Saturday, July 10, 2010

hello again

I know it's been way too long since I've posted, so here goes. We were busy with the end of school, and graduation. Here's my daughter in her cap n gown. Uncle Tim, Eric's brother flew in from Maryland to be here on her big day. Isn't he the best??!! The week before her graduation, we had a little grad party with her friends and some of our friends. It was so fun. Loud...but fun! That's her waving, after the big deal!

Let's see, while Uncle Tim was here, Eric took him and my boy camping. That was nice and relaxing for all. We (uncle Tim, hubby, myself, daughter and her boy friend) went and rode the big balloon at Irvine's Great Park. And of course the regular trip to Ruby's on the Pier. We were lucky enough too, for Uncle Tim to take all of us to Rainforest Cafe for a great meal. Thanks, Uncle Tim!

We took a little vacation too, but I'll expound upon that at a later date, since I've blathered on enough for today.
P.S. GOOD LUCK Kirsten, I KNOW you passed!!!