Sunday, August 20, 2006

Last day of freedom

yep it's the last day before i dive in so what should i do.... church, then walmart, then relax w/my book,okay i really, REALLY need to organize my scrap/study room into more of a study/scrap room. Yesterday got some marshm.-wear, need one more full set, ick. I am mostly excited about tomorrow. I must get out my handy backpack which has become one with the dustbunnies in the corner of my room behind the door, next to some other forgotten crap. Get my point? It has not been part of my life in a while! (studying, schooling etc) Thought I oughtta.... gee a nap sounds nice. Will find out tomorrow what my sched for the week will be. I believe it will be from 8-3 ish M-F. Though if i stay at school to study, i'll prob get home @ 6 each night. I'm just not sure, I'll figure it out as i go. That's it today, tomorrow should prove to be informative if not totally frightening!

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