Sunday, June 24, 2007

happy summer!

No, I don't know who the heck these kids are, but I love the feeling of summer, they exude!
Well I began summer for one week then began a nursing class, urgh. Ah well, it's a good class, just more work then I suspected.
The good news? A group of friends and my daughter when to see WICKED. Amazing, honestly, you have GOT to go see it! As I was walking out, my first thought was, "I have got to see that again!". So there you have it, the best part of my summer vacay so far.
In another week or so, our family will hit the road up to the redwoods, santa cruz, and monterey. I am looking forward to the aquarium and lots of clam chowder! We will have a great time. Then we are back for dd's chicken contest at the fair.
I'm scrapping as much as I can, and again... trying to find one weekend to get away to scrap. Pickin's are pretty slim for all of us gals to get together. That's it with me, how bout you? Leave me a message, and let me know what you're up to!

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Prisca: said...

Summer classes stink, huh? Glad to hear you are going to get a vacation--have fun! ;)