Tuesday, December 19, 2006


(I thought it would be fun to put a pic. of me up here for those who don't know me. This pic is from last year, i don't have any too recent. And you can subtract 20 lbs from that rear and thighs, but still it's me.)

yes, the afterglow of my first semester in nsg. Of course it's not a perfect afterglow since i need to retake one of my classes, but still, i can breathe and relax a little.

I've had some sort of strange flu. Low grade fever, with severe headaches that last nearly all day. tylenol, ibuprofen, sudafed didn't touch it. Today it's just a little, so i took 3 ibup. just in case, and i'm trying to take it easy today. Which is hard since i really need to get christmas shopping! I've gotten all extraneous gifts, but not many of my nuclear family. But it's gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow. Got my grade in Pharm yesterday. Got a B on my final (better than i thought) and a high B in the class. That first A sure helped my overall grade. And I got a B in Intro. to Nursing. And a withdraw in the one i need to redo.

Daughter is still home sick. We've set up some new appts for her. We will prob set up homeschool thru her high school, so her grades won't get effected. That's tricky for me since i don't know whether i should try to go for a CNA job before i begin my class in March. Everyone else doing fine. Hope you're enjoying the season. I LOVE this cold weather, don't you?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Last final

Phew! All done! Feeling a tad melancholy about my class going on, and me going back. Even though i know it will really help me, it's still hard to swallow, that ego, or pride or whatever you want to call it. It was hard saying goodbye to so many nice people, but I know i'll make a whole mess of new friends. I don't think i did as well on the final as i would've liked, but i did get an A+ on the drug group project, so that ought to help me a bit. I won't start 193 until March! Wow that's a long time. I will start pharm in the spring sem though. I think that's mid-January.

Daughter is still home sick (going on 2 1/2 wks out, plus many other missed days) with we don't know what. We are waiting for insurance authorization for a catscan. So in the mean time, we pick up her work so she doesn't get behind. Please send up a prayer for her. Thanks.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

slow and steady

studying for my last final. Pharm tomorrow, then i'm done. I feel like i'm already done, so it is hard to buckle down and study. But study i must!! I'm feeling a little melancholy about my classmates going on without me. They're so rude, not retaking class with me! At least there will be 2 others going back with me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Keeping my chin up!

okay, both of them, haha. I find that I'm eating more since I've got more time on my hands. I really need to watch that! Had pharm review yesterday, i think I'll do well on this exam since i have more time than usual. I still need to meet w/ nsg director about signing up for next classes for next semester. the puter won't let me, because all the classes are co-classes. it won't let me just sign up for one. Also, I'm hoping to get that F switched to a W. I went to the nsg party yesterday and i was feeling a little melancholy there, seeing all my classmates moving on without me. I can't believe they didn't all storm the nsg office with flames in there hands and blood on there minds! The least they could do is stage a peaceful sit-in for there fallen sister (me). But noooooooooooo, they are all just planning on moving ahead to the next semester. They are sooo selfish.

I know i lost it there for a minute, but i caught the sane train back and I'm okay. At least there will be a couple of us going back to do it again to help each other. I really am happy for them (classmates), they have been just as stressed as I. Final friday, must go pick up the book. Have a good tuesday.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend before finals

So i finally look at studying again, since my big fall from grace, because i know that we have a review for pharm on monday. I know the final is on a friday, so i'm assuming that means the following week.. but nooooooooooooooooooo it's this friday. Eeeeek, haven't cracked a book since the breakdown.. So I am getting on with it today. This time next week i'll be all done, yay! I am feeling surprisingly relaxed these days. The one blip in my otherwise stress-free life is that i missed the withdrawal date for the class i failed out of. So now instead of a W, it will say F. Dang it. I'm gonna beg the director to fix that seeing she was supposed to call me on that very date to let me know how the "team" were going to react to my complaint. She never called me, so i didn't drop etc. So we'll see. The worst thing that can happen, is that i'll have to request the F to be removed from my records once i pass it next time around.

