Monday, July 16, 2007

What I'll be doing this sem

Today, I picked up my papers for my new nursing school, and I am sooo danged (is that even a word?) excited! The first half of the semester I'll be in Labor & Delivery! Wow, how fun is that! I hope to get practice in foley's since I hear that we'll do a lot of those. I'll have my clinicals on Tues. for a 12 hr shift. I haven't done a 12 hr shift ever, but I used to have 10 hr shifts that just about killed me at first. I did finally get used to them though.

The second half of the sem will be Pediatrics! Oooooh that is so dang thrilling since that is where I think I might want to eventually end up.

I got all the other papers also, the only other exciting (so-so) news is that I will actually have a strip of color on my new scrubs for SAC! Whoo-hoo! I mean before, we were the marshmallow brigade!

Well that's the news for now. I'll need to update my CPR and physical, but that's no biggy. See ya 'round.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodness, I've got some GREAT news!

Well, I have gotten my official letter of acceptance from another nursing college, so I will be LEAVING the college i have been at this past year! YAHOO, WHOOO HOO! I am sooo thrilled, i can't tell you. There were 6-10 of us from my "other" college trying to get in too. Three of us got in for the fall semester. I can't tell you all how elated i am. I really didn't think i had a shot until spring, but I got in! Yeah! So anyway, thanks everyone for your prayers and/or well wishes. I will be starting second semester at Santa Ana College, and I couldn't be happier!