Thursday, May 31, 2007

Phew! All done, well, one semester anyway

sorry i've been incommunicado. Just too busy, too stressed, you know what that feels like eh? I finished and passed all clinicals, exams, and competencies, whoo hoo! So i am relaxing and playing housewife. It's much more fun, since i don't do it so often. I finished my online pharm class with an A! You don't know how darn rare those A's are for me. Few and far between believe me! I got B's in Nsg. and clinicals. I'm just darned glad i passed this time. I've got 3 more semesters to go which feels like eternity after doing the first semester twice. But plug away I will(oooh i'm talking like yoda).
I will be seeing Wicked on Tuesday, and I cannot wait. Bought the tickets months ago knowing i couldn't enjoy going with school hanging over my head so i put it off. I am so glad I did, i will have so much more fun being able to play all day.
This summer i'll be relaxing and going on some trips to Santa Cruz, Monterey (I NEVER get tired of going there), and some other places. It doesn't matter where, as long as we go. I wanna take some sort of fun class this summer but I haven't decided what yet. But I am a schoolie, and happiest when i'm learning somethin.
My kids will be finishing 9th grade and 6th grade. It is so hard to believe my 'baby' is going to Jr. Hi next year!
I plan to do lots of scrappin' this summer, hopefully including a girls wknd! I so need a girls wknd! Leave a comment okay!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last clinical!...Whew!

Yep today, I finished my last clinical of the first semester!! Ya hoo!! I am so glad, and believe me, i was a little nervous at competencies today when I failed the assessment the first time. Eeeeeeeeeek, I just about started crying, and fallin' apart, thinking i may just not make it, when some of my group came to my rescue and built me up. Believe me I was praying, and so were a couple others. It's the only way I got over my anxiety to do it the second time. I pictured David and Goliath when facing my second time chance. Knowing that I didn't have the courage, but God did. I did much better that time. And yep, I passed it along with professional communication comp. I only have one left, my care plan comp. I've turned it in for the 3rd and last time. I think i'm okay with that one. We'll see. Two weeks to go. Now...back to my homework, ick.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

two down...three to go

as in competencies. I passed the medication comp. today which is such a relief. I had done my prep work on the drugs for a pt who was NPO when i got there! Egad, it was beginning to feel just like last week. The big difference was, that my other pt, had fairly simple drugs, supplements and hormones, and one steroid. Phew! All done, and my CI actually said, "Good job"! And believe me, compliments from her are EXTREMELY rare. Tomorrow is our last clinical of the semester, can you believe it??? This quarter seems to go so much faster than the first. Tomorrow, I will need to pass assessment and professional commun. I think i'll be okay, but i'll need to practice on my kin again tonight (whether they like it or not).

so right now, i need to fix up my final care plan competency.

dang ladies, we are almost...done (with the first semester, dang). then 3 more, egad.

not counting the two exams, and 90 synthesis cards i need to make... but hey, i don't want to think about those today. As Scarlet said, "Oh fiddlee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow!"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Belated May Day

Hi and news on the Sterile front, you know the dang sterile field, wound change test. Yesterday was the big day. The first time, I failed because I forgot to check the "pt's" ID band. Later I took it and passed, finally. I would like to say I am overjoyed, but I felt guilty for passing because I remembered some things I had done wrong, but were overlooked. Anyway, at least I'm moving on. I still have 3 other competencies to finish next wk, but they are a bit easier so I should be okay on those. Many didn't pass yesterday, probably about 10-15 of us. Lots of tears, including mine yesterday. But dang, I'm glad it's over. This coming week is our last clinical days of the semester, then I can breathe a little. I know I will have to do some prep for the fall, but at least there will be no hospital prep, which is sooo time consuming and stressful. But hey, first, I just need to pass the first semester right? Schedule for the next 3 wks is crazy. Next wk, all my competencies in 2 days, eeeek. The following wk: My final evaluation with my clin. instructor, Mid term exam for Pharm on 50 drugs (know them forward/backward), along with oral report on community visit (sr center), and the final wk: final on pharm, and Comprehensive final for 193 (Gero). Then???............BREATHE..... summer is here! Whooo hooo!