Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here's the casserole i made from my new favorite web site, Pioneer Woman. It was soooooooooooooooo yummy and so dang fattening, that i froze half of it, and i'm trying to find someone to take it since i'm dieting!!! It's called Chicken Spaghetti
Thanks for your support all. Since meeting with our teacher, I've been pretty upset, but there's nothing like an F to motivate you right? I joined a study group, and i think it will help. I am trying to put in at least 3 hours of study most days, and respiratory i think is a little easier. NOT EASY THOUGH. Anyhoo, i have pulled out of all fun and games until that next test is done with to see if I can get my class % up. I'm okay, but a little too close to "not okay" for my comfort. So i will be dull as dirt for a while as i attempt to ace this next exam. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

i didn't feel like hunting for a better photo, and i thought, hey, i've never put up a pic of food, that'll be weird!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


(is this pic perhaps....a little dramatic???)


yup, my first F. I am totally crushed.
I don't think i've ever seen a grade this low. On occasion i will see a D+ at the worse. I just felt so dang overwhelmed. We had about 100 pgs of power points, (with 2 slides per page) and I felt like i needed to MEMORIZE every one of them! The types of heart problems, the physio results thereof, every drug for each indiv problem, it's side effects and class... i can go on and on and on. I could not figure what to work on more, so the result was trying to study in a gunshot method as opposed to an archery method of aiming at the center, and knowing it's concentric areas.

but i can't allow myself to wallow, or it will hurt me for the next exam, so i need to shake it off and do a lot better for his (our prof) next exam. Today i've got to get another concept map done, pick out one of my old concept maps to orally present, and start studying for the next exam. I guess this is my wake up call huh?

So when i'm not cussing like a soldier, i am praying quite a bit. I'd appreciate yours, thanks!

These posters crack me up, 'cuz i've gotta lighten up a bit!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

test day HELL

Okay, i have NEVER felt this down about an exam. I swear i died in there. He (the teacher) gave us a 10 min. warning at end, and i still had 10 questions left, and i had to still fill in my whole bloody scantron! That has never happened to me before. I felt so danged muddled through most of it. I am honestly just hoping for a C- at this point! I'll let you all know when i do. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am feeling stressed!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


yeah, what do you do after spring break? Yup, study. I've got a big exam tomorrow on cardiac blocks, attacks, angina, EKG's, MI's, drugs thereof, treatments thereof etc. I AM GOING TO DIE. Literally fall over from a WENCKEBACH. And no, no amount of atropine sulfate orisoproterenol is gonna save me! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

alright, i feel a tad bit better losing it. Now i must get back and stuff some more of this chatter into my lil' brain!

Hope you are all doing better than my whiney self!

As soon as i finish this exam, i am gonna treat myself to the Pioneer Woman's love story. Have you visited her site yet? What a gal. Her addy is in my list of places I like to visit to the right, there.

Have a lovely wknd, i will be making another concept map. Am I whining again??? Someone, quick give me some cheese.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


first, a few pics of the Gaylord where I stayed for the convention a wk and a half ago.

I'm on break this wk, so I am sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepin in! Yeehaw! I did work yesterday for part of my service hours at the MHA, the mental health association shelter. I had a great day, with a fellow classmate is so wonderful, we had fun, and saw a lot of patients. And I did my first accucheck correctly! I know, i know, a third semester student doing her first accu, it's a long story why, and i must say not very interesting, so i won't bore you. None the less it was fun. Somethings wrong w/me, I love poking a needle into people! Sick i know! I got to give some shots last wk, and a couple IV attempts, and just love the way it feels to put that needle in! okay, i'm scaring you now so i'll stop! hee hee

Our family did take a little trip to palm springs area hot springs camping. It was very relaxing, I loved every minute of it. Even with the VERY WINDY gusts that just about knocked our trailor over! it was still lots of fun.

I am also studying this break, of course, because i will have a big mother of a test next thursday. But don't worry, i'm still having fun, i will do a 12 hr crop on saturday. I feel a little guilty, but i will study before and after, honest injun.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

okay so i'm back

The convention was excellent, I mean reeeeeeeeeeealy amazing. My favorite thing was the focus sessions. Lets see I went to: Easy ABG's, Oncology nursing, and ummmmm, 2 others i can't quite remember at the moment. You can see which ones were my favorite. And then of course, there's the booths. I have to tell you, i loved that too. You just feel so dang needed everywhere, I love that. And unlike hospitals that i search online, they would tell you, EVERYWHERE, what the pay per hour is. From CA, we saw UCLA, a children's hospital, a couple hosp's up north, and um.... oh yeah, City of Hope. I have really been trying to figure out where I want to go after graduation, and I'm feeling drawn a little to Oncology. I know that I am particularly interested in hospice...eventually, but I know I need a lot of experience before then. My CI says that cancer nursing is very unique, in that it has to deal with death and dying on a fairly regular basis. That sounds like a good preceptorship for hospice don't cha think? So, I am going to try to do some extra clin days there. We'll see.

And I decided to get a little tattoo to commemorate Texas. Isn't it cute? I look JUST like her! Okay, it's not my tattoo, I didn't get one, but wouldn't it be a hoot to get it! hee hee.

On to this wks clinicals. I had the sweetest pt, ever. I just about cried when he started singing little hymns and I got to join in. Before I left we and his wife prayed together. I am finally getting the hang of the computer at the hospital, so I will move up to 2 pt's next wk. My nurse (again) did not think highly of me, taking only ONE! But my CI, was great, and understanding since we had NOOOO training on their computer system, just a damn video for 1 1/2 hrs. And I am getting back in the swing of things, since we haven't been in med'surg for so long. I feel so dang inadequate, and the nurses haven't been that encouraging or helpful for us, especially myself. Next wk i'll be back in oncology, so I will really try to do better. Anyone out there in Oncology? Ped's oncology?

Back in class we are back to heart issues, and reading EKG's. We had a great lecture, but then i rather flunked a quiz after the conference, since i hadn't studied. Soooooooooo... my spring break begins today, and so does my studying. But alas I am sitting here blogging. ah well. After I blog.
(CLICK on the photo below)
We will be going to palm springs this wknd for a little R & R, thank goodness. (don't worry i won't go topless....) But I promise to bring my dern notes to study. We have a big mother exam when we get back on Rside, Lside etc blockage, and every other bloody heart issue.

okay, back to my studies, dang it.