Monday, November 20, 2006

...It's not looking good...

Met for my midterm eval. today, and prev mentioned instructor made sure to check needs improvement in almost every column. This with only 2 clinical days for this quarter. Then she hands me a paper with the date to withdraw by. She did a lot of assuming that i didn't really want this (nursing school), that i am not putting in the time etc. Pretty much digging my hole deeper...for me. I have to decide whether to W by next monday, AND we don't have another clinical (where i was supposed to be able to prove myself) until the Wed. following that date. So....crap, i may just have to do this quarter again. She said i will fail the whole 193 class if i fail the clinical aspect, even though i'm getting a high B on everything else in the class. That didn't seem right. i could of course understand retaking the class if i fail the clinical aspect, but not an F in the class. So i'm going to meet with the director, the mentor and a counselor to see my options. (which are few at this point.) Crap, crap, crap.

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Prisca: said...

Well, it would be better to have a W than an F--and if this instructor has it out for you, I might just take her advice and try again next semester. That said, are there other clinical instructors and can you get someone else next time around? If not, maybe you SHOULD stick it out and prove yourself? What specifically is going wrong??? Did she give you that info?

Good luck--I know you must be worried sick!!! (((HUGS)))