I've been looking into other RN schools that i MIGHT transfer to once i finish this next semester. I'm seeing if they are also insane crazy stressful. If i can find one less stressful, but still a good school, i might consider changing schools after this next do over. Any ideas anyone for orange county nursing schools that are great yet manageable??? Thanks for everyones support, your e's and comments have kept me afloat.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Strike Three!

(doesn't that look like some tidey-whities? but it's an iceberg, silly)

Okay, good news first. I am more relaxed than i've been in MONTHS, okay the bad news, as i know you've guessed........... I failed my 3rd attempt at the sterile wound competency. The same un named teacher tested me, and had me do stuff that not one other person had to do. I did it over and over correctly but still it went on.......... dragging on.............. and i was brave, but then i got pissed, and started getting careless. And yes, the back of my hand supposedly touched the curtain. I don't recall it, but that's what she said. So the first day, i was a little spazzy, a mess really. Crying and nashing of teeth etc. I spoke my mind to said professor, i guess she didn't appreciate that. I cooled off eventually, went and took an exam, later apologized to said professor, though i told her, that what i said was what i believed, though i said it in a disrespectful manner. I wrote in the report what she did unfairly that she did not mention in her report. I then spoke w/ mentor, pharm prof, and lastly the director (had to wait around for hours for her grrrr) and the director backed said evil prof. so i'm screwed. I was a mess for a day, then the following day, yesterday, i was almost downright GLEEFUL. Now, i'm darned relaxed. I will go back in next semester for the second half, to retake the class I uh....flunked. there i said it. I'm out for this quarter. though i have to say, I always felt like i was barely hangin' on, putting out fires you know? So I believe it will be a good thing all around when I do go back, not so lost, overwhelmed etc.

And K. has some kind of mystery illness that's been haunting her all semester, she's missed tons of school, so i know i can deal with that more effectively. (appt.'s etc) She's not so sick that we are totally scared, but sick enough that she needs to be home near the RR.

So that's the scoop. I'm still in Pharm, so i'll finish that up. Hey, i'll actually be able to scrap and enjoy Christmas this year! Yay! Thanks for everyones support, I'm still moving forward, just a little slower... you know, one step forward, two steps back.... hee hee.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Strike Two...

So I'm taking my second chance at the sterile field competency and touch a paper not sterile without catching it, and i'm failed! Last time (the first) i slipped a few times before the instructor called it. But this particular instructor is trying to get rid of me, and now she has the perfect opportunity. I know i sound a little paranoid, but believe me, after i failed i had quite a few tell me, they were expecting it, because of her. So if i don't pass that damn comp next wk, i fail the class. Sooooo i can w/draw before, and get a W or try again w/a pass or fail or go on or w/draw, but i have to try again before the drop date on Tues. I'm prob babbling, but i have to see what my options are. I have been sucking up a major crying fit, cuz i just don't want to fall apart again. Please forgive me those who have called, i need to pull it together a little before i call you back. So that's the crap for now. Not sure which way is up right now. Will blog later.

(P.S. Make sure you read the words under the photo carefully or you'll miss it!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dang, it's been a tough week. Today was fun, it was an all day skills day, but also a competency for sterile wound care. I thought i was sooo ready, but when i got in there, i just got so dang nervous, and I failed. such a drag. You know part of my problem was that the instructor kept talking to me (via patient) and i was trying to answer her "therapeutically" and remember everything. I turned my back TWICE, touched a non-sterile spot with a sterile glove, touched a non sterile paper to get swabs out (which i had taped upside down!) oh heck! Now I have to do a REAL wound! Eeeeek, and i thought this was stressful!

