Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well it's a good thing I didn't blog yesterday...because I was crying in my beer. Okay, so I can't stand beer, but if I could, I would've been filling it with salty tears. On a side note, that might improve the taste... Anyhoo, the last week was a difficult one. I met my patient for the HH (Home Health) job. She was a wonderful 5 yr old. But the problem was, was that she was 41 lbs, and unable to even support her weight, and as the nurse, I'd have to carry her up and down stairs, carry her to shower, etc. Her room is on the second floor, and unless, I planned on forever keeping her in one little room, I'd have to carry her. They have not gotten to the point of placing all the lifts and contraptions for lifting, carrying, and etc. She is just on the cusp, and I know it will not be long. But sadly, I could not do it. I knew my back would totally blow out in the first day. So I had to withdraw from that job. I was so sad, and I felt like such a loser. Then...within a few days of that disappointment, my hubby calls to let me know that we are getting ANOTHER frick'n pay cut of $400 a month! Yes, on top of the $700 previous! So, let it be known, I had a total crying jag that day. Yup, the full on heaving kind of crying. I only cry 3 or 4 times a year, so I let it go! My poor hubby got most of it on the phone. The next day, I got THE call from the job I wanted so badly...yup, I did NOT get it. They were completely wonderful and nice about it, but it was cheerleader tryouts all over again! (except that in for the cheer tryouts, I NEVER got this close!) So, needless to say, it's been a rather crappy week. I am trying to pick myself up, and learn what I need to learn, trust in Him who knows all, etc. And I love what a friend of mine said after my full on pity party (with balloons and party hats) said:
"I am all about embracing the sh*%! Enjoy it, eat chocolate, get mad and you will get to a higher place one bon-bon and a few trips to the mall at a time..." Don't you love it?! So I am embracing it, and going to God to help me, while I carb load as well!

On a happier note, we are all geared up for a simpler, gentler Christmas this year. God is good, He is in His heaven, and He loves us, sinners that we are. I mean, really, He has to, He sent His only son to help us out! So I am celebrating this holiday, and feeling His closeness, even as I struggle.

You all are the best, and I hope you have a great Christmas with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Got a job interview!!

You know how thin, and far between those babies are!! So, I got a call on Wednesday, from Hoag hospital asking if I was STILL interested in the Stroke unit??? Since neuro, and older folks are my fave, I was totally excited! And then she asked if I could come in THAT day. So I cleared away ALLLL my other interviews I had that day *wink, wink* and went in. I'm telling you, these two women were the kindest and funnest interviewers I have EVER met! (ok, so I've only had 3 interviews so far, but still...) It went very well. I feel like I did fine on the questions, though I was a bit slow on one of the scenario questions. All in all, I walked away very hopeful. We won't be called until "before Christmas", so I've got my waiting room clothes on in the meantime. The only bad thing is that I believe.... it won't begin until Feb, because it's part of a new grad program. But I also need to take a few classes (you know...those one day certification classes...aaaaand they are darned expensive!) and tests. It does scare me that I have to take an EKG test, but at least I have time to study for it, and my friend Shruti took it, and said she would help me. I go again...back in the waiting room! Thanks for any and all prayers!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The last *sniff* JABC...

weep...openly... We met for our last Jane Austin Book Club. We lost our senior girls, as their semesters got busier, so it was just the three of us...the bestest part of our group of course! We discussed Persuasion. This had to be my least fave of the 3 we read. We met at Lupe's home, and she made us a proper tea. Scones with sour cherries, REAL clotted cream (omgosh, I want to weep, it was so amazing), some kind of amazing tea, I don't remember the name, Vinaigrette salad with Blue Stilton and roasted walnuts (sooo delish, I had to go buy some of that cheese 2 days later), diminutive sandwiches of jambon pate (ham that's been ground up), and cucumber and butter...gosh Lupe, what am I forgetting, I can't think, my mouth is dripping out of control! Okay, I know I'm blathering on about the food, but it was sooo goooood. Ummm...the discussion of course was sublime. I just wanted to use that word. We are hoping to round up a few more grown ups, so we can meet some more. It's been way too fun, to stop now. Have a good weekend.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy Ho Ho!

Well happy December all, and how the heck are ya? I have been up to the same ole' stuff as before. The elusive job hunt, homemakering, and painting. The job hunt hasn't been successful, the same as before. It is hard not to get totally discouraged. The homemakering...has been fun, since it is still quite novel after all these years! And the painting? Totally fun, enjoying it more and more.

I made the Thanksgiving turkey, a 22 pounder! Which I defrosted the day before! Small note: when doing a speed thaw, make sure ALL water is removed before flipping turkey (part of the speed-thawing process). Yeah, you guessed it, while flipping it, that slippery sucker dropped back into bottom of bucket, hitting a few gallons of raw turkey water...that I thought I had gotten out....splashing all that oockie stuff all over my face, down my person, ALL over the clean dishes (the bloody hand washables!), and of course covering our little kitchen floor. I just froze. Dripping with the disgusting stuff, I look at my husband who is safely 5 or so feet away tapping away on the computer. He looks at me... that's it. No jumping up to help me, no "oooh pooor baby...", no nothing. TWO hours later...after I had showered, changed my clothes, mopped floor, RE-washed all dern hand washables, washed all of the turkey clothes, and towels from under the clean clothes, disinfected everything bc it was evil turkey water, I FINALLY finished the *%^()*^@%&*~#! turkey. Luckily, the turkey did turn out well, and now it's funny. So...will I get a gigantic frozen turkey again, or speed-thaw it again??? You know I will. That gigantic turkey was only $7!!! for pity sakes! The daughter made the stuffing and sweet potatoes, and my boy made home-made mashed potatoes, so everyone helped. We had a great time, and I even made some homemade pumpkin pie (and NOT the Libby recipe). It came out pretty good, but I still like Marie Callendars more.

Eric has been doing more of the Cross-racing, and loving it. He bought a new bike that fits him much better, and sold his old one, along with a bunch of other stuff on eBay, to help pay off some of his old bike debt.

The daughter has been enjoying her Sr year, with WAY too little homework, and way too much free time on her hands. So...she's doing well. :)

The boy is doing fine, and has taken to selling chips at school to make some $. I felt bad for him, bc he can't babysit or anything to make extra cash. I don't know how long it will last, but he's having lots of fun.

I got my first NOT WHITE scrub!! Can you believe it? I got it for free, so it was a great deal. It is from This is the one I got. Here's a photo, but it didn't come out very well. No one was around to take a pic of me in it. But the best thing about this one, is that the sides and sleeves are stretchy. No stiff whites that I've been bloody well been wearing for THREE years! It's soft, and I can't wait to wear it to my home health job. Isn't it cute? It's made by Baby Phat, I am sooo cool!

I haven't started my job yet, but I'm supposed to have my orientation, I believe, next wk, so I can start. I hope so, my hubby is so stressed out with our smaller paycheck and Christmas. Please forgive us for not sending out many Christmas cards this year, we are trimming where we can.

That's it for now. What are you asking for Santa to bring you?? I'm asking for a big cast iron skillet! See how easy I am? Some gals would be insulted for a hubby to get something for the "house". Not me, LOVE that stuff. And after totally LOVING my cast iron dutch oven...I wanted more!