Saturday, August 25, 2007

two days until D day...

That's my boy on the right taking fencing this summer. It was soo fun, and he loved it.

Now, on to me.... I am feeling a bit nervous about starting school on Monday. It's a new school, totally different program. I just don't want to make mistakes concerning how they do things there. So i'm having major butterflies! Today I will review all the drug conversions, and practice blood pressure and the pt exam. I need to practice some math probs that they gave us for peds. I think i understand the whole weight and dividing 4 times or whatever so i think i'll be okay. I just need to practice until i'm real comfortable with it. I will have a 10 hr. day on monday, but I guess my clinicals are not starting the next day, so at least I can relax a little bit about that.

I finished one of my fave books last night, and I kinda said goodbye to fun reading for a while, sigh.

Please pray for me, that I will feel more confident than I am right now! Thanks!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Etsy

isn't this so whimsical?! I love this girls artwork. I am not stealing it, you can buy her stuff on etsy right here: Gosh, maybe I'll get a commission. no, probably not.
I took my french college students to get some free furniture yesterday at our church. That went pretty well, and then a couple hours later I took them to Walmart. They are amazed at that place. It was so fun watching there little eyes light up at all of the great deals. They were so cute and fun, I had a blast with them. There are four of them, three out of four are staying for 2 semesters, and one of them for one semester. I am hoping to keep up with them throughout the school year. They are all going to CSUF.
We got back from San Diego on Thursday. We had 2 days at a KOA, and 2 days on the beach dry camping. We had a great time going to the zoo, seeing the MIDWAY (that was soooo coool), shopping in Coronado and playing on the beach. It was our last hurrah before I start school next Monday.
I know some of you are starting school tomorrow, have a great week! I need to study up for a math competency that I will take the day i start back. I've done most of it before, but with children medicine it is a little different. My first day will be a 10 hr day! Egad, way to throw us into to the school year, aaaaagggggghhhhhhh! I guess I should be happy it's not a 12 hr. That will start the next wk with clinicals. But I am sooo looking forward to that, I love clinicals.
Wish me luck!

Friday, August 10, 2007

check, garcon.

(just a lil' pic of us at the redwoods up north)

physical? check
immunizations? check!
CPR? check!
background check? check!
malpractice insur.? check!
Pay for classes? check!
Pay for testing fee? check!
nursing clothes? nope, had to send back
nursing badge? check!
books? Not available yet.

So this is what I've been getting ready the last few weeks. Hard to feel like summer when I've had to keep up on all this business.

I also had a french student this week for a few days to help. Boy, they don't make it easy to get an apartment for them! We are still working on that. You can pray for her concerning that and furniture etc.

We are leaving for our last hurrah on Sunday. We are going down to San Diego for 4 days. 2 days on the beach and 2 at a KOA. And Eric is hoping to also squeeze in Lego Land before school starts.

We also celebrated my moms 72nd birthday by taking her out for Chinese food. It is still shocking to me to see how much her memory has deteriorated in the last 2 years. My sister tells me she is having a hard time w/her bladder too. I get sooo sad and overwhelmed every time i see her. But at least she is happy, and doesn't really seem to know what she has lost.

That's about it for now. School starts on the 27th, so i still have a few weeks to smell the flowers. Leave me a message, K? Hey and if you don't have an account, make sure you leave you name on your messages okay? I go crazy trying to figure out who the heck left the message!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

august countdown...

I love these old books, they crack me up!
Geeps, i only have a few weeks left before school starts. It occurs to me that this summer has been somewhat surreal. Yeah it's summer, but I also feel like I'm in a waiting room. You know, like when you're in the waiting room of the dentist? You are not being tormented yet, but you sit there nervously trying to have some interest in "Daily Dental Stories" that you are reading. Well that is somewhat what i have been feeling. I am not IN school but feel like I am nervously waiting for the thing.

We went to Monterrey, and I had clam chowder 3 times, yum. We went to the aquarium there, just amazing. My favorite thing to see? All the little and varied colored jelly's.

We camped in the Redwoods up north. That was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun swimming, kayaking, and just plain old lounging. Beautiful scenery on the coast w/all those giant rocks on the coast.

I have been doing all the paperwork etc. for transferring schools, and everything has gone smoothly so far. Tomorrow I will get my school check up, Wed., I will take CPR again which is required. I have to mail back my uniform, because it was too big. Did my background check etc. Lot's of little details I guess.

I will start school on the 27th. My dd on the 30th, i'm not sure about ds, and hubby. How 'bout you? What are you up to?