My meeting with the dean went really well, and her facial expressions were priceless when i told her the reasons that the other nameless instructors told me i might consider withdrawing. She was just so surprised and didn't feel that it warranted a withdrawal. She was pretty bugged at one prof. for telling me about her "feelings", or "intuition" or whatever she called it, saying that she didn't feel that her feelings lie. So it went well, but it did come right on the tail of failing the comp. so i was rather emotional to begin with. But she did not see reason for W. So there you have it. I'm still feeling bugged about not passing today. So I'm still rollercoastering. I have until Monday to decide, but failing is really not gonna hurt me in any way. If i do fail, i can petition it to be removed after i take the class again. This coming wk, we'll have a new clin instructor for our last 3 clinicals, and the dean said she is wonderful, and full of kindness and empathy, so i should be able to make it. Thanks everyone for your well wishing and prayers!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

meet w/dean tomorrow

Watch out, she's gonna blow! I met w/ nurse mentor who's advice was to stick in there, and i will meet w/dean tomorrow, we'll see what she says. I'm feeling a little schizo about it. it depends on the hour of the day. Just finished my 2 compet. care plans to turn in tomorrow, turned in research essay yesterday, doing sterile technique comp. tomorrow, have another exam Mon..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh plz pray for me! AND... it's my 19th anniv. today! i could barely take time to enjoy it, so we've set a date for later this wknd.

Monday, November 20, 2006

...It's not looking good...

Met for my midterm eval. today, and prev mentioned instructor made sure to check needs improvement in almost every column. This with only 2 clinical days for this quarter. Then she hands me a paper with the date to withdraw by. She did a lot of assuming that i didn't really want this (nursing school), that i am not putting in the time etc. Pretty much digging my hole deeper...for me. I have to decide whether to W by next monday, AND we don't have another clinical (where i was supposed to be able to prove myself) until the Wed. following that date. So....crap, i may just have to do this quarter again. She said i will fail the whole 193 class if i fail the clinical aspect, even though i'm getting a high B on everything else in the class. That didn't seem right. i could of course understand retaking the class if i fail the clinical aspect, but not an F in the class. So i'm going to meet with the director, the mentor and a counselor to see my options. (which are few at this point.) Crap, crap, crap.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

...well, maybe two days..

I didn't do any school/nursing stuff for the last two days. I just needed to try to regroup i guess. I will get my bootstraps on today, since i couldn't find them previously and will begin my paper and care plan competency. I am still feeling a bit crappy, but hey wouldn't you? Anyhoo, i'll fill you in later as i progress.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I was jumped......

Today as i dropped into school to turn in some paperwork, I had both clinical instructors suggest a little chat, just the 3 of us. (cozy eh?) So i said, "ah this can't be good. You're not gonna gang up on me are you?" But they did. For the next half hour, I heard about all my short comings in clinical. It seems I am at point D when I ought to be at point oh..... P. This was not good to hear since I feel like I've been working my tail off as it is. I thought, that everyone was struggling with the same stuff as I. But my prev instructor had been pointing out to new clin instructor (no names please) my foibles of last quarter. I didn't think they would follow, and bite me on my proverbial butt. But lucky for me (sarcasm here) the old instructor makes sure to let the new know because it is a pattern. I will not go into ALL the details but it boiled down to this... If i can't get myself to point P right away, I will have to repeat the whole frickn' semester! All that work for almost nothing. Even though I am getting B's in everything, passed every competency thus far, never been late on any assignment or missed any test, i can still get kicked out. So I've been doing a lot of crying today. Miss H lets me know, don't worry, you have a couple wks before you'd have to withdraw if that's necessary. That's not so dang comforting when the sem is done after 3 more clinicals! I had been counting down, to get through all this stress, and now that countdown may be a joke. I'm so hurt right now, and feel so dang incompetent. So I'm gonna cry in my tea tonight, and pick up myself tomorrow. Would love some encouragement from all. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How come no one ever comments???

I'm ever so lonely!

