Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two semesters down, two to go!

Yep, I passed everything. The last Peds clinical was Tuesday, and I met with CI, who passed me with flying colors! Yay! Thursday was the exam, and I did okay. Only 80%, but at least that made me safe. I put in a lot of study time over the last 3 wks, and I have to say I felt a little burnt out. I'd put in the time, but I had to wonder if I was really absorbing. I would like to have done better, but it's okay. I think I still received a B in the class, but I won't relax totally until i see my grade. I know I have 82% in the class, but I'm not sure that translates into a B in nursing. I asked a teacher, and she said she believes I have a B, but she certainly didn't sound certain.

But moving on....Vacation is here and I'm having so much fun. I read a book, am in the process of cleaning house (it'll take wks, since i've been ignoring all those dust bunnies! They have become mighty and strong, with sharp incisors! They have just nearly taken over!). I have begun to cook again which is nice, because I think we are all tired of hamburger helper and 'sketti. (though I am totally thankful for all the cooking my wonderful hubby has been doing!) Today I made a pot roast, it is cooking as I speak! Martha's got nothin' on me. Last night I stayed up making a christmas craft, I am having so much fun. I put all my nursing school stuff away, wheeeeee!

Next semester I will do my Psych rotation and intensive care med/surg. I am totally looking forward to it. I think it will be a VERY difficult semester, but it sounds so amazingly interesting, that I can't wait. Sick aren't I? JK.

How are you all doing, what are you doing with your free time??? Leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Way to go Heather! Sounds like you're already enjoying a much deserved rest. Have a Merry Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Heatherrr!

Vacation? What vacation? I've been cleaning the house left and right. Just finished cleaning the bathroom today. Next is the kitchen. Damn dust bunnies! Anyway, have a great vacation. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! You'll like Psych! :D

Take care friend!

Andrea :D