Thursday, June 26, 2008

summer fun

I love shaking it up, that's all.

What have i been up to?

1. Well a lot of sleeping in 'till 8! Whooo Hoooo.
2. Reading some romances
3. Cleaning some house. Not too much mind you, I don't want to have an aneurysm for pity sakes!
4. Getting ready for K. sweet 16 birthday party. She chose her theme as Alice in Wonderland. Kind of a psychedelic version. It's actually very cool, and I'll post pics later. Actually it's her sweet 16.5, since she decided to have her party this summer instead of in January. Her and I share a birthday, and i think she loves that this will be just HER day. I can't blame her, I do suck all the attention from the room, and she just disappears. Okay, i hope you know i am being big time sarcastic.
5. Trying to reorganize my study/craft room.

My study group met this wk. Okay, not so much a group as a study pair. Me and one other devoted student. Still, it was totally worth it, and I am feeling more knowledgeable by the minute. Come on renal failure!

Gotta run to Costco, have a lovely day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime summertime, sum, sum summertime....

Yup, it summmmmmmmmmmmertime. I have truly been enjoying sleeping in everyday, and then taking a nap later, playing on the 'puter, hitting the gym, actually making a few dinners (gasp!), reading some romances, cleaning the house (double gasp!), buying some stuff I don't need!,
and then, trying to learn how to use the dern thing, and just plain relaxing. Of course I have a hard time doing a lot of nothing, so of course just like me, I have begun to make my summer goals. And here they are:
1. Lose 20 lbs (or try NOT to gain back the 15 i done lost)
2. Start a NCLEX study gp (already in the works)
3. Kill the blasted dustbunnies that have been mounting up a serious offense. (and their friends the hairy dustbunnies hiding against all the walls)
4. Make student nurse resume.
5. Do lots and lots of scrapbooking to try to catch up a little.... haha, i'm about 2.5 yrs behind right now.

Okay, so those are my major goals, I probably left out some i'll think of later. Outside of those goals i'll be lazing. Yup, lazing. What are you up to?

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Okay, that was just a little too close for comfort, but I did it, I know only with Gods help! Since that 50% I got back a couple exams ago, I have been killing myself with studying. This morning at 0530, I drove through to get protein and caffeine (went for the coke, FULL sugar), and then drove through AGAIN before I got to school, to get a starbucks! I wanted to make sure my caffeine needs were fully met! So, I loved this photo of an actual nursing students desk at school. No, it wasn't mine, but I wanted to show a visual. I have been living at school, kinda forgetting husband and kids names. But no worries, I see them now, and it's coming back to me!

The Final today was a real killer. But since I did very well on exam 5, I just needed a 66 to pass the class. And a B wasn't even an option. But you know what, at this point, I just did not want to get that phone call. You know, the one that says sorry... but.....

Well I didn't get it, and I'm on to my LAST semester! WHAAAAA HOOOOO!!! I am totally elated, and totally exhausted!

Todays celebratory plans included champagne and cranberry juice this morning, a pulled pork sandwich tonite, and frozen yogurt, with our very own home grown blackberries. So I am feeling pretty darned relaxed. I even slipped a nap in, ahhhhhh what bliss.

So.. this is me now, I'm cooking! Okay not literally, but I'll start. I just loved this photo. This is really how I look most of the time. Stop. I do. Stop the giggling.