I got my Gero exam back w/ a B! Yeah! Especially since i was studying with a flu induced brain! Well what a relief that was. Now i need to focus on my Pharm exam, which is scaring the crud out of me, let me tell you. It is on the ANS, and i had a hard enough time w/that in Physio! So I will be studying that until i puke. Exam monday, plz pray for me. Our clinicals got cancelled this wk due to JACHO (sp.?) which was lucky for me since i had missed 2 days of classes (w/lots of demo's) so i was able to get caught up a bit today, learning sterile field, and removing an I.V. That's all for now, i wanna go watch bones.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I love this season

but the studying is killing me. okay well i'm not dead yet, but it's so sad when you start thinking in med jargon.

Ex. "i need to get oob"

I have a flu today, and i tell my kids i'm diaphoretic.

there's more than that but sadly my mind is not working at top speed right now since i feel soo crappy. I have an exam on Monday so i am attempting to study, haha, that's kinda funny when you feel so funky. picture of my flu above....

Hey I passed my second math compet on my second try! Yeah for me! Now I can give oral meds next wk!

this wk oughtta be fun since i will be in the subacute unit. This part of the hospital has long term patients that need more acute care than SNF's. Most pat's are older but it varies. They mainly have some sort of brain damage whether from CVA's or traumas. I think it will be interesting but sad. I will really have to work at keeping some distance so my heart doesn't break.

this last wk, i was in med surg with a gastric bypass pat. she was pretty healthy, so it was a pretty easy day, and interesting. Half of our group gave meds, so i will do that next wk for the first time, that should be fun. then i will hopefully do my med competency later that day. Well that's it for me. Hope you are all well.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Even though I have been shuffling through umpteen papers from this first wk of the new quarter, i hope you, you, the non nursing student is enjoying this wknd before halloween getting your kids ready for the great sugar rush to come on Tuesday.

Since i did in fact fail that second math compet., i will be retaking it Monday. I met with the nurse mentor for an hour, getting extensive tutoring, and I think I "get it" now. So far, i've gotten all the practice sheets correct anyway.

This wk we will pick out our own patient again. I am gonna try for a man since i've only had women so far, and other than that i'm gonna work on trying to challenge myself, though i'd really like to take a pneumonia pat., they're easier. But no, I need to try new and scary things, like an ostomy bag, or trach pat. I need someone good since i only have a 2 patient choice for my care plan compet.

We are gonna learn how to do a sterile bandage change, that will be cool. I can't say i'm looking forward to a trach patient, since my dad had one, and i never did get used to all that phlegm...ek.

anyhoo have a good weekend.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yes it's ever sooo true...

I did not pass the math compet. I was sooo dang upset. Only 3 of us didn't pass. Luckily, a fellow student tutored me for over an hour yesterday and i will be re-tested Monday. EEEeeeek i hope i pass. Had our orient. at new hospital, chapman med ctr. Lovely hosp and very nice people. a small hosp, but very cozy. I think this quarter will be better than last, though a lot more outside class time projects. My rotation is Gerontology. Even though most of our pat. last quarter were old also, these pat. will have more serious probs, and we will start admin. meds. I'm very overwhelmed right now, and i need to really sit down and get myself organized. Tis all for now. Planning on utilizing next four days to get organized and hopefully get essay done. We'll see. Hey happy fall everyone, it is my favorite season!

Monday, October 23, 2006

took second math competency today

okay i thought i was ready, but dang, those questions totally confused me. I felt like they were asking me to turn mg into mL, which of course they weren't. Then... i didn't know how to convert a dram! (there weren't any on all the practice sheets i did!) So... long story short, i'm sure i failed it! I was soooo upset, that i didn't stop or slow down to talk to anyone, knowing i would bust out in tears. So i went home and slept for over an hour, then got up and ran some "human" errands, and then dug into my hw. Started 193 today gerontology. Will be at a new hospital for this rotation and will begin admin drugs next wk. This wknd, i had serious doubts again. I want to "be there", but I don't want to "get there". Can you relate???? Such a stressful and often negative road. Don't take me too seriously, i've had a crappy day.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yup, I passed...

