Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome Fall! Yep, this is my favorite season of the year. Even though you don't see drastic changes in scenery here in S. CA, I still enjoy the subtle changes in weather. The warm winds at night, the blowey days (yes, I can use the word blowey if i want to, this is my blog, dang it), the cooler nights. boy I'm waxing poetic. Anyhoo, I like all the fall holidays as well. Halloween was fun, and I saw a lot of cute little goblins coming to my door. This year, was the first year I didn't make the older kids work for their candy. You know, they come to the door without a costume, or they're wearing a baseball cap, saying, "I'm a baseball player", or a girl wearing make up, saying, "I'm goth". Generally fairly lame. So when they ask for candy, I say, You'll have to do a trick, meaning entertain me! They have to dance or clap, or jump up and down to get some candy. I have a lot of fun making those teens, act like kids. They leave smiling and so do i. BUT, this year, I had to study in between doorbell rings since i had a difficult exam the next day, so I just gave them the candy with a smile. By the by, I have done better with each exam, and I am safely in the B zone, at least for now.

I am fully ensconced into Peds now, and I'm enjoying it. I was in PICU last wk, and my nurse was also the charge nurse. She was great, very teaching, so i had a great 10 hrs of learning. Bad news: Got nasty flu the following day which i am still trying to recover from. (sorry Eng teachers; never end sentences with from) I am hoping i will not miss tomorrow's clinical with this dang flu. I am planning on resting today, and drinking lots of hot lemon water, and feeling all better. There! how's that for positive thinking!

My epiphany? This wk in lab, with the help from a classmate Robin, I finally get how to set an IV pump! Whoo hooo, all those numbers make sense to me now! I am so excited, and I can't wait to do a real one at the hospital! I am looking forward to an IVPB order, yeah.

Have a good week all, and please leave a comment if you've come by.

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Prisca: said...

Hi! Yes, figuring out the IV pump was huge for me too! :) Happy fall!