Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!

I hope you all enjoy your last day of 2008 today. Tonight my hubby, boy and self will be celebrating with some friends at our local downtown for a "First Night" celebration. It's a no-alcohol family night with lots of free entertainment, and food booths. We've never gone before though we only live less than a mile from it. So that should be fun...though me and hubby have been fighting allergies, and don't really feel like getting down....with our bad selves.

now, onto turkey talk:
So, I brined my turkey after defrosting for 3.5 days. I brined over night with this here Turkey Brine recipe that turned out AMAZING. Yup, my first turkey ever, and we all agreed, it was the best turkey ANY of us had ever tasted! Wow! How amazing am I??? Hee hee. Honest tho, it turned out good because I followed some great recipes. I kind of threw together 3 different ideas. First, I brined with that thar recipe, then when I cooked it, I did the Laurel method for the first 1/2 hr. Then I covered with foil TIGHTLY just like P.W. said too, and I baked and buttered according to her Roast turkey recipe. Maybe that sounds complicated, but here's the summarized version:

1. brine night before

2. first 1/2 hr 450, then 275

3. follow P.W.'s recipe completely
Is that easier?

Here's a pic of my beautiful turkey! That whole there on top was from where I had to fork it...and then of course i had to taste it, bc it tore off a little. (btw, it was a Zacky turkey)

And ummmm... a beautiful me...dang I'm looking pale.

And you can see here, the tryptophan was doing its job by successfully knocking out my BIL later that evening.
See, it had to be good.

In other news, my fam went up to the local mountains for some snow fun. This is me spinning down a snowy hill.

My boy racing down.....

Me and my honey at a little coffee shop we went for lunch...

My whole little family... I forget to tell my boy to take off his goggles dang it.

So, there ya go, I've updated you way MOOOOORE than you EVER really wanted! So.. How was your Christmas? Do tell me what you made. Probably something waaaaaay more exotic than the silly turkey I made. Anyone try for prime rib??? Yumm that sounds so good right now. Did anyone try making any new desserts?? Do tell....I'm waiting right here until you do.

I'm still waiting.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

brining and a turkey

I have always been frightened out of my head to make a turkey, but I'm 46, and by-gum, it's time to try! The biggest fear is the defrosting. I started defrosting Sunday, and tomorrow night, hopefully, I will put it in a brining solution. Yup, two brand new things for me! Then...with many prayers, ashes and sack cloth..I will have a turkey look just like this: Dontcha think??

The rest of the meal will be pretty conventional. Pretty Thanksgivingy, more than Christmas I guess. But I hate ham, so I have to give this a whorl. Is that actually a word?? Ooooh, I just remembered I haven't planned dessert. Hmmmm, I'll have to pick up something. I hope you all have a great christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday before Christmas

So...the last few days I've been mixing, cooking and finally yesterday baking. I LOVED the lemon cookies, and the whoopie pies..... were o....kaaay, (they are the chocolatey looking ones in the plastic wrap) but a way bit toooo sweet for me. On the other hand, those folks that LOVE sweets, went on and on about them, and how amazing they were. Of course I say that with all humility. My platter, trays, gifts came out darned cute if I do say so myself, as you can see here.

Got together for family gift exchange last night at my Auntie's. It was nice to see everyone. Some of these folks I only see once or twice a year, so that was nice. I'm always shocked at the little ones who sooo drastically change in one years time. And it's always nice to hear about new romances that have popped up, and sad to hear about a very possible break up of my niecey and long term boyfriend father of their child. (man it would be sooo much easier to just say hubby, but they aren't married...)

The hard part of the evening was explaining many times over, that NOOOOOOOOO I'm not a nurse yet, nooooooooooooo, i'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill not done with nursing school, yeeeeeeeeeeees, I failed and must repeat. So danged embarrassing, and humbling. Ah well, whatcha gonna do. They were all very nice and understanding, and hopeful for June. Dang I hope I get back in...

So I am not thrilled with this camera in which you see these pics. My daughter bought one less expensive with seemingly better outcomes. I am thinking of returning, though I've had it quite a while. And it got scratched up in my purse due to a file floating around with it. I wonder if Costco would take a return after over a month??? Just thinkin'. What do you think of these pics?

Well I do pray that ya'all are having a lovely Christmas season. That you are not toooo harried, and that you are eating something good and fattening. Other than that, praise God for sending Himself to this very imperfect world to save us VERY imperfect people. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

rubber face...