I just officially finished my quarter, 192 behind me! I ended up with a B in 192 (nursing fundementals), and i passed ALL my competencies, and yes today i finally (on the 3rd try) passed that first math competency with 100%. Phew! That could have tossed me out on my bum. I will continue with Pharm, and there is a new math comp on monday. Joy. I will be gone all wknd, so i've got tomorrow only to study for that since today is my honeys bday. Oh well, you do get 3 tries! The new quarter will start Monday with Gero nursing. Darndest thing... I would've thought we were already doing Gero nursing! Anyhoo, we will start admin meds by mouth anyway. Pretty exciting. The not so exciting stuff... placing foleys, doing enemas... ick. Ah well, eye on the prize, right?
Saturday we will go to San Diego, and Sea World for E bday. So that will be nice. Sunday i am scrapping all day. Monday, math comp. Wed. new hospital for Gero. So.........here i go again, yehaw.

Friday, October 13, 2006

...Meanwhile... a month later

Well it has been almost a month since my last post. That tells you how dang busy I've been. Two exams, many, many competencies, and a whole lot of stress. A lot has changed since my last post. Mostly with my stress level. I think once it got to be so ugly... i just kind of gave up, and stopped working so hard, stressing so much and so you'll never guess what happened. I kept passing tests etc anyway. Hmmmm, who knew? Tues is my final for this quarter, but i should be okay since I've been averaging a B in there. Yeah, a B for me is pretty darned amazing. My two best friends in the program have either been encouraged to drop or had to drop out. So I miss the fun, but i will keep going. I take it a day at a time. (i know that's cliche' but exactly what is getting me through some pretty darn stressful encounters) I am enjoying the patient aspect more since we've been doing it more i am fearing less. EVERYONE in my clinicals have wanted to quit many times this semester too. I think it just comes with it. (especially with certain negative forces) Well praise God, He has given me the strength to continue when i feel like chuckin' the whole ball of wax, yarn or whatever that saying is. I have my 3rd chance for the first math compet. on thurs. so please pray for me or i could be out on my ear! Have a lovely week.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ooooh those doubts be creepin' in....

So this is the second wk of clinicals, and i get more bad news and more doubts. I found out yesterday that I failed the second math competency by a HALF ! point! Can you believe it? I felt like i was breezing through it, but i made sure to show more work since that was written all over my past test. I had 2 left to go, when the general, er teacher says to pass them up. So that was 2 i missed, then a half somewhere else. We took an exam Tues. that i felt good about, i think i at least passed. We'll get the news on Monday concerning that. I haven't even started the Pharm class which I was forced to take on line. Then yesterday, I get a note on a hw that says, "see me" you know that's never good. I thought I was getting spoken to about the blanks on my paper, but noooooooooooo. I find out that I was "written up" for leaving my patients bed in a high position. I had already gotten spoken to about it, but i guess that wasn't enough, so now i have a notice in my permanent file concerning it. Great. Well not so. Also I'm spoken to concerning my sometimes too big personality that overly influences others in my group. Well shoot, i am a loud mouth, so i really do need to watch myself a bit more. Point taken. It was just too much "negative" for one day though, and I'm feeling a little sucky about the whole thing.

Then today, i wake up at oh... 4:14 am (I have to get up at 4:40 anyway) with a flaming bladder infection. Great, Im missing my first day of class, clinicals on top of it, and I'm totally prepared, did all my hw, AND my foot is sooo dang painful that I can't walk on it. I get this foot thing every now and then, so crap. I'm home with a bladder infection and painful foot thingy. Great. Maybe God is wanting me to think about nsg school a little. If i were to fail the math test for the 3rd time, I'd be out on my butt anyway. (Although i was surprised that i failed this time)
So shit. Yes I said shit. Today will be a day for thinking. I am not going to make any rash decisions concerning nsg. school, I've worked too dang hard to get here. But there are some definite draw backs that i strongly dislike about the program. Sooooo... we'll see. I just may have to rename this blog to.... "Dreamin' up some new dreams..."

