Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eight Months In...

Well I have been with Hospice for 8 months now, and still learning every day. I think I will be for the next 10 or so years. I feel more comfortable with the routine, and the paper work is finally becoming second nature. I've gained the obligatory 10 lbs.

No, I'm not happy about that, dang it. Every nurse kept telling me during training how they had put on the weight, but I thought it was only the office gals. Well no, it's pretty much the emotional stress. You know, I always think I'm doing fine with the emotional aspect of this job, but after some months, I see how it effects me. I really need to hold myself back a bit from my pt's. I give too much of myself, and then find myself pretty darned empty when I get home. I always knew that the whole "boundaries" thing

would be my personal challenge, and it is!

On the home front, we are doing well. The dtr just finished her first year in college, and a short mission trip to Haiti. She has had a very growing year. She continued to help the homeless in Long Beach, and lead the Jr. High girls of her core group. you can see, she hasn't had much time for a job. She's gotten by with babysitting jobs, and house cleaning once a wk for me. My dear boy is finishing 10th grade. He's had his struggles, but he is really working hard to try to fix some low grades. For fun, he is riding his road and street bike, selling tomatoes (he made over $100!!), making water rockets and working on the farm. The hubby is riding his bike, doing well on his races and rides.

For fun, I've started riding my new bike

that is a much faster one than my old Huffy. It's actually fun because I go zooooom, zoooom, zooooom. I scrap with my friends usually once a month all day instead of each wk since our scrap store closed.

Well I guess that's about it for now. I'm sorry for not being on more, though I'm sure no one has reeeeally missed me. Have a great week, y'all!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Love, LOve, LOVE...

It seems only know, being the love month and all, to speak of love. I absolutely love my job. It seems everyday I am working, I am just in awe, that I love just about everything about it. Since I've started having all my own pt's, I've had approximately 6 of my pt's pass. It has been such a privilege to walk with families through this hard time of their lives. One of the pt's died as the wife and myself were taking care of him. That was quite strange, and yet somehow also amazing. God is so good. The families that know Him, have His hope and His comfort, and even a small taste of His joy to come. I am still trying to figure out how to share Him and His hope while being respectful of those with other beliefs. Sometimes it's tricky.

The kids are doing pretty good. The daughter is still really liking Jr college, and at least this semester got some general ed classes. She continues to help with Jr high ministries, and homeless people in long beach. She is still really trying to find out what to major in, what to do as a job. She loves the idea of working with non-profit organizations that help third world countries, but she also loves, yeah, she's confused and searching.

The boy passed his classes this last semester, yay! He is plugging in to the high school ministries. He has some great guy friends that get together to watch movies, play X-box, dance somethin, and hang out.

The hubby has been cycling as usual, and doing great at it. He's had some changes at work that have been EXTREMELY challenging. He's literally counting down to each weekend, summer, and retirement. Ummm, yeah, retirement is YEeeeears away, but he knows the count, believe me.

We took a long wknd up in Mammoth. The kids and dad went skiing, while I relaxed at the cabin. And of course, we all frolicked in the snow.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

January 1st, 2011, Welcome!

I haven't been on for so long, mostly because I am trying to get the hang of my new job as a hospice nurse. I am still absolutely LOVING my job. There is not a day that goes by, that I can believe how happy I am. It just seems to be such a perfect fit for me. I was thinking last night, that one of my prayer requests concerning a nursing job was answered. Before my hospital job, I prayed that #1 that God would use me for His glory, and #2, that I would have joy in my job, and lastly #3, that my coworkers would be my friends, and an extension of my family. I am happy to say, all 3 are true in this new nursing job. On Thursday, while visiting a patient, the wife and myself were cleaning him up...and he passed away. We were both VERY surprised. After the shock wore off, all went very well. The family was amazing and so thankful for me being there for the process of getting him ready to leave with mortuary assts. I sometimes feel guilty for all the appreciation I get from families.

The daughter is doing well in Jr. College and finished her first semester. The son is doing pretty well in high school, but still struggles in his English class. He is working hard now attempting to fix his bad grade. The hubby is still plugging along at the Jr hi, trying to teach even though there's a whole lot of pressure from the "clipboards" to teach to the tests. It's different, and he definitely is not feeling the joy that he's had for all these years. I'm sad for him.

Well a big Happy New Year, folks! I hope you are knowing God's closeness in your life. If not, I hope you are knowing your faith is not dependent on what you are feeling, but who God is. Have a great 2011.