Wednesday, September 26, 2007

what's new...

Well, I've been so busy. Last week I had to study all wk for our first exam. BTW, I didn't do well at all, I got a D! It was such a strange test. Very subjective questions. No excuses, but I really did feel ready. So, I'm buckling down to pull it up. I usually get B's on exams, but oh well. I went to the nursery for clinicals this wk. It was a bit slow, but the nurses kept telling us that, that is very unusual for them. The baby's were cute, but the day went very slooooooooooooow, with only 2 babies all day.

I did my patient teaching project also on Pregnancy Loss. I think I did well, I guess I'll find out next wk. Due next wk, is my concept map. Scary, so very different from what I'm used to. So that is what I am working on now.

I have to say, that I love, Love, LOVE the students over at my new school. What a great group of folks. (And.... nurseSF, I don't mention schools because I switched schools, and I don't want to hurt any one's feelings since I have friends at both schools. It's just a personal thing)

My dd has her first boyfriend. It's pretty cute, and the guy is a very nice guy who adores her. (maybe a bit much, but it's okay for now) My boy struggles a bit in Jr. Hi, it's such a big transition, and so very different. But I hope he's getting his footing now.

My hubby is doing pretty well considering he's got some pretty tough classes. (he's a teacher)

and me... as you know... I'm just a hangin'. :0

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Heather, What is the new 'what's new'?