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well I got through my exam, and i felt pretty good about it. I think I at least passed it, maybe even got a B, but I'll find out tomorrow. Took 2 competencies so far. The math I did not pass by ONE bloody point! Grrrr! Darned frustrating, that. My Vital signs comp., I passed all but the pulse. It was so hard to feel Lilly's pulse. So I'll redo it on a real life patient this wk! I'll have to retake the math, but i'm going to first take a math review they're supposed to have for us.

Now... on the the really scary stuff. This Wed, Thur, I will have a real life patient to care for. Pretty darned scary! I just hope I don't have to perineal him/her. Can't they work us into that??? Scary, scrubbing crotches! The good thing is that we'll only have class Mon and Tues this wk. The bad thing is that we'll have to do assessments and care plans. Eeeeek, this stuff is now way more real!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Zombie weekend

So this wknd i am eating, sleeping, breathing vital signs, asepsis, hygiene, 02 trasport and activity/mobility. As if that's not enough, I had homework for 2 hours. Yes I'm whining. I just hope i can remember this stuff! Off I go back to my flashcards and notes. Please pray for me!
I'm sooo tired....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Week Two

Hey, Yep i made it through the first wk and yesterday we had our first competency on math. It was VERY basic math, but it's been sooooo dang long that i took that math that i feel like i had to learn it all over again. I know i did pretty well (for me) but prob didn't pass since we could only miss 3. We haven't been told yet, it's driving me crazy. We have our first exam on Tues. and i have tons to study. I think a lot of it is common sense, but another part is VERY exact information that could be very tricky. I'll be working on that all wknd.

We learned how to do Phys assessments yesterday. It is so amazing to me that i am learning to know how to check people's health! What an amazing privelege. I do have a hard time not being overly silly all the time. Leslie likes to be Mr. Fox, or yesterday Mr. Greenfield, and I like to be Mr. Duffy or the Transvestite Mr. Smith. We are laughing but still learning. No one else is giggling in the class, how can they not laugh at coming up with medical scenarios. I am having a blast!

I still have grand doubts of getting through, but i will take it one day at a time!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

First week done!

The week got better and better as we had more labs. We were all kinda quiet and nervous until our first one. We had to do bed baths and change beds while a patient (our partner) was in it. That was so humbling, that after that, we all relaxed and started talking, I started letting the real me show, and started laughing. Everything is fine so far, except the emmense amt of time it takes to get everything done. I was feeling pretty good until i got my Pharm class (that's online, grrr) sent to me today and I felt completely out of my league! I was practically crying until Eric helped me. If I don't get what i'm doing by Monday, i will plead to go into the over stuffed regular class. On Thursday, we learned how to do a blood pres reading, that was fun, and i think i've got it. Please pray for me as far as Pharm goes, it is a VERY difficult class anyway without the added stress of it being self-learning.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Today... being the first day...

(it seemed only fair to take a geeky picture of my first day since I force my kids to, EVERY year!)
meant... I was really very, VERY stressed. But I was quick to find out that so was everyone else, young and old (like me) and older. The best part was finding someone I knew from a class 3 yrs ago, and seeing Nicole again. (she was also a study buddy from 3 yrs ago) The first class was fundementals which was so dang overwhelming. Of course we already have homework assigned, but that wasn't the stressful part. The most stressful part was trying to figure out how to read the calendar assignment. I know that appears simple enough, but it is not. For each item you read, you have to check several sections of the module to know what you really need to study in the book. I finally got a used book of the one I needed, so that lowers my stress a little.

I also made my request for clinical rotations which start in 2 wks. I'm hoping to get St. Jude, but we'll see, I might get Plac. Linda which is pretty dang far, but that is better than Irvine.

The teachers are very nice, so everything should be okay. I just need to remember to take it one little chunk at a time!

