Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eight Months In...

Well I have been with Hospice for 8 months now, and still learning every day. I think I will be for the next 10 or so years. I feel more comfortable with the routine, and the paper work is finally becoming second nature. I've gained the obligatory 10 lbs.

No, I'm not happy about that, dang it. Every nurse kept telling me during training how they had put on the weight, but I thought it was only the office gals. Well no, it's pretty much the emotional stress. You know, I always think I'm doing fine with the emotional aspect of this job, but after some months, I see how it effects me. I really need to hold myself back a bit from my pt's. I give too much of myself, and then find myself pretty darned empty when I get home. I always knew that the whole "boundaries" thing

would be my personal challenge, and it is!

On the home front, we are doing well. The dtr just finished her first year in college, and a short mission trip to Haiti. She has had a very growing year. She continued to help the homeless in Long Beach, and lead the Jr. High girls of her core group. you can see, she hasn't had much time for a job. She's gotten by with babysitting jobs, and house cleaning once a wk for me. My dear boy is finishing 10th grade. He's had his struggles, but he is really working hard to try to fix some low grades. For fun, he is riding his road and street bike, selling tomatoes (he made over $100!!), making water rockets and working on the farm. The hubby is riding his bike, doing well on his races and rides.

For fun, I've started riding my new bike

that is a much faster one than my old Huffy. It's actually fun because I go zooooom, zoooom, zooooom. I scrap with my friends usually once a month all day instead of each wk since our scrap store closed.

Well I guess that's about it for now. I'm sorry for not being on more, though I'm sure no one has reeeeally missed me. Have a great week, y'all!