Sunday, August 05, 2007

august countdown...

I love these old books, they crack me up!
Geeps, i only have a few weeks left before school starts. It occurs to me that this summer has been somewhat surreal. Yeah it's summer, but I also feel like I'm in a waiting room. You know, like when you're in the waiting room of the dentist? You are not being tormented yet, but you sit there nervously trying to have some interest in "Daily Dental Stories" that you are reading. Well that is somewhat what i have been feeling. I am not IN school but feel like I am nervously waiting for the thing.

We went to Monterrey, and I had clam chowder 3 times, yum. We went to the aquarium there, just amazing. My favorite thing to see? All the little and varied colored jelly's.

We camped in the Redwoods up north. That was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun swimming, kayaking, and just plain old lounging. Beautiful scenery on the coast w/all those giant rocks on the coast.

I have been doing all the paperwork etc. for transferring schools, and everything has gone smoothly so far. Tomorrow I will get my school check up, Wed., I will take CPR again which is required. I have to mail back my uniform, because it was too big. Did my background check etc. Lot's of little details I guess.

I will start school on the 27th. My dd on the 30th, i'm not sure about ds, and hubby. How 'bout you? What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

Heather...we scrapped for like 24 hours this weekend...and you never told me you went to Monterey this summer! I love it up there!! Can't wait to see the photos!

P.S. Jar baby...ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you might enjoy this link. Good luck!

Prisca: said...

I've been vacationing, too and start classes next week. I'm ready to get it over with, haha. Have a great semester!