Thursday, September 13, 2007

spread 'em bucko

yup, i gave my first foley. fascinating. and darned slimy. hard to keep those suckers open! I can't say I had much success, or finesse, but my instructor helped me, and it was just magic when that pee came down that tube. Beauty in a tube, I'm telling you. I tried to help out my nurse this week, but she is so danged skilled and fast, that i generally try to stay out of her way. There is so much to know in L & D, that it's very overwhelming.

This coming Tuesday, I will attempt the Foley once again. Hopefully without shaking so much. I did watch another delivery, and... egad.... an episiotomy! I will never be able to scissor chicken breasts again without thinking of her episiotomy since that is what the dr used. Eughhhh, i kinda shiver every time i think on it. Scary. Also witnessed an eclampsia pt. 14 yo. frightening! Poor girl. I hope she's doing better. So again, never a dull day in nursing. So darned fascinating, and I feel so privileged to be able to be part of peoples lives during such trials. I thank God that I am part of it. (Even if all I do is get ice chips!) And I never tire of hearing one more patient tell me, that I'm going to be a great nurse. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

hi heather, your posts are funny. quick q: i noticed that you and other bloggers don't mention the name of your nursing program...this just made me wonder whether it's a bad idea that i mention mine in my blog-- all the time, b/c i want to give a frank understanding of the good and the bad about my program. do you know if this is a bad idea; am i violating some nursing or blogging etiquette? i'm new to this, so your feedback would be very helpful. thanks a lot! nurseSF
nursesf at gmail dot com

JLeonard said...

Heather, ran across your blog. I remember those days of school. I'm in Kalmath Falls,OR on a travel assignment. Just wanted to say HI and good luck. Jim