Yep, that's how it feels. Got a crown done today at the dentist. I am talking funny, and I feel like my tongue is 5 inches thick. Don't you just hate that feeling?? And I guess it's justice that I LOOOOOVE to give shots, but I'm a big ole baby when I get them.

About graduation? That day is passed, and I am feeling better. Lucky for us (those of us who didn't pass) it's the holiday season with lots to do, see and have fun with.

Today I am planning on a bake day. I like to make baked treats to give as some of my gifts. Here's what my semi-plan is:

Whoopee Pies (from a cookbook at home; America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook).

Or if you have any ideas concerning packable "salty" or "savory" ideas, I couldn't think of anything else.

Friday, December 12, 2008

graduation today

So today is feeling much harder than I had hoped. Today my class is graduating. I wish I was there. So, any prayers, thoughts, sent out to me today would be greatly appreciated. My head knows this time can only be a benefit to me, my faith knows that God is using this "no stress" time to help with family stuff etc. My heart on the other hand is breaking today. No poor poor pitiful me, just some tough truths. God is in His heaven, and tomorrow will feel better. Thanks y'all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

scrappum frustrations...

So I've been working on that Xmas scrapbook and you know what I've found out? As your kids get older ~remember, mine are 13 and almost 17~ you do less Christmas stuff. So I'm taking a picture a day like your 'spose to, and have discovered that my pics are like...the gym, Del taco (tonight), the farm, my daughter home sick, some tupperware of get the point. And as you can see, these really don't lend themselves to looking very "christmasy". Maybe this is a mistake.... um, maybe I shouldn't take a picture every day like you're supposed to, OOOOOOOOOR, I could just cut out some pictures from Martha's magazine and paste it in my little book. At best the book will be a lesson in what not to do. But I've already made the skeleton of the thing, so I will continue and finish dang it. Just don't expect much, I mean really, lower those expectations...

Well we have decorated our tree and house, so there have been that, but um.... that's about it. Most of the shopping is done, all I need to do is wrap. OOoooooh that'll be a good one eh? And I still need to some Christmas baking...there's another one, yipee.

I met w/dean of nsg, but didn't find out much more, other than we'll find out if we're back in, in January. So I will enjoy my time off in the meantime. The graduation for my class is Friday, and I'd like to see everyone and the slide show, but I have reserved the right to chicken out at the last minute. I don't know if I can actually handle it.

So what's new with you?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

so far..

A quick picture of our home on christmas last year. No really, it is. Shut up, I'm not lieing. Alright, I photoshopped in the tree on the left, but that's it.
Never mind, moving along....
just thought I'd share how far I've come on my album... worked all day yesterday on it... okay, so this isn't actually myyyy mess, I googled it. But I did make quite the mess, but here's some actual scrap pics... you might wanna laugh at. (you have to click on it, to see what is written I think)

But honestly though, here's a pic of myself, Brenda and Cheri scrapping our little hearts out yesterday. My hubby kept letting me extend my time until I was there from 12 noon until 10pm! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it's good to be out of school!

Although I am DIEING to dig right back in today, I WILL NOT. There, I put it in caps, so I can't go back on it. Since I wasn't very domestic yesterday, today I am paying penance by making some Cockie Leeky Soup, and no, I'm not kidding, check out the recipe. I changed my mind on the potato leek soup, bc i am just not in the mood for a creamy soup. And, I think I might even clean a little. Yup, just a little, I don't want to go too far for pity sakes. Although I have been just goofing around on the computer until oh... noon. Shame on me, I'm gonna go, so I can at least have the appearance of getting something accomplished. I hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On the first wk of Christmas...

So I hit some of the black friday sales, and got a chunk of my shopping done. Though, the gift thing has never been gigantic, like some folks I talk to. Some have to shop for all their aunts, cousins, uncles, grandparents etc, here and away. We shop for our nuclear fam, get gifts for wee ones, and all the rest, we pick a name. Easy hah? Yup, pretty stress free really. And luckily no one expects expensive stuff.

Gosh, I hope I didn't sound braggy.

My goal for this wk, is to make some sort of potato leek soup or cockie leeky soup. But it has to stay cold for soup, so we'll see. I also want to make a christmas album.
Here's the site if you want to take a look-see. December Daily Album 2008 It's kind of a look at your life for the month of december.

