Saturday, August 26, 2006

First week done!

The week got better and better as we had more labs. We were all kinda quiet and nervous until our first one. We had to do bed baths and change beds while a patient (our partner) was in it. That was so humbling, that after that, we all relaxed and started talking, I started letting the real me show, and started laughing. Everything is fine so far, except the emmense amt of time it takes to get everything done. I was feeling pretty good until i got my Pharm class (that's online, grrr) sent to me today and I felt completely out of my league! I was practically crying until Eric helped me. If I don't get what i'm doing by Monday, i will plead to go into the over stuffed regular class. On Thursday, we learned how to do a blood pres reading, that was fun, and i think i've got it. Please pray for me as far as Pharm goes, it is a VERY difficult class anyway without the added stress of it being self-learning.

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