Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yup, I passed...

I just officially finished my quarter, 192 behind me! I ended up with a B in 192 (nursing fundementals), and i passed ALL my competencies, and yes today i finally (on the 3rd try) passed that first math competency with 100%. Phew! That could have tossed me out on my bum. I will continue with Pharm, and there is a new math comp on monday. Joy. I will be gone all wknd, so i've got tomorrow only to study for that since today is my honeys bday. Oh well, you do get 3 tries! The new quarter will start Monday with Gero nursing. Darndest thing... I would've thought we were already doing Gero nursing! Anyhoo, we will start admin meds by mouth anyway. Pretty exciting. The not so exciting stuff... placing foleys, doing enemas... ick. Ah well, eye on the prize, right?
Saturday we will go to San Diego, and Sea World for E bday. So that will be nice. Sunday i am scrapping all day. Monday, math comp. Wed. new hospital for Gero. i go again, yehaw.

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Wendy, R.N. said...

Congratulations!!!! Keep up the good work.

W. :)