Studying? Well I've gotten rather lazy about that so I bought a new calendar, and a MON-FRI list to get myself going. I know what I want to get done, but it is hard to be motivated when you don't even know if you'll be back in school in the Spring! It will be by lottery since there are so many of us. But I need to get back on track. If I don't start in the spiring, then I will definitely go for the LVN boards and try to get a nursing job, so I don't forget everything!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

So here is what I'm thankful for:

My God who is full of grace, love and patience.

a great husband who has done the following when I'm studying, at school or at the hospital: all laundry, almost all dinners, takes kids to school, picks them up, drives daughter to farm, picks up, cleans a whole heck of a lot of dishes. See? Ain't he wonderful!?

Kids who help me, love me, keep me centered, bring me giggles and joy.

Friends who help me to de-stress with lots of laughter, and talk!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

love, Love, LOVED...

Twilight. I know I know, I'm not a teenager, but it was sooo good. Of course you have to know that I am a romance book eater. Honestly I can read 3 a wk if i let myself, which I DON'T! So, no one my age really wanted to see it, but the more previews I saw, the more I HAD to go. So today, I went all by my bigself! It was wonderful, in fact, as it ended, I thought... I want to see it again. But I showed self restraint and went home. I am a sucker for gothic romance, so this was yummy. Although "Edward" was not as beautiful as my teenager said. Aaaaaaaaaaand he was too teenagery. But that being said, he played the "hurting, deeply misunderstood" character perfectly, even if he was pasty looking.

You can see what my life has become... directionless, unmotivated, vampire movie loving groupie.

In other news, I made some Thanksgiving cards, and organized my desk (which was a massive pile of papers, books, care plans etc). I signed up for an ACLS class, applied for a CNA job at CHOC, did some cleaning..GASP!, made some appts with teachers, nursing director, and for kids. Well, that's about it for now. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

P.S. Is it just me, or does that pie-bearing grandmother look like Ernest Borgnine in drag?

Friday, November 21, 2008

so I'm back, what's new...

I tend to do everything the slooooooooooooow long way around. Yup, choose the indirect route, that's me. So lucky for you, you will hear more nursing school whining for another semester. I am coming around, and accepting my lot. (it's my lot, it's not a lot, but the lot I got, is myyyy lot, and that says a lot...) wow, was that beautiful or what? But I digressed, or maybe I didn't... didn't I just say, I go the sloooooooooow, long way around??? Wow, deep, I just did that.

So... trying to figure out what the heck to do with tooo much time on my hands. I can write a whole lot of bad blogs... But honestly, here's my brainstorming:

-sitting for my LVN boards and working as a nurse, so I don't lose every skill. (this is an especially good idea if I don't get in the next semester)
-Working as a CNA at CHOC ~ I applied last night, but it doesn't look good, there was only ONE position open.
-selling crack on the corners. Just kidding of course, that market is waaaay inundated.
-working as a student nurse intern ~ though i've been told, because of the economy, there might not be any of those open.
-rocking in a corner. ~ though, that would mean, I'd have to dust them first, and kick out all the spiders who have taken up residency during my study frenzies.

So, if you have any idea's for me, please leave them in the comments for me. For now, I wander aimlessly, waiting for you.

p.s. all kidding aside, I really am very thankful for the following: Time w/daughter during some hard times for her. My boy, who is now a teen and nearly as tall as I am! My dear hubby, who has totally held me together during so many stressful days. Thanks honey for all the dishes, dinner and driving you've done this semester. And I am thankful to God, because I know He holds me in His hands, even when I forget. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy 8's

How long has it been that i've written a blog without the words: nursing, school, study, exam, tired, etc..? Exactly. Well since I am at present, unemployed, unschooled (?, well I'm on a bloody school break until Feb. for pity sake) So, anywho, here's a blog just for fun:

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: (i don't have 8, so i'll give you what I do have..)
1. Fringe
2. Bones
3. 30 Rock
ummm, that's it. Pathetic aint i? Well heck, I never got to watch TV, I was studying!

8 Favorite Restaurants: (NOT in any particular order)
1. Mimi's
2. Marie Callendars
3. Macoroni grill
4. Any ocean side fish grill
yup, that's all i've got.

