Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Strike Three!

(doesn't that look like some tidey-whities? but it's an iceberg, silly)

Okay, good news first. I am more relaxed than i've been in MONTHS, okay the bad news, as i know you've guessed........... I failed my 3rd attempt at the sterile wound competency. The same un named teacher tested me, and had me do stuff that not one other person had to do. I did it over and over correctly but still it went on.......... dragging on.............. and i was brave, but then i got pissed, and started getting careless. And yes, the back of my hand supposedly touched the curtain. I don't recall it, but that's what she said. So the first day, i was a little spazzy, a mess really. Crying and nashing of teeth etc. I spoke my mind to said professor, i guess she didn't appreciate that. I cooled off eventually, went and took an exam, later apologized to said professor, though i told her, that what i said was what i believed, though i said it in a disrespectful manner. I wrote in the report what she did unfairly that she did not mention in her report. I then spoke w/ mentor, pharm prof, and lastly the director (had to wait around for hours for her grrrr) and the director backed said evil prof. so i'm screwed. I was a mess for a day, then the following day, yesterday, i was almost downright GLEEFUL. Now, i'm darned relaxed. I will go back in next semester for the second half, to retake the class I uh....flunked. there i said it. I'm out for this quarter. though i have to say, I always felt like i was barely hangin' on, putting out fires you know? So I believe it will be a good thing all around when I do go back, not so lost, overwhelmed etc.

And K. has some kind of mystery illness that's been haunting her all semester, she's missed tons of school, so i know i can deal with that more effectively. (appt.'s etc) She's not so sick that we are totally scared, but sick enough that she needs to be home near the RR.

So that's the scoop. I'm still in Pharm, so i'll finish that up. Hey, i'll actually be able to scrap and enjoy Christmas this year! Yay! Thanks for everyones support, I'm still moving forward, just a little slower... you know, one step forward, two steps back.... hee hee.


Wendy, R.N. said...

I'm sorry to hear that your journey will take a little longer, but thrilled that you aren't throwing in the towel altogether. You hang in there, kid. A bunch of people in my group have had to drop back, switch from P/T to F/T, or just hang out for a year and then re-enter. But the main point is that none have given up. And neither are you. Good on you.

Anonymous said...

Don't EVER give up! I had to move away for three semesters and never gave up my dream despite all kinds of crap happening. I moved back this year and am back in the program...we can do it!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me! -Prisca

Anonymous said...


You would be ok!

I miss you and sorry for not being there today during the x-mas party...

Somehow I getting this weird DOWN feeling... and like if I'm depress don't know and to make things WORST we have the pharmacology FINAL friday...
keep in touch,

your friend,