Monday, October 23, 2006

took second math competency today

okay i thought i was ready, but dang, those questions totally confused me. I felt like they were asking me to turn mg into mL, which of course they weren't. Then... i didn't know how to convert a dram! (there weren't any on all the practice sheets i did!) So... long story short, i'm sure i failed it! I was soooo upset, that i didn't stop or slow down to talk to anyone, knowing i would bust out in tears. So i went home and slept for over an hour, then got up and ran some "human" errands, and then dug into my hw. Started 193 today gerontology. Will be at a new hospital for this rotation and will begin admin drugs next wk. This wknd, i had serious doubts again. I want to "be there", but I don't want to "get there". Can you relate???? Such a stressful and often negative road. Don't take me too seriously, i've had a crappy day.

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