8 Things that Happened Today: (but since it's too early today for anything to have happened, I'll do yesterday)
1. I went to church.
2. Our family visited my mom... very hard, but I'm glad we did.
3. Went "thrifting" w/ daughter, had some great talking time.
4. Made amaaazing shrimp pasta, sooooooooo good and fast. I do believe it will become a regular on fam menu. Do you know how unusual it is to find something my boy will actually like AND eat, and praise?? He is sooo danged picky. I know, I know I am digressing.
5. Ate said amazing good.
6. Watched 30 Rock w/ hubby
7. showered... yup, it's sunday, whether I need it or not.
8. talked with daughter until after 11. Hard times, but good convo.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Finishing school!
2. Vacation
3. cleaning house (I know, weird hah?)
4. Making some new recipes
5. getting together with non-nursing friends... I miss them!
6. getting a paycheck
7. taking a class just for fun
8. getting in better shape.

8 Things on My Wishlist:
1. a belly that doesn't look like an 8 on it's side.
2. world,.......... learn how to use my new camera
3. PhotoShop
4. new couches
5. some pants that I don't have to safety pin
6. my kids to choose friends wisely
7. grad from nsg school
8. how best to use my time before I head back to school.

Thanks for sharing Kirsten!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

news flash...

.....or should I say, bad news flash? I did not pass the class by 2 points. I needed 78 points, and I got 76! Yup, you heard me correctly, two bloody points. So I will do the fourth semester dance again, and this time I'll get it right. The only worry at this point really, is getting back in. There are 10 of us who didn't pass, so they will have to have a lottery with the number of spots available. I just hope to get one of those or it could be next Fall that I'm back.

For those of you who haven't followed my blog, in our programs you have to have 75% to pass. I was at 73.9 or somewhere near that. It's a hard one to swallow, being so dang close. Very embaressing, and humbling. It's been very stressful, and I need a holiday. Thanks for all of your prayers, I really do appreciate them.

Ashes and sack cloth

Pleeeeeeeeease pray for me, going to take final in 5.5 hrs! Thanks!
Just finished it! Now the wait begins! I hope I don't get the dreaded call.... urgh.

Friday, November 07, 2008

my last ATI test.............CHECK!

This is where you will often find me at SAC. I live in the cubbee's or study cage or whatever the heck they're called at their library. This is a class friend, Rosa. She is super duper supportive!

So, I hope to heck this is theee last time I will ever see an ATI test. It was a booger! I did not do great, but, from what I hear, only 2 people passed it that we know of. So heck, maybe my 69% isn't so bad afterall! I'll have to remediate, which is not a big deal at all, just time consuming. I will need a 78.9% on final to pass. No, not 79%! Yes it does matter, dang it! Okay, so my stress level is running a tad high. I am finished with clinicals, so really I have plenty of time to review, but dang! there's a lot to review. But I am up to the task. I hope you enjoy my clinical pics, I've been happily taking lots of pics since i bought a really small camera that I can throw in my pocket or purse. That's all for now, enjoy! And good luck to you, whatever you're up to!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one wk to gooooooooooo

So, I finished my last clinical...hopefully for life, and it was a nice relaxing day. Started out with four pt's, two went home, and one to surgery. Pretty nice day. My nurse really helped me with trying to stay organized, and to do everything on time. I kind of found out my problem. I am in the pt's room too much. Now, I know that sounds good, but you have to be in/out fast int he morning, to get all the meds done, and early charting. THEN, i can spend more time in there, doing a more full assessment, after the morning rush. That really helped with my time mgt, since that is what really screwed me up. So the day was great, talked with my preceptor and when I begin that (counting on passing the dang class of course first). So that's the update, I think. Ummm, got my first rejection from CHOC. That was dissapointing, but they want some peds experience. Ah well. I will still apply all over the place, we'll see. I need to go study, I've got the ATI test tomorrow. Cya.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

last exam before final..........Check!

So I got an 82, so I am slooooooooooowly creeping back up. Someone told me I will need a 79 on the final! Egad, can you feel my stress!!!? I need to study for the final, which is THIS BIG (this is just the notes!) So this will be brief, must hit books...and buy some eggs and bread. bye!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Laaaaaast concept map...CHECK!