I did have to sign up for the Pharm class that is online. That is really scary for me since I so rely on teacher/student interaction. But I did not have any choice since the other one was full.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last day of freedom

yep it's the last day before i dive in so what should i do.... church, then walmart, then relax w/my book,okay i really, REALLY need to organize my scrap/study room into more of a study/scrap room. Yesterday got some marshm.-wear, need one more full set, ick. I am mostly excited about tomorrow. I must get out my handy backpack which has become one with the dustbunnies in the corner of my room behind the door, next to some other forgotten crap. Get my point? It has not been part of my life in a while! (studying, schooling etc) Thought I oughtta.... gee a nap sounds nice. SmileyCentral.com Will find out tomorrow what my sched for the week will be. I believe it will be from 8-3 ish M-F. Though if i stay at school to study, i'll prob get home @ 6 each night. I'm just not sure, I'll figure it out as i go. That's it today, tomorrow should prove to be informative if not totally frightening! SmileyCentral.com

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Buddy Tea? check!

SmileyCentral.com So the buddy tea was the last thing we have before starting the program. The greatest surprise for me was that one of my old study buddies was there, she said she missed the orientation because she was delivering her baby that day! So it will be so cool to actually know someone who is going in the same time. The Tea didn't give us any new info, just helped us nervous folk gather to commiserate. It was nice to be able to bring my fam to my school, though they said that I had pretty much told them everything they had heard that day.

I found out that almost everyone had already purchased all their marshmallow-wear. I had been putting it off, ick. Well i guess my denial must end, and i MUST go get the dreaded garments, yuck. Got pic taken for badges, and bought patches for clothes. I need to buy a bunch of beige undies that won't show thru the white. No more hot pink and black thongs for me!
SmileyCentral.com darn it. I've already got the shoes from when i was volunteering so that's done. I got most of my books, they didn't have some of them. Got one of the modules put on a spiral, so much easier to deal with than another bloody notebook. Almost threw out my back and have had pain in shoulders for days after carrying all the bloody books. ( I really should've taken two trips, but i didn't want to look like such an old wimp! Newsflash, I am an old wimp!) That got me to the gym yesterday!
The next thing i need to do is change over my "scrap" room into my "study" room. I'm not sure how much I'll really be able to study at home. It's too easy for me to stop and get up for tons of stupid things. In the past I have pretty much had to go elsewhere, Starbucks, library, book store etc. Two days and counting to the first day. A lot of scrapping friends pretty much gave me a farewell and goodluck last night. That was so nice.
SmileyCentral.comI'm just not sure how often i'll be able to go. I'm thinking once a month but we'll see, I definitely just need to take it one day at a time! SmileyCentral.com yes, i am sweatin bullets! I guess i just need to grab one of those babies, and bite down eh? SmileyCentral.com Thanks everyone for your good thoughts, esp. your prayers!
So in the mean time, bend over, here it comes!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day from hell....

I'm not a whiner, really, but dang today was a little insane! I decided today would be the day to buy my books right??? Not so easy. First, I got a call from brother asking me to p/u sis at emg. hsp. Now my sister can be quite the hypochondriac so i didn't take it very seriously, but when i got there she was in a pile of pain poor thing. Her ankle was swolen and they couldn't find anything wrong, just another complication of her neural disease, which they can't seem to do much about. I got her home, but she couldn't walk so she bumped up the stairs on her bottom, but then couldn't stand up, so she crawls to her room poor thing. She is very heavy or i could've helped her up. I then went to cypress for books. They were sooo heavy that carrying them out to my car (i'm so silly, i really should've taken 2 trips!) practically knocks my back out! I had wanted to go see the counselor, but had to quit that idea since i was in too much pain to get there. I then stopped to get sis's pills, and stop at brothers 2x, then on to drop off drugs. Sis has to pea but can't walk (even w/walker, cane, etc???) she expects me to carry her... I can't, she's too heavy... so then she's hinting at me getting her a bed pan. NOPE, not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent. You'd understand if you knew her... she'd be calling me every day with more med. emg's. (did i mention she tends to be a hypocho???) So I said I guess you'll have to crawl to the potty? Don't I sound like a heartless bitch??? I felt like one, but you would have to know her, and how she uses and takes advantage of others. So then I stop for other school supplies and FINALLY get home about 6:30pm!SmileyCentral.com Eeeek what a day. At least my hubby helped out by changing some appts and making dinner for me, what a honey. Thanks for letting me vent..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday, August 14, 2006

