Tuesday, December 19, 2006


(I thought it would be fun to put a pic. of me up here for those who don't know me. This pic is from last year, i don't have any too recent. And you can subtract 20 lbs from that rear and thighs, but still it's me.)

yes, the afterglow of my first semester in nsg. Of course it's not a perfect afterglow since i need to retake one of my classes, but still, i can breathe and relax a little.

I've had some sort of strange flu. Low grade fever, with severe headaches that last nearly all day. tylenol, ibuprofen, sudafed didn't touch it. Today it's just a little, so i took 3 ibup. just in case, and i'm trying to take it easy today. Which is hard since i really need to get christmas shopping! I've gotten all extraneous gifts, but not many of my nuclear family. But it's gonna have to wait 'til tomorrow. Got my grade in Pharm yesterday. Got a B on my final (better than i thought) and a high B in the class. That first A sure helped my overall grade. And I got a B in Intro. to Nursing. And a withdraw in the one i need to redo.

Daughter is still home sick. We've set up some new appts for her. We will prob set up homeschool thru her high school, so her grades won't get effected. That's tricky for me since i don't know whether i should try to go for a CNA job before i begin my class in March. Everyone else doing fine. Hope you're enjoying the season. I LOVE this cold weather, don't you?


Prisca: said...

Congrats on finishing the semester! Isnt it nice to have a break???

Happy holidays, Prisca

Candice Carpenter said...

Hi Heather!!! Congratulations on finishing out your hectic semester! Boy, do i know the feeling. My first reaction to being done was a severe case of nausea. I thought i'd be jumping up and down with excitement...but no...i hurled over a toilet for 3 days. Go figure.

Anyways, gosh i miss you and your sarcastic remarks. I am going out of town for 10 days tomorrow, so here's wishing you a lovely christmas holiday and i hope you are yours get some well deserved rest and relaxation. Merry MERRY Christmas!

Wendy, R.N. said...

Congratulations. Thanks for all the nice messages you've left at my blog.

Enjoy your break. You so deserve it.

W. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I'm not actually in the nursing program at SAC. I was on the waiting list and was supposed to start last spring but my plans ended up changing

Siswanto Muhtasor Muhammad said...

hi...happy new year, Nice Blog..thank you.