Thursday, August 14, 2008

back to my king sized bed...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh UPDATED

Santa Cruz beach, called Capitola Beach. It was sooo pretty. And you can't tell here, but these are pelicans. They would dive bomb into the water to catch fish, and then swallow them whole. You'd see the fish jiggling around in it's throat, and then belly. Poor thing, what a way to go.

While in Santa Cruz, we relaxed, ate clam chowder on the beach, went on a hundred mile bike ride along the beach (a small hyperbole perhaps) and saw a wonderful old lighthouse along with some nice cliffs, sand and sea. We went to a cute little town to shop, and watch some new-age hippies (like the old hippies, but perhaps more educated, and a tad cleaner), and showed Kierstin UCSC, which she now wants to go away to college... though not there. She will of course go to Jr. College first for her Gen. Ed. Hmmmmm, we'll see. Sorry I digressed.

We went to Smithwoods beautiful little campground in Santa Cruz area. We didn't stay here (photo), because, daggummit, we wanted full hookups and cable!

Can you guess? Yup, San Fran. Foggy, but beautiful. This was the only day we got a little blue sky and sun. Dern it.

In San Fran, we stayed at a camp ground that was literally on the cliff. Here's the view from our spot:

While in San Fran we went to: Ghiradelli's, GG Bridge, China Town (my fave), the original chinese cookie factory (they are actually yummy there), the crookedest shortest street (I don't know the name), a bunch of the homes that are the highest view-------so beautiful, these little mansionettes. We again went on another 100 mile bike ride through Golden Gate Park. It is an amazingly large park with museums and tons of stuff to see. We didn't have enough time to hit the museums, which I LOVE, so maybe next time. That being said, the 2 bike rides kept me from gaining poundage from all that lovely creamy clam chowder we were scarfing almost daily. Aaaaaaaaand went i went back to the gym, after the trip, i was actually in better shape then before the trip. Huh, who knew?

Favorite part of vacation for:

Eric- bike rides of course

Heather- China Town

Kierstin- shopping and goofing off w/Bryce

Bryce- China Town and time with his sister

When we were almost home, Eric got a little choked up, thinking that this may be one of the last vacations with everyone before college hits in a few years. Kierstin said that vacations remind you to slow down, and have fun with your own family, and how important Bryce was to her (she had forgotten how much fun she could have with her lil' brother), and Bryce said he had missed his sister, and hopes she spends some time with him at home sometimes. Dang, i was choking up too, my kids are just so wonderful, (you know, when they're not horid) and i love them so much, and they are growing up toooooo danged fast. Ah well, story of everyones life eh? Okay, i'm gonna stop all this sappy stuff right now!

I head back to school Monday, and the kids on Thursday, and Eric the following wk. so back to the salt mines we go. But this is a good reminder for all of us to remember what truly counts: a good bowl of clam chowder.......... um, I mean, time with your family.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

old friends

it was lovely a week or so ago getting together with some friends from where I began nursing school. Though I don't miss that school I sure miss some great friends. Here I am with Mihai and Andrea. They are officially RN's! Wow, that is so cool. Mihai even showed me his "RN" card. I didn't know there was such a thing. Now they are on the job hunt. Andrea wants to be an operating room nurse, and Mihai probably infusions. I am sooo totally proud of them. it was a tough road.
Eric and the kids went up to visit his Aunt who lives near the Grand Canyon. They had fun doing the following: Visiting the Grand Canyon, driving down a 20 mile dirt road to the bottom (I'm kinda glad i missed that one!), vising a ghost town with burros who wander through, having 115 degree weather, visiting with Aunt Dotty who shared the secret of being a Dane (I'm not one, so Eric can't tell me), and family history about Eric's mom who passed away when he was 7. They also went into the Grand Canyon caverns. I think that was the kids favorite thing.
I stayed home and relaxed, read, went out for a nice meal, scrapbooked, and studied. It was heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaven having 3 days to myself. I loved every minute!
Shruti and I got together to study this wk for 3 hours. We went over further cardiovascular study. This has been a weakness for both of us, so it was totally helpful.
We are now getting ready for our San Fran trip. What are you all up to?