So I just finished correcting my LAST concept map, yay!!! Did a homework assignment, and MORE importantly had a great day with my family celebrating hubby's birthday at the Reagan library. We had fun, and it was a beautiful day. We topped it off with chocolate pie and dinner at Marie Callendars in Simi Valley. It was a great day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

got it...finally

Well I have to first say, thank you God I passed. I am though... not thrilled with my grade. I got a 78% on my Neuro exam. I am still below the 75% I need in the class. So, I will continue to sweat. And maybe that's good for me, to keep me honest, and on my toes etc. But I DO NOT LIKE IT.

But hey, I am moving on, and beginning to study Oxygenation and Emergency medicine. And on that note, our teacher had HORRID pics on our power points. Ick. I am soooo NOT an ER nurse. hurl. On the other hand, I have been in the ICU for the last 3 weeks, and I love it. There is even possibly an opening in ICU for preceptoring. Sadly, though I don't think I have a chance for it, since they will only choose one person, and they have to be able to work independently, which I really don't think I can. But I reeeeeeeeeealy like it, and might want to do it later, after I get some practice.

So that's it for now. Thanks for your prayers, they really do help, and I feel them holding me up.

How's your week going???
P.S. Thanks Kirsten, for letting me still that little pic up there, hee hee. (like you had a choice!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just a little somethin' to make us smile



W..A..I....T..I..N..G..... (and not patiently dang it)

I took the neuro exam Monday and I am still waiting for the grades to be put up! I am going crazy. She took 4 days last time. GRRR. Our CI yesterday said she (the other instructor that wrote the exam) was disappointed that so many got 100% correct on many questions. Yeah, you heard right, she was bloody DISAPPOINTED! She is all about statistics for exam making. I am not sure how i did. Talking to others I think I did alright. We'll see. So, I'll fill you in as soon as I know. Thanks for all prayers and positive thoughts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

20 min of peace

I found a small way to take a mini vacation....

While driving home from school, the hospital, etc...

Turn off the radio, the lecture on tape etc... Open your windows wide, pull your hair in a poney (other wise you'll be blinded by hair whippage), and breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe. Listen to the quiet. I find myself doing this, with gratitudes for God. Now if you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, you'd prob have to close the windows, and put the heat or air on. But try not to put the noise on right away.

Just a little way to refresh, give it a try.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I know, I know... where have I been?

studying....studying....studying....Well you get the point. Since that 76, I was a studying maniac or maybe zombie... Anyhoo, the next exam, I got a 62. Yup I wrote it right. Sad eh? I was sooo shocked because I really put in the time. So I'm beyond scared now, and I continue to study, changing some of my previous studying habits to include studying NCLEX questions (in the area of exam). I hope that helps me. If y'all would like to pray for me, I would soooo appreciate it. To say I'm stressed out is putting it too simply.

The good news is that my mom is doing soooo much better, that she is back home. Last I saw her she was smiles and her mind was sooo much clearer. Thank you to those who were praying for me, you all held me together when I felt like I was being torn in 10 different directions. To say I've been a mess is putting it politely! I am looking forward to visiting her tomorrow and to bring her, her belated birthday presents.

My fam is doing just fine thankyouverymuch. Maybe they are living in dust, with unbalanced dinners regularly, but they appear to be surviving just fine.

Okay, I really must go exercise (to lower my stress level and saggy study butt) and get to school. Have a good wk yourself, okay?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

(here's just a little picture of our doggie, Mabel during our vacation in N. CA. It makes me smile.)

So, i got my exam results and i was not real happy with them with a 76%. I know it's better than failing, but I felt like i had put a lot of time into it to be a C. But under the circumstances, ie my mom, I will be satisfied with it... like i have a choice, she bitterly replied. Actually I do have a choice, and I will choose to rejoice, and thank God.

Good news? My mom is off her respirator. The bad news is that she is very "lost". It is difficult enough for an alzheimers person to be moved to different places, but add all these changes, respirator, medications etc, and she's really lost. When I visited on Friday, I could tell she did not recognize me. This is the first time that has happened, and it about killed me. I am still reeling from it. Again, your prayers would be appreciated.

On the up side... Only 8 full wks of school left, whoooooooooooo hooooooooo. I will be in the ER this wk, and i have to say i am danged nervous. With my mind being elsewhere lately, I am hoping I will be able to focus that day. At least I will have Edmund (a class mate) in there with me.

And here is a home made peach pie I made a few wks ago. Which is another photo that makes me smile.

Well I must go back and hit the books somemore for my quiz tomorrow. Thanks for coming by.