daughters bday party

Everyone has just left, and we have had quite the successful murder mystery bday party. The theme was a pre-pageant party for Miss Teen America. All the girls came dressed in tacky to beautiful pageant wear with full make up and tierras. Everyone was sooo cute. And Catherine was a good sport, she came to help us out and ended up winning the prize for best actress! We have just cleaned up, and i am exhausted but buzzed on caffeine, dang it. Tomorrow i will need to get my books, and think more seriously about getting my marshmallow-wear. Ick, won't i look cute.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

CPR? Check!

Had my CPR class today. Phew! What a relief to have one of my "necessities" completed before i start next wk. The teacher was great, and he went soooo fast, it was painless. Last time I took the class it seemed i was more confused when I left. But the numbers have changed, leaving it a lot easier to remember. 30-2-5. Thirty compressions (deep), two breaths, five cycles. Whether it's a child or adult it's the same. MUCH easier to remember! It was actually fun. I still haven't connected with anyone yet, I do hope that happens, I would enjoy the whole thing a lot more.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

quite a surprise!

What do ya know.... a couple people said i looked like i had lost weight so i checked. Darned if i'm not down by 6 lbs! Surprise surprise surprise! It seems I often lose some weight on vacation with being more active and not eating fast food so much. I really need to get off that stuff. If I could just get below *%@ I would really be encouraged. I have been praying not to beat myself up so much about it.

The photo above is Lassen Nat'l Park. Eric and I went for a little hike to try to catch the blush at gloaming. This was even prettier. Had a great time, very relaxing if not tooooo relaxing, you know the B word. After here we went to Lake Tahoe. Even better. Beauty AND restaurants!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Newsflash, Giant Moths Attack!

They were butterflies, but they've morphed. Stomach flipping moths!

Summer seems to be dwindling... SmileyCentral.comWell the days seem to be shooting by faster as i get closer to "the day". Sunday is the CPR class, I hope i do okay with that. Last time I took it, all the numbers got confusing; compressions for children vs. adults etc. and that was just a regular CPR class, not one for healthcare workers. I also need to get some more shots. The tea is next thurs., then class the following Monday! EEEEeeeeeeeeekkk, it's all creeping up on me too fast! I guess I need to get my books eh? What say you??

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August is finally here, eeeek!

Heather's Student Nursing Adventures

okay, it's officially August... I will be starting nursing school THIS month! My one comfort to all my butterflies, is that all the other beginners are nervous too. I just remembered i need to get a new watch w/ stretch band. Dang, I hate those, they always yank my arm hairs, not that i'm a gorilla but still. We need that kind because they can be disinfected, and they can be pushed out of way when washing your hands 200 times a day. As always, my convo is fascinating.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fear and tripidation....

Heather's Student Nursing Adventures

Starting tomorrow I can officially say that school starts this month! Major butterflies, giant moths really... blood-sucking bats! I haven't bought my marshmallow wear yet, I will put it off until i HAVE to. I've been working out strengthening my back but haven't kept up on it this summer as much with vacation and house painting. I must get back to it, because my back is becoming jello again. I will be taking the CPR class for health workers, i hope i don't kill any plastic people, that could make me look bad in front of all the youngsters. And I think i have to get another booster shot of something or other. I would love to get some new K-swiss, but boy howdy they're pricey. And i guess i have to consider how much all those dang books are gonna cost, egad, they're pricey.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Welcome one and all to my journey. In the next two years, you will hear all about my nursing school experience, with smellovision, so you can get up close and personal with those lovely hospital odors.

This pic, is just a little something someone clicked while Eric and I were kayaking this summer on Lassen Lake. What can I say, I'm irresistable!