Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hell week coming...

So it occurs to me, that next week is rather hellish. I didn't put it all together until today, just... how... hellish. So here's how it's going down: Concept map due Tues. during clinicals. (BTW, only 2 clinicals to go! whoo hoo!) It's true, some folks can spit those babies out in an hour or two, but me? Oh it takes closer to 6 hrs for me. sigh. Then on Wed, we have an ATI exam which BTW, are not, I repeat, NOT, like the one we study and practice for the week before!! But I digress. And lastly, Thursday I have another bloody module exam. The last one was extremely difficult, and I only got 74%. So I MUST improve on this one to be in a safe margin. So I'm a leeeeeeetle stressed, but as Gloria Gaylor said, "I will survive!"
Moving on, I got some great news today, that my registration date got moved up from December 20th to TODAY! Yeah! I would've gotten stuck with my clinicals being Sat. and Sun for the whole semester! Or even worse, I could've been stuck with a mean, make you cry new teacher. But yeah, with the help of some others, I'm all signed up with a nice teacher.
And last, but not least, I did my presentation today. It came out great, even with a few mess ups. We got a perfect score, whoo hoo! Our teacher, kept saying what a great job we did, and how much she enjoyed the slides. So all in all today was a lovely day. Okay, I really must go and hit the books. I think I'll make my concept map first.
How is your week going? Is your semester nearly ending?


Anonymous said...

i love your picture of Hell. lol! Good luck getting it all done. This is my first holiday season without the worries of finishing a i know exactly how you feel! It will be over soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

dearest, i hope you have much success getting through the next week. you know you will be missed friday night, and talked about, hahaha. seriously :) when is your semester over? in time for some good scrappin' time? hope so.