Saturday, July 26, 2008

the end of July...egad

I can't beleeeeeeeeeeeeive it's the end of July already! aka denial.

Two wks ago we were busy at the Fair. It was sooo fun and busy with Kierstin showing her pig, Monty. Just in case some of you didn't go see him, here he is:

She had two competitions; the pig himself, and Kierstin's showmanship. The pig himself didn't do so well, she was the first one to be knocked out. (Monty did NOT want to move, he just wanted to dig for truffles!) But, in the second competition, Kierstin did great. She came in 12 out of over 110 pigs! We were very proud of her of course.

Even better than that, was her pig at auction. The morning before her auction, she sat in her pigs pen hoping to meet some prospective buyers. Two ladies came by, and asked just a few questions of Monty. Her friends decided to not hang around, but to hang out elsewhere. During auction, none of the pigs from Sunny got more than $1.00-1.50 per lb. But these 2 lovely ladies bid back and forth until she got $2.50 per lb! Her pig was the highest big next to the grand champions. So she was ALL smiles.

She won't see her profits until September, but she's darned happy anyway just 'thinking' about what she might purchase... (after she pays back mom and dad for another GIGANTIC cell phone bill).


This last wk was VBS at our church. It is always a very busy wk, but very fun. I was a Co-coordinator for Pre-school. I love what I do, because it's very busy, fast moving, and I get to run hither and yon. I like that. I'm like pudding, if you don't keep stirring me (me moving) I congeal and turn hard (like my cellulite).

Kierstin worked with the kindergartners again, and she loved them, telling me about Mr. Enthusiast, and Mr. Problem-child. She took a special liking to these two.

Eric and Bryce worked as first grade counselors. It was sooo cute to see Eric with little ones, speaking gently etc. He really loved the younguns, and wants to do them again next year.

Bryce loved it too because he got to know the kids more.... except one little girl who was hanging on him constantly and wanted his phone #. SOOOOO cute.

Soooooo that's what I've been up to since the last post. I've also squeezed in a 'little bit' of studying. I will meet with my study pal Shruti on Wednesday, so i promise i'll put in some more time before then.

Have a good week everyone, and leave a comment!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

what can i say...

There's just not as much to write about during the summer. I mean, do you REALLY want to hear me tell you about me sitting on my butt reading?

This is a pic of Monty. He will be attending the county fair all wk. My daughter will be competing on Thur and Fri for FFA, with darling Monty. He's 265 lbs of fun right now, and we think he is going to show very well. He is soon to be sausage, ham, pork chops etc. If you are from PETA, please leave.

Yesterday we went to the beach where i proceeded to sit on my fanny reading.
Here's Eric and Bryce setting up.

What else? Hmmmmmmmmm we saw Ironman (i liked that), and hellboy (love that red man). Rented Waitress which I loved. Have met a couple times with study partner. It is totally helpful to have someone holding you accountable to read booooooooring IV stuff. We went on a small campout up in big bear which was nice to get together with some friends.

For one crazy wk, ran my daughter around getting ready for her big 16th bday bash (Alice in Wonderland). Here's her cake I made: The cake and decorations came out sooo cute, if i dooooo say so myself! This is our backyard with giant homemade flowers, and hundreds of Christmas lights everywhere. The kids had fun, especially with the kiddie jumper in the front yard. We left all teenagers fully pumped up with sugar when their parents picked them up.

I am doing a lot of scrapbooking. Now I need to catch up on my journaling, which i generally can't stand. I have 3 boxes full of scrapbooked pics to journal. I have to journal dang it, if I'm ever going to get them in a book!

so what are YOU up to???

Ummm i think that's about it. I am loving the relaxation.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

already then...

so i think that all my pics disapeared because i've been stealing... um i mean BORROWING images from google that MAY be copyrighted. Geez, what's the big deal hah? So now where do i get pics from without the blogger nazi's shutting my pics down???! For today i'll put one of mine up. my kids playing in the pool.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ooooooh it makes me sooooo mad!

yeah... did you notice???

YUP, ALL MY BLOODY PICTURES DISAPEARED AGAIN!! GRRR!!! This is the second time this happened! I have written blogger with questions...and??? Nothing.

Thanks for letting me vent.......urgh.