Friday, August 10, 2007

check, garcon.

(just a lil' pic of us at the redwoods up north)

physical? check
immunizations? check!
CPR? check!
background check? check!
malpractice insur.? check!
Pay for classes? check!
Pay for testing fee? check!
nursing clothes? nope, had to send back
nursing badge? check!
books? Not available yet.

So this is what I've been getting ready the last few weeks. Hard to feel like summer when I've had to keep up on all this business.

I also had a french student this week for a few days to help. Boy, they don't make it easy to get an apartment for them! We are still working on that. You can pray for her concerning that and furniture etc.

We are leaving for our last hurrah on Sunday. We are going down to San Diego for 4 days. 2 days on the beach and 2 at a KOA. And Eric is hoping to also squeeze in Lego Land before school starts.

We also celebrated my moms 72nd birthday by taking her out for Chinese food. It is still shocking to me to see how much her memory has deteriorated in the last 2 years. My sister tells me she is having a hard time w/her bladder too. I get sooo sad and overwhelmed every time i see her. But at least she is happy, and doesn't really seem to know what she has lost.

That's about it for now. School starts on the 27th, so i still have a few weeks to smell the flowers. Leave me a message, K? Hey and if you don't have an account, make sure you leave you name on your messages okay? I go crazy trying to figure out who the heck left the message!

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Prisca: said...

have a great trip! :)