Monday, October 26, 2009

a bit of a funk...

Well not much new for me these days. Just continuing on the job hunt. Last week one of my best friends from college finally got a job after ten months, so I was sooo happy for her, and then I fell into a self-pitying funk for myself. Waaagh. She tells me about her interview, and she was amazing. They actually gave her strips to look at, define, and suggest what meds would go with which heart block! And she got all of them right but one! Well they all but offered her the job that night (her interview was at 10:30pm!), but called her first thing in the a.m. to get her back to sign all papers! What I learned from this was that I was definitely not prepared like I could be when going in for an interview. So... after my pity party, I got myself back to the bloody computer to research interview questions. I will be much MORE prepared next time. So today, I will call for status updates. I also signed up for an NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certification class, so I can better prepare/apply for any NICU jobs. The that these classes are PRICEY!! And um... don't have a job... Well you get my meaning. So I will take this class on Halloween day, it was the only one I could find before Nov. 1st which is when I want to apply for a NICU residency job is. And I am still trying to get some of those flu vaccine jobs!

In other news, my watercolors class is still fun, and yes..I am not a natural! My oldest sister: drawing, brother and other sister: advanced ceramics, mother: oils, son:drawing, daughter: painting, husband: drawing, me: ummmm, I like to look at perty art. Disgusting, ain't it? Ah well. It is fun playing though. *These are what we've been doing this semester. color wheels etc, supplies, fruits (hey, the top right one was not done by me, but my teacher, but I did do the pear, dangit!), Learning shading, the orangish one was the first try, then the green.

Daughter is working, and dancing, and has a bit too much free time on her hands. Son is competing today for an FFA thingy, and is still growing taller. Hubby is cyclo-racing and enjoying it.

We all (family) went to a wonderful friends Oktoberfest party. We had so much fun, it shouldn't be legal. But it was, and we did.

That's it for now. If you are a pray-er, please remember me as I continue to look for a job, especially that I do not throw tooo many pity-parties. Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just pluggin along...

Yes, I am, albeit sloooowly.
Still looking for jobs. I have applied to probably about 10 more jobs, though I'm really hoping to hear back from Hoag for a couple of really great jobs there.
Meanwhile, we've been celebrating my hubby's birthday. He has finally caught up to me. We get to share this age for about 2.5 months before I pass him up again! We went into L.A. to the Peterson museum, and The Grove. We had such a fun day, I LOVE L.A.! On Sunday while the kids and I went to church, Eric was in another cyclo-cross race. He is loving his new bike race hobby.
Bryce was in his first FFA competition, the Greenhand comp. Their school got 3rd place. More importantly though says he...."I'm the only guy with 5 girls, it's great". So yeah, agriculture is very verrrrry important to the boy! haaahaaaa.
Kierstin has been laying low, not her busy season yet (in the spring, she'll have her animals, and plant sales), so she's been working on her hobby which is photography, and lately...watercolor painting.

That's it for us. I hope you are all doing well, have a great week!

Happy Fall, and Halloween!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

with heat & pressure...

just like with diamonds... something of value must come from pressure and heat. Well, it definitely feels like I am feeling both of those. I have had a few interviews, and MANY rejections for nursing jobs. In fact this morning I applied for a job, and about 15 minutes later, they had already rejected me! Part of the reason I've had so very many rejections is that I will apply for jobs that are not just for "New Grads". Why? Because there are sooo few jobs listed under new grad. In fact, the interviews I DID have were not listed for new grads. Anyway... it's been very depressing, and I really appreciate what all these folks have been going through after losing a job, and hunting for a new one. This last wk was particularly hard. My poor little ego. Well I am continuing to apply. Last night I applied for 3 more, this morning 2 more. I will do some more "drop-by's" since they seemed to help me the most.

In other parts of my life... I am enjoying being around home more, spending more time with kids, and relaxing in the evenings. I know! Isn't that weird? That was when I would ALWAYS be back to the books or writing those %@*# nursing maps! I feel a little giddy each and every night. I still have a hard time sitting through TV, but I find other things to do. My favorite activity EVERY day, is to make a tea, and sit in my front yard watching dusk. It's my absolute FAVORITE time of day, and I become nearly "gleeful". During these moments, I'm in shock that I don't have a heavy tome on my lap, or flashcards fluttering through my fingers. So weird after 8 years (give or take a semester here and there with no classes) of study and nursing school. I am still in total shock. My watercolor class is still absolutely delightful. I can't say I'm very good, but it's so fun to be doing something "left-brained".

My kids are doing well, and my boy has adjusted well to high school. I think he has found his niche, and is doing so much better than elementary and even Jr. High. He continues to make $ every day, getting lunches for those who don't want to battle the lunch lines. Cracks me up, what an entrepreneur, eh? He gets $1-2 from each person each day, and brings his own lunch so he loses none of it. So funny. The daughter is enjoying her last year of high school, and her first job. I think she is feeling a little melancholy too, with the changes she knows she's going through and what's to come. She has gotten back to art, which is great, because she can let some of that emotion flow through her brush/pen.

Hubby did his first cyclo-cross race, and did well. I believe he came in 20th? He may not have placed high, but he looked great out there! We all went to cheer him on, it was very fun. We celebrated with In & Out. (blaach :p) He's enjoying teaching Film and Journalism. This is the first time EVER that he's gotten to teach an elective course. It's hard work since he is making the curriculum, but he's loving the change of pace.

Well I do believe that's about it for me. How the heck are you? Thanks for stopping by, and please leave a comment when you do!