Since i did in fact fail that second math compet., i will be retaking it Monday. I met with the nurse mentor for an hour, getting extensive tutoring, and I think I "get it" now. So far, i've gotten all the practice sheets correct anyway.

This wk we will pick out our own patient again. I am gonna try for a man since i've only had women so far, and other than that i'm gonna work on trying to challenge myself, though i'd really like to take a pneumonia pat., they're easier. But no, I need to try new and scary things, like an ostomy bag, or trach pat. I need someone good since i only have a 2 patient choice for my care plan compet.

We are gonna learn how to do a sterile bandage change, that will be cool. I can't say i'm looking forward to a trach patient, since my dad had one, and i never did get used to all that phlegm...ek.

anyhoo have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yes it's ever sooo true...

I did not pass the math compet. I was sooo dang upset. Only 3 of us didn't pass. Luckily, a fellow student tutored me for over an hour yesterday and i will be re-tested Monday. EEEeeeek i hope i pass. Had our orient. at new hospital, chapman med ctr. Lovely hosp and very nice people. a small hosp, but very cozy. I think this quarter will be better than last, though a lot more outside class time projects. My rotation is Gerontology. Even though most of our pat. last quarter were old also, these pat. will have more serious probs, and we will start admin. meds. I'm very overwhelmed right now, and i need to really sit down and get myself organized. Tis all for now. Planning on utilizing next four days to get organized and hopefully get essay done. We'll see. Hey happy fall everyone, it is my favorite season!

Monday, October 23, 2006

took second math competency today

okay i thought i was ready, but dang, those questions totally confused me. I felt like they were asking me to turn mg into mL, which of course they weren't. Then... i didn't know how to convert a dram! (there weren't any on all the practice sheets i did!) So... long story short, i'm sure i failed it! I was soooo upset, that i didn't stop or slow down to talk to anyone, knowing i would bust out in tears. So i went home and slept for over an hour, then got up and ran some "human" errands, and then dug into my hw. Started 193 today gerontology. Will be at a new hospital for this rotation and will begin admin drugs next wk. This wknd, i had serious doubts again. I want to "be there", but I don't want to "get there". Can you relate???? Such a stressful and often negative road. Don't take me too seriously, i've had a crappy day.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yup, I passed...

I just officially finished my quarter, 192 behind me! I ended up with a B in 192 (nursing fundementals), and i passed ALL my competencies, and yes today i finally (on the 3rd try) passed that first math competency with 100%. Phew! That could have tossed me out on my bum. I will continue with Pharm, and there is a new math comp on monday. Joy. I will be gone all wknd, so i've got tomorrow only to study for that since today is my honeys bday. Oh well, you do get 3 tries! The new quarter will start Monday with Gero nursing. Darndest thing... I would've thought we were already doing Gero nursing! Anyhoo, we will start admin meds by mouth anyway. Pretty exciting. The not so exciting stuff... placing foleys, doing enemas... ick. Ah well, eye on the prize, right?
Saturday we will go to San Diego, and Sea World for E bday. So that will be nice. Sunday i am scrapping all day. Monday, math comp. Wed. new hospital for Gero. i go again, yehaw.

Friday, October 13, 2006

...Meanwhile... a month later

Well it has been almost a month since my last post. That tells you how dang busy I've been. Two exams, many, many competencies, and a whole lot of stress. A lot has changed since my last post. Mostly with my stress level. I think once it got to be so ugly... i just kind of gave up, and stopped working so hard, stressing so much and so you'll never guess what happened. I kept passing tests etc anyway. Hmmmm, who knew? Tues is my final for this quarter, but i should be okay since I've been averaging a B in there. Yeah, a B for me is pretty darned amazing. My two best friends in the program have either been encouraged to drop or had to drop out. So I miss the fun, but i will keep going. I take it a day at a time. (i know that's cliche' but exactly what is getting me through some pretty darn stressful encounters) I am enjoying the patient aspect more since we've been doing it more i am fearing less. EVERYONE in my clinicals have wanted to quit many times this semester too. I think it just comes with it. (especially with certain negative forces) Well praise God, He has given me the strength to continue when i feel like chuckin' the whole ball of wax, yarn or whatever that saying is. I have my 3rd chance for the first math compet. on thurs. so please pray for me or i could be out on my ear! Have a lovely week.